This is a guide that has been tested by the people who play “State of Decay” stealthily. I have included some tips and tricks that have been helpful to me, and hopefully help you too.

It’s no secret that State of Decay has had a rough launch. There are over a dozen threads on the Steam forums discussing the game’s performance issues, bugs, and how the game has been broken on-and-off since its release.

Stealth, as a mechanic, is a very important part of the State of Decay experience. This is because you want to preserve as much of the S.O.D. experience as you can without actually having to play the game. Stealth is a way of doing this and is also an important part of how you can play the game in a way that suits your style of play.

Here’s a State of Decay Stealth Guide that will teach you how to survive in silence and live longer in the zombie apocalypse. 

Tips and suggestions on how to be stealthy

  • You may take advantage of noise. 
  • To creep up on a zombie, hold down the B button. Then, while holding the left bumper and pressing the Y button, silently execute the zombie.
  • If you hold the left bumper while foraging, it will move quicker, but you risk alerting a lot of zombies.
  • Hide in the bushes.
  • If you see a single zombie, it’s likely that there are others around; try to be quiet while removing it.
  • Using a vehicle to lure zombies out with the horn and then run them over is extremely helpful. Note that cars are not very robust and will break down after a few strikes! So don’t assume you’ll be able to spend all day driving about and running over zombies. It’s best utilized in certain circumstances. Keep in mind that cars take 24 hours to respawn.
  • You can lure a group of zombies into an area using flares and other things, then kill them all with a grenade or a molitov cocktail! You may also employ these noisemakers to entice zombies out of a structure you’re looking for.

LetsPlayCatGaming contributed this guide. Please leave a comment below if you’d want to contribute your own State of Decay suggestions or tips. Thank you so much for your donations.

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A stealth guide to State of Decay for those of you who want to play it on the latest patch – patch 1.5 – without getting caught by the new game mechanic ‘target detection’.. Read more about state of decay controls pc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stealth in state of decay?

To stealth in State of Decay, you must crouch and sneak. Crouching will make your character quieter while sneaking will make them harder to detect by the zombies.

How do you stealth kill in state of decay 1?

You can stealth kill by crouching and then pressing the melee button.

Can you solo state of decay?

I am not sure what you mean by solo state of decay but if you are asking me to play State of Decay, I can do that.

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