I have been subscribed to the blog for a while and rarely had the time to go through the blog’s articles and post a comment there. But, I decided to give it a try and after a thorough reading, I saw that I am very much in a way to build an effective state of decay tank. So, I decided to put up this guide to help other players like me who may find themselves in an identical situation.

State of Decay is a first-person, open-world zombie survival horror game. State of Decay is the first game in the State of Decay video game franchise, developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. The game was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May 22, 2013. It was received positively by critics, who praised the game’s unique zombie-based mechanics and graphics, but the game was criticized for its numerous bugs and glitches.

State of Decay is an action-horror video game developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360 and Windows. The game is set in the zombie apocalypse. The player character is part of a group of survivors trying to escape the undead. The game and the earlier State of Decay expansion, The Last of Us: American Dreams, are set in a fictional town in Alabama, USA.

Jonny has contributed a State of Decay Tank Build Guide (Marcus).

Although this game enables you to create your own characters, there is little question that certain characters are better suited for particular jobs. In this build guide, I’ll offer some of the finest ideas I’ve come up with to assist non-RPG gamers get the most out of their characters. The first time I utilize a skill in a build, I’ll provide advice on how to level it up. Please feel free to contribute any of your own.


  • Marcus is a character that comes highly recommended.
  • Personal Qualities Required – Powerhouse (Less stamina use on Heavy Weapon Combat, Extra carrying weight)
  • Heavy Weapons – Weapon Specialization
  • Hold LB and press Y to rotate your weapon and knock down all around zombies as a special attack.
  • Combat Endurance is a special technique (Stamina decreases 50 percent slower during combat)
  • Pro Wrestling is a useful skill (Hold LB and press B to dodge and bodyslam an opponent)

The primary responsibilities of this character will be to deal with Infestations, Hordes, and Special Zombie Hunts. Their primary method of transportation should be a vehicle, but if they must go by foot, they should never allow their stamina bar fall below half. Never use anything except Heavy Weapons, and have at least two on you at all times to take advantage of the Powerhouse carrying capacity boost. Don’t be afraid to go all-out against big groups; your sheer power will dispatch them in no time, and the Powerhouse’s Heavy Weapon stamina boost, along with the Combat Endurance method, means you can go all-out for a long time before needing a break. Don’t depend on food too much, but have a supply of pain relievers on hand. SKILLS REQUIRED TO THE MAXIMUM


If you don’t mind ‘grinding,’ take a snack pack and run in circles around your homebase until your stamina is gone, then eat a snack and repeat until you’re exhausted.


It’s really simple to max up this one; just keep killing groups of Zeds and you’ll be done in no time.


As you progress in combat, you’ll undoubtedly pick up on this.


Just like the other two, make sure you’re utilizing a Heavy Weapon. Please share any builds or suggestions for enhancing this build in the comments section below. Thank you for taking the time to contribute and visit the site.

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The State of Decay Tank Build Guide is a new series that will be dedicated to helping you make your way through the post-apocalyptic world of State of Decay 2. This guide will feature videos of me and my co-caster Monty detailing each part of the build in detail, with a helpful description and links to the actual Blueprints/Files on the Steam Workshop.. Read more about state of decay breakdown and let us know what you think.

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