State of Decay is a very fun game. It is a first person, action survival horror game that came out back in 2014. From the developer of L4D and Left 4 Dead, it is a zombie apocalypse type game where you have to fight off waves of zombies. I will be making a video on how to properly trap in the game and how to use them.

So you’re a fan of State of Decay. You and your friends have played the game. One day, you wake up and the game has been removed from your Xbox One. No more State of Decay. No more fun. So where did your favorite zombies go?

We’ve all been trapped. And we’ve all felt trapped. Sometimes this is by a game, or a movie, or some kind of situation, and other times it’s by something we’ve done, or by something we didn’t do. In any case, it’s a feeling of frustration that can leave us feeling trapped. I have a number of traps I’ve found to be useful as I pursue the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

A State of Decay Traps Guide may be found here. Here’s all you need to know about Outpost Traps, including how to put them up and how to set them off, using Merle Dixon techniques.

Tips and suggestions for traps:

  • You must first claim an outpost before you may put any traps. To claim an outpost, thoroughly examine a structure before killing all of the zombies within. Then, using your dpad, press Down and choose “Establish Outpost.” A State of Decay outposts guide that goes into greater detail on building outposts can be found here.
  • When you’ve finished setting up an outpost, it should read “Traps Ready” in the upper left corner. Open your menu, press RB until you reach the home symbol, then scroll down to “Outposts.”
  • After clicking an outpost, you’ll be able to create traps for passing hordes by pressing A.
  • You may even lead a horde of people to the traps.
  • Even if you aren’t near your outposts, zeds will be killed by the traps if they pass by.

LetsPlayCatGaming contributed this guide. Please leave a comment below if you’d want to contribute your own State of Decay suggestions or tips. Thank you so much for your donations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set traps in state of decay?

You can set traps by using the trap command.

How do you set up an outpost in state of decay?

You need to find a suitable location for your outpost, which is typically an abandoned building. Once youve found one, youll need to clear the area of zombies and other threats. Then youll need to build defenses around it, such as barricades or traps.

How many outpost can you have in state of decay?

There is no limit to the number of Outposts in State of Decay.

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