The Steam “Mysterious Badge” program has always been a popular one in the Steam community. It’s one of the more fun ways to get some cool digital badges in games, and if you’ve never participated in the program (or even heard of it), now’s your chance to get involved.

Steam ‘Mysterious Badge’ Trading Cards Are Now Available

The Steam Trading Post has long been a hub for trading card collectors, who buy and sell cards of popular video game characters to raise their profile and make larger purchases. But those cards have long been limited to the digital realm, heavily gated by in-game currencies.

Update: The Steam Summer Sale has begun, and there is a Monster Game to go along with it.

Steam Mystery Badge

You may have already spotted a new badge available for crafting if you visit your Steam account profile every day. The Steam Mysterious Badge is a mysterious badge awarded by Steam.

To make this card, you’ll need 10 Steam Mystery Cards… How do you acquire these cards, though?

You may earn a Mystery Card as well as other prizes such as the backdrop, emoticon, and vouchers by creating other badges.

Steam Mystery Badge

The real question is what obtaining this Steam Badge will entail for those who are interested.

Similar incidents have occurred in the past. These mystery cards have appeared in the past leading up to a Sale, according to Destructoid, and typically transform into Summer Sale cards once the Sale is in full force.

Steam Mystery Card 6

Steam Mystery Cards will not be transferable or marketable until after 5 p.m. on June 9th. So we can make some educated predictions as to when this card will become a Steam Summer Sale Card.

While we are freezing our arses off south of the equator, we may take solace in the knowledge that a Steam Summer Sale is almost certain to arrive.

Steam mysterious badge

Get your crafting on if you’re like this kind of stuff. To complete those badges, you may be able to get some normal trading cards at a reasonable price. If you don’t care, it’s probably time to sell some cards; they’re just taking up space, and having a few money in your Steam wallet never hurts heading into a sale.

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The following is a set of mysterious trading cards that, once unlocked, can be traded for Steam games.. Read more about steam mysterious card 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get mystery cards on Steam?

You can get mystery cards by playing games on Steam.

Why am I getting steam trading cards?

Steam trading cards are given to users who have played a game that has been released in the last two years.

How do you get the 2021 Steam Summer Sale badge?

The 2021 Steam Summer Sale badge is a reward for participating in the 2020 Steam Winter Sale.

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