The Supraland FMB Guide is the final boss for the Supraland event. This guide lists all the known drops and the method to defeat them. The guide will be updated when new drops or new methods are discovered.

The Final Boss of Supraland has finally been defeated! Thanks to the hard work of many people, including YouTuber Cink, and many others, the Final Boss of Supraland has finally been defeated!

Everything you need to know about FMB. It contains a fully annotated walkthrough that will help you beat the final boss of Supraland.

Stuck on Supraland’s last boss? Our Farting Meatbag Guide will offer you some spoiler-free instructions before showing you how to accomplish it.

In the run-up to the FMB

To get access to the FMB, you must kill two monsters in a segment. After unlocking the door, go through the pipe. Have confidence in yourself if you’re having difficulties. Block them with your Force Cube and keep shooting your pistol. If you’re too weak, go back and look for additional health and damage in previous locations.

Spoiler-Free Advice

It’s a PUZZLE of a battle. You don’t have to use your red MacGuffin more than once.

  • Green gas is emitted by the farting meat bag. What will happen if you go too close to it?
  • Keep in mind that you can float over metal.
  • Another object may be used as a supraball. All that is required is for it to be yellow.
  • It is not necessary to remove the blue bars.
  • A power line runs parallel to a pipe.
  • Is there anything that can conduct electricity?

Getting even more powerful hints:

  • Translocator balls are balls that function similarly to supraballs. It’s simply that they’re not yellow.
  • Translocator balls have a similar effect as crystals.
  • What color food do flies consume?
  • What do you have in your possession that might be orange? It’s in nearly every single puzzle answer thus far, as a hint.

Walkthrough of the Farting Meat Bag

Spoiler alert: You must turn the FMB orange and then toss a purple ball with bugs attached at it. They treat him as if he were a carrot.

  1. To turn the magma orange, throw your translocator ball through it. Fill the coloring machine with it.
  2. Place your translocator ball in the hole adjacent to the pipe and power supply. Draw a force beam across to the coloring machine after activating the electricity using a force cube.
  3. To make yourself green, go inside its farts and hover up and through the loop with your belt buckle. The FMB becomes orange as a result of this.
  4. Through the yellow anti-supraball forcefield, fire the translocator. This causes it to become yellow. Use force beams to drag the flies out of the room and past the yellow forcefield by opening the rear door.
  5. Change the color of the coloring machine to purple. Color your translocator ball purple by activating it without power.
  6. Without passing through the yellow force barriers, get the ball into the fort. I drew beams over the trees and tossed it up from the inside, but there may be other options.
  7. To activate the transporter, force the cube to activate it, then toss the ball inside it. The cutscene comes to an end.

You’ll receive the closing credits and some great hints on where to locate your next prize after you’ve completed the game. NPCs’ dialogue is updated.

The final boss of Supraland is a gauntlet of epic proportions. With its amazing speed and capabilities, it is truly one of the hardest things I have ever encountered in a game.. Read more about supraland all upgrades and let us know what you think.

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