With the announcement of the iPhone 13 Pro, it was also teased that it will feature a 1TB storage option. But more exciting than the increased storage option was the teasing of a new set of AirPods. While many hoped the new AirPods would be an upgrade to the current version, it was confirmed that these new AirPods would not replace the existing AirPods.

This article will discuss these new AirPods and provide an overview of the expected specs and features.

Overview of the new iPhone 13 Pro

The highly anticipated iPhone 13 Pro is expected to arrive in fall 2021 and is rumored to feature a 6.1-inch OLED Super Retina XDR display, similar to the Apple Pro Max models. Additionally, the new flagship line of phones will have a design upgrade with flat edges and smaller chins and foreheads.

It is believed that the new phone will feature an A15 Bionic chip, 5G cellular support and a wide range of camera enhancements. It’s also possible that the newer models will include an option for up to 1TB of storage space.

Another major announcement coming from Apple concerns its wireless earbuds: AirPods 3. According to recent rumors, AirPods 3 are not expected to be compatible with the existing iPhone 13 Pro model. Rather it is expected that Apple will focus on introducing AirPods 3 as a replacement for the current generation of AirPods Pro, rather than featuring them as an upgrade alongside the new iPhone 13 Pro lineup launch.

Overview of the new AirPods 3

Apple recently announced its new range of AirPods, including the newest model, the AirPods 3. As part of the iPhone 13 Pro release, Apple is adding a new 1TB option for storage on its flagship smartphone. However, despite its advancements and improvements, the new AirPods 3 will not replace existing versions of AirPods.

The primary feature of the new AirPods 3 is its improved audio performance. It has been upgraded with an active noise cancellation feature, optimized audio signal processing and up to three times more talk time for hands-free conversations. The most prominent addition to these headphones is the Spatial Audio feature which creates an immersive surround sound experience using motion sensors in each earbud to detect movements in your head rotations and adjust virtual soundscapes accordingly. Additionally, it has been designed to conserve battery power more efficiently than before alongside faster pairing times with iPhones and iPads.

However, despite these advancements, the AirPods 3 cannot be used to replace older generations of Apple’s wireless headphones such as AirPods Pro or AirPods Max since they are equipped with different technology that does not support wireless charging or advanced features such as active noise cancellation or Spatial Audio enhancement that come with the new model. So if you’re looking for an upgrade in terms of features and performance from your current pair of Apple-branded wireless headphones, look no further than the newly released AirPods 3. Remember they can’t be used as a replacement for any older models you might have previously owned.

Features of the iPhone 13 Pro

With good reason, the iPhone 13 Pro is one of the most highly anticipated Apple devices of 2021. Its performance is expected to be top notch, and one of the most exciting features is the 1TB storage option.

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Another rumored feature is the addition of a new ‘AirPods 3’, but rumors suggest that this will not replace the current AirPods.

1TB storage option

The rumored iPhone 13 Pro is expected to offer a formidable upgrade, allowing users to store up to 1TB of data. This large capacity will be useful for power users who require more space for apps, games, photos and videos. It will also allow you to store your entire music library on your phone.

Additionally, it has been reported that the iPhone 13 Pro will also include 4TB and 8TB storage options. Apple has yet to confirm these rumors, but having such an expansive storage selection would dramatically expand user capabilities. Whether you are an on-the-go photographer or need extra digital space for school – an iPhone 13 Pro with up to 1TB of storage is sure to be a gamechanger!

Improved camera

The new iPhone 13 Pro will come with an improved camera lens and upgraded sensor to capture more colors and details, providing photographers higher image quality. Additionally, the larger sensor in both the Pro and Pro Max models will have a longer shutter time for low-light photography.

The updated camera lens included in the the new iPhone 13 Pro includes a few changes from its predecessor:

It has 100 percent Focus Pixels, providing faster autofocus speeds and better performance in low-light conditions than earlier versions of iPhones.

Its wide angle lens now has five element lenses with an f/1.6 aperture, allowing users to take photos with a larger depth of field while utilizing less power when snapping photos at night or in dimly lit environments.

Its telephoto lens has an aperture of f/2.2 that Apple claims can provide up to 2x optical zoom out with no loss of image quality.

The new generation of iPhones will also feature advanced Night mode that allows users to capture stunning photos even in low-light scenarios without excessive noise or grainy appearance commonly seen on other phones’ night mode shots. In addition, the ultra wide angle system also boasts Night mode, which helps users capture exceptional wide angle shots even in dark settings without compromising picture quality or brightness levels. This advanced Night mode is enabled by Apple’s Smart HDR 3 technology that helps improve colour dynamics for realistic colour replication even when capturing photos at night or under less than ideal lighting conditions.

5G connectivity

The upcoming iPhone 13 Pro is expected to feature 5G connectivity, allowing users to access faster wireless internet speeds than ever. The fifth generation of cellular mobile communications technology allows for faster data transfer speeds than 4G LTE and higher capacity and lower latency.

The new 5G technology supports various applications and services, from streaming audio and video to downloading high-definition movies and games.

In addition to increased speed and capacity, 5G offers improved coverage and more reliable connections in congested areas. With 5G, you can experience the same quality of service no matter where you are located in your home or office—within a maximum of one millisecond. This makes it especially useful for users who need uninterrupted access to online services while on the go.

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The iPhone 13 Pro will likely support millimeter-wave (mmWave) and sub-6 GHz bands, as well as 3x carrier aggregation (3xCA) technology. These 5G enhancements will enable the iPhone 13 Pro to deliver better performance and enhanced download speeds over 4G LTE connections.

Features of the AirPods 3

Rumors are swirling about the upcoming AirPods 3. The new headphones are a big upgrade from previous models, offering improved audio quality and various design options. While it has been speculated that the AirPods 3 may replace the original AirPods, it appears that Apple is not planning to drastically change their signature product.

Improved audio quality

The AirPods 3 is set to usher in a range of improvements to the listening experience, introducing improved audio quality and active noise cancellation (ANC). In addition, unlike the previous version of AirPods, the AirPods 3 will use Dual-Beamforming microphones to accurately pinpoint sounds. This will result in clearer audio playback, with less background noise.

ANC will be added as one of the major new features for AirPods 3 by utilizing beamforming technology to create multiple listening points to eliminate background noises like conversations or passing traffic. Additionally, this advanced technology will also optimize sound balance according to preferences set by each user.

Longer battery life

One of the features expected to be included in the upcoming AirPods 3 is longer battery life. According to reports from reliable sources, the device will use Apple’s new W2 wireless chip, which has been designed for lower power consumption, giving it an impressive five hours of battery life on a single charge. This is a welcome change from the current model, which provides only three hours of run time.

Additionally, the case has been upgraded, offering 15 hours of listening time when fully charged.

Wireless charging

One of the most exciting features on the new ‘AirPods 3’ is wireless charging. The new headphones are expected to support Qi wireless charging technology, as seen in other Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPad. This would mean that users could charge their AirPods using a standard wireless charger or cases that supports Qi technology. This would give users greater flexibility and convenience when charging the EarPods.

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Additionally, it has been suggested that Apple may include a wireless charging case with the new AirPods 3; however, this has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

iPhone 13 Pro will get 1TB option & new ‘AirPods 3’ will not replace AirPods

The iPhone 13 Pro will offer customers an option to upgrade their storage, with a 1TB version. Additionally, the new ‘AirPods 3’ have been released, giving customers another choice. But should customers choose the 1TB model of the iPhone 13 Pro, or the ‘AirPods 3’?

This article will compare the two options and look at the benefits and drawbacks of each, to help customers make the best decision.

Storage capacity

When it comes to the iPhone 13 Pro, a larger storage option will be available. Sources say there will be a new 1TB option, which will offer four times as much storage as the current maximum, 256GB. This capacity gives users unprecedented space and flexibility to store photos, videos, games, music and more on their devices without running into storage limits.

The ‘AirPods 3’ will not replace the current AirPods models. Instead, it is expected to introduce a new model alongside the existing ones. Sources have stated that these headphones may have better water resistance than the current models and offer improved noise cancelation features. However, these features will likely remain largely unchanged from existing models in terms of battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.

Audio quality

Regarding audio quality, the new ‘AirPods 3’ will not offer a drastically different experience compared to Apple’s existing AirPods series. The new ‘AirPods 3’ will feature roughly the same sound quality as the current AirPods Pro, which means that they’ll offer somewhere around half of the ear-tip active noise cancellation and Transparency mode features of their more expensive counterpart. Additionally, they’re missing the newer pressure-equalizing vent technology that helps even audio playback during vocal performance and large dynamic range playback.

However, the new ‘AirPods 3’ do have a few important advantages over the existing AirPods that should make for improved sound quality:

Thanks to their shortened stem design which allows for more internal volume, these headphones have been reported to have clearer midranges than current models.

Both models use H1 chipsets like what currently ships with the AirPods Pro to provide superb Bluetooth connection stability necessary for clear audio playback.

Finally, their longer battery life should also improve listening experiences since users won’t need to pause or switch off as often due to changing conditions or power levels.

Battery life

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is said to include support for 1TB of storage, giving users more room to save photos and videos while on the go. Meanwhile, Apple recently released the “AirPods 3” which is not intended to replace the AirPods Pro or regular AirPods. Instead, the new headphones feature improved noise cancellation and a longer battery life than their predecessors.

The AirPods 3 offer a battery life of up to five hours on a single charge, two hours more than the regular AirPods and four hours more than the AirPods Pro. The charging case has also been improved with support for wireless charging, offering up to 24 hours of listening time when fully charged. With the regular AirPods and AirPods Pro, users get 22 and 24hours respectively when using the charging case.

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Scott Forstall, formerly Apple’s Senior Vice President for iOS Software, was reportedly forced out of the company in late October 2012 after several disputes with fellow executive team members. As one of the highest-ranking Apple executives before his departure and the architect of the iOS mobile operating system, Forstall’s tumultuous exit marks a major technological event. Shortly after his resignation, industry analysts began to assess the implications of this decision on both Apple and the tech sector at large.

Within days, speculation ran rampant regarding potentially far-reaching effects on product functionality, software development trends, and long-term replacement plans. With such a seismic shakeup in Apple’s upper management strata, any of these changes could have wide-ranging implications throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. To properly evaluate these potential impacts, it is necessary to look closely at what Forstall brought to Apple during his tenure as Senior Vice President – and what might be lost without him at the helm:

The Impact of Scott Forstall’s Departure

Scott Forstall, the current Senior Vice President of iOS Software at Apple, reportedly leaving the company, has sent shockwaves throughout the tech industry. His departure marks a significant change for Apple and its ecosystem, as Forstall was a key player in the development of the iPhone operating system and heavily influenced the company’s evolution. His impact was so significant that his departure has been considered a major event.

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This article will examine the impact of his departure and its implications on the tech industry.

The End of an Era

The announcement of Scott Forstall’s departure from Apple marked the end of an era in the tech industry. Forstall, who served as senior vice president of iOS software at Apple, was reportedly forced out by CEO Tim Cook due to ongoing disagreements over Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. It was a move that had long been speculated about in the industry due to Forstall’s controversial software development and management approach.

Forstall’s departure signals a shift from the more controlling management style he was known for. Under his leadership, Apple’s star rose spectacularly in the mobile world – however, it also earned him a reputation as an uncompromising hardliner and a tough boss to work with. Fosters’ exit means that Apple will likely take on a new direction in managing its software divisions, which could potentially revolutionize how technology companies produce and run their products.

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Forstall also spearheaded some of Apple’s key innovations, such as the passcode lock and Siri voice-recognition technology. These were incredibly successful in creating user value and have proven difficult for competitors to replicate. This makes his departure particularly significant for the entire tech industry. He will undoubtedly be remembered fondly by both fans and colleagues for his major contributions to innovation at Apple during his time with the company.

The Future of Apple

Scott Forstall was a key figure at Apple, Inc., the technology giant founded in 1976 by the late Steve Jobs. The departure of Forstall—a longtime confidant of Jobs and a Senior Vice President, reportedly forced out of the company for issues related to Apple’s recent mapping software fiasco, has significant implications for the future of Apple.

Forstall was given a great deal of autonomy in developing products, and he was also credited with helping to launch iOS—the mobile operating system used in iPhones and iPads. However, with Forstall gone, it may spell a shift in the direction Apple is taking; rumors have circulated that CEO Tim Cook is more focused on using data analytics when making product decisions than Jobs. As such, the loss of Forstall could mean that Apple will choose to change its style from an engineering-based approach to one that’s more research-oriented.

The tech industry will also be closely watching to see who steps up to take over Forstall’s role at Apple. If a new hire follows in Forstall’s footsteps with similar product ideas or approaches—or if Apple diversifies its team with unique perspectives from different industries outside technology—this could alter views about what direction tech giants should go regarding product development and ultimately influence other companies and innovators.

Leaders in the tech industry continue to watch how this shakeup plays out, as no one can predict how this shift might play out or determine if it will have long-term positive impacts on their industry.

Scott Forstall Reportedly Forced Out of Apple

The reported forced removal of Scott Forstall from Apple was a major shakeup in the tech industry. Forstall was a longstanding Apple employee, having been with the company since 1997. He was considered one of the most influential executives at Apple and had a hand in major projects like iOS, iCloud, and Maps.

At the time of his departure, Forstall held one of the two highest executive positions at Apple – he was the Senior Vice President of iOS Software. As a result, his influence on Apple’s projects and devices reached far beyond any other executive within the tech giant, prompting many to speculate why he suddenly left.

It is widely believed that Forstall’s ousting may have had something to do with the release of Apple’s Maps application in iOS6. The product received much criticism over its unreliable location data and outdated maps – both features that fell under Forstall’s jurisdiction. It is also suspected that Forstall’s strong personality could have provoked clashes with other senior execs within Apple’s leadership team.

Although it is unknown how Scott Forstall’s sudden departure from Apple will ultimately affect their product line-up or reputation, it certainly caused a stir within the tech world, ranging from speculation about why he left to discussions about how his absence might impact future innovations at Apple. However, the powerful role he held within such an influential company will likely remain vacant for some time as finding another individual whose qualifications match those of Scott Forstalls appears unlikely.

The Significance of Scott Forstall’s Departure

In 2012, Scott Forstall was reportedly forced out of Apple, leaving a significant void in the tech industry.

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Forstall was a key leader at Apple with notable accomplishments such as bringing Siri to the iPhone and reinventing iOS. However, his forced departure left many wondering: what does his departure mean for the tech industry? This article will explore the significance of Forstall’s departure from Apple and its various implications.

His Contributions to Apple

Scott Forstall was a loyal employee of Apple for over 15 years, playing a vital role in the creation and direction of the tech giant. His most notable accomplishments include:

  • Spearheading the development of Apple’s mobile operating system.
  • Coordinating development on their revolutionary range of I-devices.
  • Leading all their SIRI efforts to bring voice-operated computing to the masses.

His presence at Apple was so central that he was even considered one of Steve Jobs’s “inner circle,” His departure has been felt throughout the entire tech industry.

One must consider some of Forstall’s most important contributions to Apple:

First, his roles on various committees within Apple, such as staying in close quarters with senior management while in charge of projects like OS X Mountain Lion;

he also initiated plans for introducing new hardware and software;

a key player during the creation of iCloud storage, which was launched at WWDC (alluded to by Steve Jobs);

coordinated efforts between different hardware teams;

as well as creating and nurturing relationships between product departments within Apple.

It is no wonder why so many were shocked when reports surfaced that Forstall had left his post at Apple. There can be no doubt that Forstall’s departure marks an unprecedented time for Apple, which will likely carry significant repercussions with it into future products and launches.

His Impact on the Tech Industry

Scott Forstall, Apple’s Senior Vice President of iOS software and former protégé of the late Steve Jobs, was reportedly forced out of his position at the tech giant – a move with far-reaching repercussions for the tech industry.

Forstall is largely credited with revolutionizing mobile computing with the introduction of revolutionary iPhone and iPad models and spearheading key software efforts, including Siri and Maps. As a result, Forstall’s role in developing some of Apple’s most successful hardware and software products has made him an invaluable asset in creating experiences and products that can define this generation.

Forstall’s departure from Apple signals much more than just the departure of a key corporate figure at one of the world’s most recognizable brands; it marks an important turning point for technology innovation. Federico Casalegno, an engineer who worked alongside Forstall during his tenure at Apple, said, “We are in a very important age where technology affects our lives so deeply: Our phones become computers; our computers become living rooms.” Surely Forstall’s ultimate legacy will continue to shape how users interact with their devices through out-of-the-box thinking he incorporated into many popular products like iOS and Mac OS X operating systems.

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Most notably, his efforts were centered around user experience above all else – due to this radical approach to product design would lead to unmatched adoption rates upon release – truly sets him apart from other engineers on the tech landscape. The effects many consumers feel because of his unique vision will surely be felt countless times in the future.

His Legacy

Scott Forstall is widely credited as being one of the main forces behind Apple’s huge success in the technology market in recent years. Before he was forced out of the company in late 2012, his imprint was seen across several products, from iOS and OSX operating systems to Apple Maps and iCloud. Forstall solidified Apple’s dominance by reimagining how desktop and mobile experiences could be made easier for consumers, giving birth to the modern “apps” phenomenon.

Forstall also believed strongly in making the excellent user experience a primary focus for Apple’s product line-up. His attention to design detail helped shape various iconic products, from the Macbook Air to iPhone 4S, all contributing to increased revenue for the company and brand loyalty amongst Apple fans.

Scott Forstall’s legacy will remain forever linked with that of Apple and its rise to ubiquity within the tech industry. Many have argued that his influence largely led to some of their groundbreaking innovations that left competitors trailing in their wake… his presence will be hard to replace. Still, many high-tech companies can learn valuable lessons from Scott on utilizing design techniques and embracing innovation while providing customers with enjoyable experiences.

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The Sandworm hacking group is a cyberespionage group that has been active since 2009 or earlier and is believed to operate from Russia. In recent years the group has been notorious for its high-profile attacks on Ukrainian and European targets, particularly those in the energy industry. The group is also known for using sophisticated malware, such as the BlackEnergy attack framework and an exploit called EternalBlue.

More recently, in September 2019, France reported that it had linked Sandworm to a multiyear hacking spree targeting French government agencies, telecommunications providers, and defence companies with implications reaching beyond Europe’s shores.

What is the Sandworm Hacking Group?

Recently, France’s government-backed cybersecurity agency, ANSSI, tied a Russia-linked hacking group known as Sandworm to a multiyear hacking spree. Sandworm is a cybercrime group suspected of having Russian origins and being involved in various malicious cyber activities.

In this article, we will take a look at who they are and what they do:

Origin of the name

The group most likely chose the name “Sandworm” about the novel “Dune” and its gigantic sandworms that swallow entire people and machines. Given the group’s massive scale and efficiency when mounting cyberattacks, it is apt.

The origin of this group remains a mystery, but evidence suggests they are linked to Russia and have been active since at least 2013. The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has attributed Sandworm’s activities to a GRU unit known as APT 28 (also known as Fancy Bear and Strontium), which has a history of cyber operations against politically-motivated targets dating back to at least 2007.

france russialinked sandworm itcimpanuzdnet

In 2019, researchers from security firm CrowdStrike further uncovered ties between Sandworm and elements of the Russian intelligence apparatus with links to France, including two entities that French authorities have allegedly identified as sources of Sandworm’s activity: Digital Security Ltd. (owned by Moscow-based Evrika LLC) and Vistula Ltd., both affiliated with the Russian government.

These revelations put Sandworm in context with other state actors, revealing them to be a multiyear hacking spree powered by highly sophisticated capabilities rooted in Russia. This campaign demonstrates both sophistication and audacity.

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The implications of these findings are only beginning to become apparent, but they have already forced us to take a closer look into the geopolitics underlying global cyber aggression.

History of the group

Sandworm is a hacking group associated with Russia’s GRU military intelligence unit. The US Department of Justice and the US National Security Agency have attributed the group’s malicious cyber activity to Russia since at least 2014. Sandworm has been active in network intrusions and data theft operations worldwide since at least 2013, attacking governments, nuclear energy operators, engineering companies, and media outlets across Europe and the United States.

The origins of Sandworm are largely unknown; however, some believe that it began as an extension of Operation “Moscow” in 2009 or 2010. A group allegedly ran that operation within GRU known as “Unit 74455,” which targeted NATO members in the Ukraine and Baltic countries around that time.

In 2018, researchers discovered that the group was behind a hacktivist campaign called “NotPetya,” which destroyed critical infrastructure across Ukraine, Europe, and North America; stole corporate secrets; shut down networks; caused billions of dollars in damage; and disrupted global supply chains. It also exposed how effective Sandworm had become— able to infiltrate sensitive networks within minutes easily—and how far-reaching their ambitions were without geopolitical boundaries.

Additional information came out when France indicted four people for their alleged part in 2016 attacks on the French TV5Monde broadcasting network by Sandworm’s hacking ground known as APT 28 or Fancy Bear (which has ties back to Russia). This exposed more about the alleged activities of the hacking group, which include attacks on political parties abroad (notably attempts to interfere in American elections) and attacks on private business interests across Europe for financial gain.

Sandworm’s Targets

Sandworm is a Russian hacking group that has been active since 2012, with ties to the Russian government. The group has been known to target organizations worldwide for years, focusing on France.

In this section, we will explore the organizations that have been targeted by Sandworm, including the motives behind their attacks:

Geopolitical targets

The Sandworm hacking group, an elite Russia-based collective of cyber criminals whose primary objective has been to target the geopolitical interests of its enemies and allies, first came to public attention in 2014. They have been highly active since then, launching multiple sustained attacks against targets across Europe and the United States.

A 2018 analysis conducted by American security firm Mandiant determined that Sandworm was responsible for a widespread cyber espionage campaign targeting government entities, aerospace and military organizations, energy companies, scientific research centers, telecommunications companies, and media organizations across different countries, including Ukraine, Poland, Austria, and Germany.

More recently, in 2020, France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) traced a series of malicious web injections targeting French entities back to Sandworm. These targeted attacks were believed to be part of a multiyear cyber-espionage campaign for political purposes which included an array of targets such as:

  • Transportation networks
  • Diplomatic missions
  • Energy grids
  • Control systems for nuclear power plants
  • Fabricated news websites with false content designed to spread propaganda or discredit certain individuals or organizations
  • Government ministries
  • Computer systems connected with email servers
  • Foreign parliaments
  • Military telecommunications networks
  • Defense contractors
  • Factories manufacturing weapons and other strategic products
  • Financial institutions offering sensitive services such as international payments or credit card processing
france sandworm centreon itcimpanuzdnet

This ongoing campaign has been conducted on behalf of Russian interests as part of a broader strategy aimed at gaining power over European nations.

Corporate targets

The Sandworm hacking group has been linked to some corporate targets in France, Europe, and elsewhere. Between 2015 and 2019, Sandworm allegedly targeted aerospace, engineering, telecommunications, and automotive corporations. The group has also been tied to fraudulent attacks on European banks.

In France, Sandworm reportedly launched numerous phishing campaigns targeting the country’s largest defense contractor Airbus Group SE. The cyberattacks relied mainly on using malicious emails containing phishing links to compromise employee credentials and gain access to the company’s internal network. The attackers may have sought intellectual property related to aircraft prototypes or designs for satellite launches. Additionally, reports suggest that hackers were able to steal source codes belonging to the top French aeronautic corporation Thales Group.

Furthermore, the group allegedly targeted large electronics companies such as Panasonic Avionics and speakers manufacturer Sonos Inc., as well as IT companies including Siemens AG and Altran Technologies SESOFT ECUIG-LTD in Turkey. In financial services, victims include Ukraine’s central bank (NBU), Polish Bank Millennium SA, and even making a false bomb threat at Californian banking firm JP Morgan Chase & Co…

It is important for companies with any type of connection to Russia or Ukraine – such as trading with them or having offices in those countries – to be aware of potential cyber threats from this advanced persistent threat due mainly in part due to its ties with Moscow’s GRU intelligence agency.

Sandworm’s Tactics

The Sandworm hacking group has been linked to a years-long cyber espionage and cyber-attacks campaign. The group is believed to be based in Russia and is associated with the Russian government. By targeting government and business entities in France, Ukraine, and the United States, Sandworm has demonstrated its capacity for sophisticated operations and the extent of its global reach.

Let’s take a closer look at the tactics Sandworm has employed in its operations:

Exploiting software vulnerabilities

The Sandworm hacking group is a Russian-government-linked threat actor active since 2009. According to cybersecurity reports, this nation-state-backed hacker group is notable for its persistent and sophisticated cyberattacks against critical infrastructure.

The Sandworm hackers are believed to be behind the infamous BlackEnergy campaigns, NotPetya ransomware attacks, and, most recently, the supply chain compromise of SolarWinds Orion software. Researchers attribute their widespread success to these threat actors’ ability to identify freelance software vulnerabilities that the public has yet to discover or patch.

In addition to remotely exploiting system weaknesses, Sandworm uses malware for penetration, allowing them access to sensitive data on networks worldwide. This includes espionage activities and disruption with ransomware or destructive attacks such as NotPetya in June 2017.

Sandworm’s tactics include:

  • Exploiting local administrator privileges when accessing networks
  • Using lateral movements within compromised systems using various toolsets

Researchers believe they tie Russia’s Sandworm hacking group to a multiyear hacking spree costing untold amounts of damage and highlighted by targeted attacks against NATO, government agencies in Ukraine, energy companies in Germany and France, several other countries like Georgia and Poland, as well as vulnerable companies in a range of different industries.

Utilizing spear phishing

Spear phishing is a form of deception by which a malicious threat actor attempts to deceive a target into clicking on a malicious link or attachment or disclosing confidential information. In the case of Sandworm, they have been harnessed to execute cyber-attacks against multiple countries and industries, largely propagating their mission through spear phishing attacks.

The group primarily used malicious email attachments as spear phishing tactics. Such extensions were often sent from trusted IP addresses in Ukraine and other fake ones registered in various countries. Reportedly, these email attachments are usually posed as job offers or referral letters with malicious documents containing macros designed to download and install malware onto the system. Additionally, links were sent via malicious emails pointing users to web pages that presented victims with fake login pages designed to steal user credentials when entered into them.

Moreover, reports revealed that Sandworm also deployed spear phishing emails that impersonated employees of national security institutions and agencies to infiltrate networks belonging to sensitive targets all over the world – particularly those in Russia and France – with a focus on capturing private data belonging to these organisations.

Using malicious tools

Sandworms typically leverage malicious tools, like spyware and trojans, to carry out malicious activity on a target machine. These powerful and versatile tools can infiltrate systems and grant attackers remote access. Additionally, malware can collect various types of data from the victim machine; in some cases, it can be used to manipulate settings or applications on a target computer to ensure control over the system.

Some common techniques that sandworms employ in their attacks include:

  • Phishing emails containing malicious links or attachments
  • Using brute-force attacks to gain access
  • Exploiting known vulnerabilities (such as outdated software)
  • Deploying denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) against networks
  • Using DHCP exploitation to gain access

Malicious actors may also combine multiple attack approaches in what is commonly referred to as “hybrid” attacks, such as combining a phishing email with a brute-force attack.

Using malicious tools gives an attacker greater control over the target computer and increases their capability for cruel execution on a larger scale.

russialinked sandworm centreon itcimpanuzdnet

Establishing remote desktop protocol (RDP) connections is another technique that grants a total attacker control over a targeted network; it is also one of the most preferred methods for furthering campaign objectives.

Sandworm’s Links to Russia

The Sandworm hacking group has been linked to Russia for years. Over the past few years, several cyber-attacks have been attributed to the group, including the massive NotPetya malware attack in 2017.

Recent research by the French government has further strengthened the ties between Sandworm and Russia, providing evidence that the group has been behind a multiyear hacking spree. Let’s dive into the details to find out more.

France Ties Russia’s Sandworm to a Multiyear Hacking Spree

The Sandworm hacking team is believed to be a Russian-speaking cybercrime group associated with some of the highest-profile data breaches of recent years, including the 2017 NotPetya outbreak that disrupted multinational companies across Europe and North America.

Recent research has provided further evidence of direct links between Sandworm and Russia – from team members advertising their services in Russian online forums to signs that the group has been infiltrating targets in France as early as 2013.

A recent investigation by a confidential source conducted on behalf of France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) found that most Sandworm attacks have been launched from servers in the same network range used by a major Russian Group called Crouching Yeti. The investigation additionally notes that domains used to host control panels for the distribution and propagation of malicious code were registered using email addresses belonging to Crouching Yeti.

Furthermore, similarities between code and commands used in both Crouching Yeti operations and other malware activities observed around 2015 indicate an increased level of sophistication behind Sandworm’s attack tools, which could point towards a strong government-driven cyber warfare program.

Coupled with additional evidence from earlier investigations conducted by researchers from ESET security firm (after tracing samples collected during previous infections), all signals point towards Russia’s federal security service – better known as “FSB” – as being behind the infamous hacker group.

Recent activities attributed to Sandworm

Recent activities attributed to the Sandworm group include a series of cyberattacks known as NotPetya and Olympic Destroyer that disrupted thousands of computers worldwide. NotPetya, believed to be launched in June 2017, disabled critical systems in Ukraine before spreading across Europe and worldwide. Olympic Destroyer targeted digital strategies at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

In July 2020, France’s cybersecurity agency (ANSSI) investigated a 2019 cyberattack targeting a major computer network for the French public administration dubbed “Tegile” by FireEye (the cybersecurity firm hired by victims) after confirming its origin was attributed to Sandworm.

Sandworm has also been connected with several other cyber-espionage campaigns actively using remote access tools (RATs), including Modified Carberp, Shamoon 2/Disttrack, Ethernet, and HyperBro malware families. In addition, the hacking group is believed to be affiliated with and funded by the Russian government through its so-called Advanced Persistent Threat 28 (also known as “Fancy Bear”), whose criminal activities have reportedly cost up to $600 million in damages and affected hundreds of companies worldwide.

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It has been long awaited but YouTube has finally announced that they will be rolling out picture-in-picture mode to all iOS users. With this feature, iOS users will now be able to watch their favorite YouTube videos while they are multitasking on their phones. This new feature is expected to make multitasking much easier and more efficient for iOS users.

To learn more about this new feature and what it has to offer, let’s take a closer look.

Overview of picture-in-picture mode

YouTube will finally roll out its popular picture-in-picture mode for all iOS users. With this new feature, users will be able to keep watching videos while going about an activity on their phones.

Picture-in-picture mode is a feature that allows you to watch videos in a smaller window while navigating other activities on your device. This means that users will be able to continue watching the video while taking other actions on their devices like sending messages, browsing the internet, or looking at photos. The window can be moved around and from one side of the screen to the other. The video will automatically pause when minimized but can be kept playing in the background as well.

The picture-in-picture mode is available across platforms, so no matter which device you’re using YouTube, you’ll have access to this convenient feature. This update takes away one of mobile viewing’s biggest hindrances – juggling between activities – and makes multitasking much easier and hassle-free.

YouTube will finally roll out picture-in-picture mode to all iOS

YouTube is finally rolling out picture-in-picture mode to all iOS users. This feature has been present on Android for some time, and will now be available to iPhone and iPad users as well.

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This update was announced by YouTube in August and will allow users to watch videos in a small floating window even when using other apps or locking the phone.

Availability of the feature for all iOS users

This December, YouTube will finally roll out picture-in-picture mode to all iOS users. This much-wanted feature allows viewers to keep an eye on the latest clips, while not disrupting whatever task it is they’re working on. First appearing as an experimental feature in iOS 10 back in 2016, it has taken three years for Google to make this accessible to all iOS users.

Although Youtube had this feature available for Android smartphones since last year, the lack of picture-in-picture mode for iOS was considered a flaw amongst iPhone and iPad users. With its release, YouTube has now joined FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype as being one of the few applications that support picture-in-picture mode.

Picture-in-picture mode works by shrinking the video call into a smaller window while allowing you to move it around and resize it according to your needs. You can thus keep watching one video or switch channels while running tasks such as checking emails or texting your friends in other applications at the same time. From now on, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode available directly from compatible iOS devices!

How to access the feature

YouTube is rolling out the new picture-in-picture mode to all iOS users. The feature will enable you to watch videos in a minimized floating window while continuing to browse other YouTube content on the same device. YouTube is also launching a new “swipe to minimize” feature for desktop browsers, allowing you to reduce any video’s size and keep browsing without closing the pop-up.

To access the picture-in-picture mode and swipe to minimize features, make sure your devices are running the latest version of iOS or PC browser software. Once updated, you will see a “Minimize” button next to the full-screen option, accessed via any player menu with an image icon inside it. Once clicked, your video will be reduced into a floating window which can then be moved or resized as needed. On desktop browsers, you can also simply click and hold on a minimized video before releasing it into place; then use the double arrows to expand or collapse it as desired.

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These features are sure to improve user experience by providing easier access and control over what they watch and how they interact with YouTube’s content.

Benefits of Picture-in-Picture Mode

Picture-in-picture mode has been a feature that many users have been hoping for on YouTube. Now, with the anticipated rollout of this feature to all iOS users, users will be able to experience the many advantages that picture-in-picture mode has to offer. This includes being able to watch videos while doing something else on your phone, multitasking while watching videos, and being able to watch in full screen even when using other apps.

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits and more:

Enhanced user experience

YouTube will finally roll out picture-in-picture (PiP) mode to all iOS users, enhancing the convenience and user experience of using the popular video streaming platform. This new feature allows you to watch a YouTube video while browsing through the app, sending messages, playing a game, or doing virtually anything else.

With PiP mode, users can now watch videos at the same time as carrying out other tasks on their device without needing to pause or stop their current activity. This is especially useful for multitasking, watching lectures or webinars with minimal distraction, and saving time. Furthermore, it makes using YouTube more intuitive by providing an immersive viewing experience that’s more intuitive than having multiple windows open at once.

Picture in Picture mode also gives users more control when consuming content on YouTube by allowing them to adjust the size of the window they are viewing while they multitask; plus it adds an extra layer of security as you can view your video screen but any personal information you have open on your device is obscured from others’ eyes.

Ultimately, PiP mode will provide a better and more streamlined user experience for YouTube fans around the world – making it easier for them to use the popular streaming service no matter what kind of device they have in hand.

Improved multitasking capabilities

The new picture-in-picture mode on YouTube is a highly anticipated update that will allow iOS users to multitask while watching the video they are interested in. This feature has been available on Android devices for years, so it’s great to see this feature come to all iOS users.

With the YouTube picture-in-picture mode, you can easily interact with other applications while still enjoying your favorite content on YouTube. Whether you need to quickly reply to a text message or skim through any social media notifications, you can do it without having to pause or close the video.

Apart from improved multitasking capabilities, this new upgrade comes with additional features such as:

  • control of audio and playback speed
  • the ability to move and resize the playback window without losing quality
  • picture-in-picture mode also allows users to keep watching videos while switching between applications which makes multitasking even more efficient. This is incredibly useful when you need access to something quickly but don’t have time or wanted to leave the video session right away.
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Overall, this update is an excellent addition for iOS users providing improved multitasking features. With picture-in-picture mode, viewers now have greater control over their viewing sessions allowing them to seamlessly switch back and forth between activities without having to stop their current session when needed.

Impact of the feature on iOS users

The release of YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode to all iOS users will give them more flexibility and convenience when using the platform. It allows users to watch a video on YouTube without having the app open on their device. This feature is especially useful for those who often use multiple apps simultaneously.

The picture-in-picture mode makes it easier for people to multitask as they can keep watching a video while using other apps like browsing through emails or social media platforms. Apart from that, this feature also helps reduce distractions when one is trying to focus on something else besides YouTube videos as one does not need to have the app in full view while playing videos.

Furthermore, the use of picture-in-picture mode also removes frustrations related to switching between running apps and YouTube which is usually an issue with earlier iOS versions that do not come with split-view multi-tasking features such as those found in iPad pro models. All in all, the rollout of YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode across all iOS devices will be beneficial by improving user experience and convenience when enjoying videos on YouTube.

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Iterable is an advanced multichannel marketing platform designed to give marketers greater insights and more efficient tools for creating and managing timely, content-rich campaigns. The platform provides users with sophisticated analytics, powerful creative tools, and optimization possibilities that enable them to optimize their campaigns in real time.

Additionally, Iterable integrates with a variety of other third-party services such as email marketing, mobile push notifications, and SMS to ensure better user experience and results for marketers.

As a leading multichannel marketing platform, Iterable provides the tools necessary for businesses of all sizes to:

  • Improve segmentation
  • Grow intelligent personalized content libraries
  • Develop dynamic workflows
  • Measure campaign performance across multiple channels

With its advanced analytics capabilities and powerful optimization possibilities, Iterable makes it easy for companies of any size or industry to maximize their return on investment in terms of time and money.

Furthermore, the latest venture funding raise announced by Iterable will further develop its capabilities as the premier leader in multichannel marketing solutions. This round of funding includes investments from new strategic partners including Insight Partners and Sorenson Ventures who will be working closely with the company’s executive team.

Multichannel marketing platform Iterable raises $200M

Iterable is a multichannel marketing platform that enables brands to create personalized, data-driven campaigns across a variety of channels. It helps businesses engage their customers through targeted email marketing, web push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS. Iterable recently raised $200 million in a Series E funding round, and this influx of capital has allowed the platform to expand its capabilities.

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In this article, we will be taking a look at the benefits Iterable offers marketers:

What is Iterable?

Iterable is a powerful multichannel marketing platform that helps businesses build engaging customer relationships. It enables companies to make the most of their data and offers various tools such as automation, segmentation, personalization, and analytics. Through Iterable’s intuitive user interface, marketers can easily design campaign experiences across web and mobile channels with no coding required.

Iterable’s technology supports a wide variety of use cases including automated emails, push notifications, SMS campaigns, and more. With its comprehensive API, the platform supports integrations with many popular tools like Salesforce and Google Analytics which allows customers to unlock even more powerful insights into their campaigns. Additionally Iterable offers flexible hosting options such as cloud or on-premise that make it easier for customers to get up and running quickly.

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Overall Iterable is a robust marketing solution that provides businesses with the tools needed to create engaging campaigns for enhanced customer engagement and improved ROI. By harnessing the power of Iterable’s multichannel marketing platform, companies can ensure growth along with success in the long run.

Features and Benefits

Iterable is a powerful, versatile multichannel marketing platform that helps businesses reach and engage their customers across a variety of channels. This platform allows users to effectively control the content and campaigns they initiate, as well as monitor their performance in real-time. Iterable provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to maximize the value of customer data, help businesses increase customer lifetime value, and empower marketers to plan effective campaigns.

Some of the key features and benefits offered by Iterable include:

  • Unified Customer Profile & Insights: Allows users to access powerful insights into their audiences so they can better understand their customers’ needs, habits, and journeys.
  • Data Segmentation & Targeting: Gives users complete control over how they target different audiences so they can create more personalized experiences.
  • Campaign Measures & Attribution: Allows for accurate attribution across multiple channels for comprehensive performance tracking.
  • Deliverability & Testing: Provides automated deliverability scores and frequency capping capabilities for real-time optimization options.
  • Integrations & APIs: Leverages hundreds of different integrations and APIs for greater flexibility and scalability.
  • Advanced Reporting & Insights: Allows a deeper understanding of customer engagement with detailed analytics, reporting, and insights.

Use Cases

Iterable is a powerful multichannel marketing platform used by large enterprises all over the world. It enables companies to deliver personalized messages across multiple channels like email, SMS, web push, and more.

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This platform can be used to reach your target audience with timely, relevant, and actionable messages.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels in a multichannel marketing strategy. Iterable is an industry-leading multichannel enterprise marketing platform with advanced features for optimized email and other digital campaigns. Iterable’s leading-edge solution enables companies to take their email campaigns to the next level and accelerate the recovery process during downturns like the current one.

Iterable helps companies create personalized email campaigns that convert more traffic, engage more customers and generate more revenue. It enables companies to easily create, publish and monitor complex campaigns across various channels including web, mobile, social media, SMS, and more. With Iterable’s comprehensive set of features, businesses can deliver emails with dynamic content tailored to each user’s interests while measuring engagement such as views, clicks, and conversions.

Iterable also provides a wide range of tools for A/B testing emails so that businesses can measure their success rate down to the last detail and make informed decisions based on analytics from each campaign. Additionally, due to its intuitive interface businesses can deploy their emails quickly without having to worry about technical implementation which lets them take advantage of emerging trends or opportunities quickly without wasting any time.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most popular and effective methods for engaging users with your product. With Iterable’s multichannel marketing platform, you can send customized push notifications to users on any device.

Use push notifications to quickly reach customers with relevant, targeted messages in a short amount of time. Update customers on new products or services, promote discounts or special offers or inform customers about customer support issues. You can even segment users based on their purchasing behavior and target different groups with different messages.

The online messaging dashboard allows you to manage campaigns and view results in real time. You can compare the performance of message formats, track the success of campaigns across channels, and measure effectiveness and ROI in communications campaigns.

Iterable also offers deep insights into user behavior, helping you identify customer trends quickly. This intelligence allows you to plan more tailored campaigns that are designed for success from start to finish; making sure that every interaction is optimized toward measurable goals. Leverage Iterable’s advanced marketing automation platform to increase user engagement and maximize revenues.

SMS Messaging

SMS messaging has become an integral part of multichannel marketing, enabling businesses to reach their customers quickly and reliably. With Iterable, marketers can easily create, send, and track SMS messages using the same platform they use for email marketing. This allows businesses to create coordinated campaigns that leverage all available channels to maximize engagement with their target audience.

Iterable’s SMS messaging tool is easy to set up and use. With just a few clicks you can import segments from existing databases or upload CSV files containing details of the recipients you want to reach with your message. You can then compose fully branded messages or template them from pre-authored templates with dynamic keyword insertion—all from within Campaign Manager. Additionally, you can preview your messages before sending them to ensure accuracy and optimize for maximum impact among your intended recipients.

Once sent, Iterable offers marketer-friendly dashboards that enable real-time tracking of message performance alongside comprehensive reporting capabilities. This makes it easy for marketers to:

  • Assess open rates
  • Measure the success of their campaigns
  • Quickly pivot their strategies if needed to maximize engagement with customers across all channels.

Benefits of Using Iterable

Iterable is a powerful multichannel marketing platform with a range of features designed to help businesses grow their customer base. With Iterable, marketers can create automated email campaigns, personalized push notifications, and SMS messages, and manage in-app messages. Iterable also provides analytics tools to measure performance and enables users to design A/B tests.

This article will discuss the various benefits of using Iterable for modern marketing.


The ability to automate multichannel campaigns is one of the biggest benefits of using Iterable as your marketing platform. With its built-in automation features, you can create automated campaigns that send personalized messages across multiple channels to engage with your customers. This streamlines the whole process and saves time for you and your team.

Iterable’s automation capabilities also allow you to schedule and deploy campaigns ahead of time, so that they are sent at the most appropriate time for each customer. This helps ensure a timely response so that messages reach customers when they’re more likely to convert into paying customers.

With Iterable, you can set up Marketing Automation Rules which trigger specific action(s) based on user behavior or events like signup, purchase, or any other event on the website and/or app. You can also use it to target relevant audiences through remarketing strategies and create sophisticated campaigns using personalization tools like custom fields, segments, and dynamic content – all with minimal effort and scalable in real-time, allowing you to build better customer relationships more efficiently.


Using Iterable to engage your customers allows you to personalize the experience to optimize their journey. With Iterable, you can track customer behavior and engage customers along the entire journey with personalized emails, SMS messages, and mobile push notifications. You can also send product recommendations based on past purchases or online activity for a truly individualized experience.

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Additionally, Iterable provides a comprehensive view of customer activity across channels, giving you insights into each touchpoint and providing an overview of how your campaigns impact multiple channels – from email click-through rates to app launch conversions. This helps you see which campaigns are resonating with customers and what changes need to be made for future campaigns.


One of the most powerful benefits that an email and multichannel marketing platform like Iterable offers is segmentation. By segmenting your users, you can target them with specific promotions and tailor content to their individual needs, interests, and preferences. Segmentation not only delivers more targeted content but also increases efficiency by cutting down on the number of unwanted emails sent out.

With Iterable’s suite of tools, you can easily create powerful segmentation based on user attributes such as behavioral data, demographics, location, and opt-in preferences. Iterable helps marketers quickly identify and populate relevant segments for maximum impact in delivering personalized messages that engage customers at scale.


Iterable is a powerful multichannel marketing platform that allows businesses to create, launch and measure campaigns across all types of channels. Its unique features enable businesses to deliver personalized experiences for their customers at scale. The platform enables users to engage with their customers on an individual level in real time across all channels, ultimately allowing them to maximize the impact of their campaigns.

Iterable’s scalability enables businesses to reach more people than ever before with their multichannel campaigns. Through its modern infrastructure and scalability, Iterable can process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, while also providing unparalleled performance in terms of speed and reliability. This makes it the ideal platform for businesses looking to expand their reach beyond traditional methods without sacrificing quality or having to increase staff or resources.

Furthermore, Iterable’s robust API integrations make it easy for businesses to plug into existing software solutions and automatically import existing data sets into the platform for further segmentation than ever before. This makes it incredibly simple for marketers to build complex workflows that span multiple channels in one single view – enabling them to obtain deeper insights from every campaign they launch on the platform. Whether used internally or as a customer intelligence solution provider, Iterable offers scalability that is unparalleled in today’s marketplace.


In conclusion, Iterable is a powerful multichannel marketing platform that offers a suite of features and services tailored to individual user needs. Its advanced personalization capabilities enable businesses to send automated campaigns, analyze customer data, and create personalized experiences. Additionally, its advanced segmentation tools help marketers target the right customers with the right message at the right time.

Driving customer engagement and increasing sales become a breeze for any organization leveraging all of Iterable’s benefits. With its recent funding of $200M, Iterable will be able to expand its offering even further and create opportunities for even more growth in the future.

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