StayGreen, a new mobile gaming company, has launched a new website dedicated to HoN game, the most popular free-to-play MMORPG game in the world. StayGreen is now available in three languages: Traditional Chinese, English and Simplified Chinese.

With the first LAN gaming event in the United States, Team stayGreen, the official gaming arm of the Greenhorn Gaming Organization, has launched a website for HoN, titled:

Team stayGreen has announced that they will be launching their own Free-to-Play online game in Summer, 2008. The game is set within the popular online multiplayer game HoN (Heroes of Neverwinter) and will be called HoN: Bite The Bullet. HoN: Bite The Bullet is a highly stylized, fast paced game that takes the best elements from other popular online games and transforms them into a fast-paced, highly intense game that is perfect for online play. HoN: Bite The Bullet will support all the popular game modes, including team-based PvP, skill-based combat, and player-built and controlled maps and arenas. is a new community-driven website created by Team StayGreen.

Stay Green (sG), a professional Heroes of Newerth team, has been working on the website since winning the Garena Star League tournament.

StayGreen team will concentrate on delivering professional-level knowledge to gamers of all ability levels.

“At Stay Green, we put the community first, and we wanted to give back to them by creating a third-party website where players can interact with not just the #1 team in Heroes of Newerth, but also with each other,” stated Phillip Haller, General Manager of Team stayGreen. “We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what the community needs, not gimmicks, but a long-term source of knowledge and entertainment.”

sG will provide broadcasting and coaching sessions from inside the player-created gaming home in Miami Beach. Kyle “swindlemelonzz” Freedman (Captain), Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin, Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann, Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman, and Trent “sLiCKz” Tucker make up the current team.

Team stayGreenTeam stayGreen

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The website will debut with a preview of upcoming material, such as Swindlemelonzz’ Lock Pick Guide and Chessie’s Tempest Guides. Swindlemelonzz’s HoN subject podcast, “Real Talk,” is anticipated to become a regular fixture.

Phill “The Thrill” Haller, General Manager of stayGreen, will migrate his famous Heroes of Newerth (HoN) blog, Hongossip, to the Team stayGreen website, boosting the amount of material accessible.

Team stayGreen, now the highest-paid team in Heroes of Newerth ever, just won HoN’s premier event, the HONTOUR.

The introduction of Team stayGreen’s website comes after Heroes of Newerth and developer S2 received critical criticism after their coverage of the HoNTour finals. Increased production quality in coverage and content has been requested by the HoN community.

Team stayGreen vs ex-TDMHONTOUR GrandFinals Game 3

In conjunction with the introduction of their new website, Team stayGreen has established branded social media channels. @teamstaygreen on Twitter. /teamstaygreen on Facebook /teamstaygreen on YouTube and /teamstaygreen on Twitch

Read about the up-and-coming Seraphic Nexus squad, which has made it to the Australian CyberGamer Grand Finals, for more Heroes of Newerth news.

Through our Twitch Channel nfgHoN, Non-Fiction Gaming has been covering both HONTOUR and the CyberGamer league.

Team stayGreen has kicked off the first major external software project for Heroes of Newerth in a long while. In fact, it is the first new addition to the game since the original modding community for HoN launched two years ago. In the two years since HoN was released, stayGreen has been the primary modding community for the game, working to evolve the game in an ever-changing gaming landscape.. Read more about heroes of newerth and let us know what you think.

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