TeamGroup has announced that they will release the new DDR5 memory in 2021, which is expected to be faster and more efficient than any other DDR4 memory. With this announcement, TeamGroup has entered the mainstream market with their Elite series.

TeamGroup is a company that manufactures ram. They are releasing their Elite series DDR5 memory in 2021.

Taipei, December 1, 2020 — TEAMGROUP, as a global leader in computer memory, recognizes the significance of staying ahead of the curve in the next generation of DDR technology, and will release ELITE series DDR5 memory in 2021.


The business has astonished the globe with its superior R&D skills and great product quality with over 20 years of expertise producing DDR3 and DDR4 products. TEAMGROUP has been actively developing and working with our IC manufacturing partners to pioneer and prepare for the DDR5 memory standard since it was introduced by JEDEC.

With its first DDR5 memory under its worldwide top-selling ELITE memory product brand, TEAMGROUP is leading the way. It intends to produce a 16GB 4800MHz module that runs at 1.1V instead of the previous generation’s 1.2V. The data transmission rate has been raised to 4,800–5,200 Mbps, a 1.6-fold increase while power consumption has been reduced by 10%.

DDR4 memory with error correction code (ECC) currently needs an extra chip on the PCB, while DDR5 memory enables on-die ECC, a feature that self-corrects single-bit mistakes, significantly increasing system stability. The current generation’s efficiency gains, which may be used for big data and AI computing and other related applications, have sparked a lot of interest.

TEAMGROUP has made extensive preparations in 2020 to seize the lead in the DDR5 market, and will deliver its products in tandem with Intel and AMD’s DDR5 platforms. DDR5 memory from the business is anticipated to be available in Q3 2021. TEAMGROUP has always been a global leader, and it will continue to be as it introduces more powerful and reliable next-generation goods to customers across the globe.


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TeamGroup is releasing the Elite series DDR5 memory in 2021. The new release will be a 32GB kit with CL19-24 latency and up to 4800MHz speed. Reference: teamgroup ddr5 newegg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DDR5 memory available?

DDR5 memory is not currently available.

Should I wait for DDR5 2021?

DDR5 is a very popular dance game that has been around for over 20 years. It is not uncommon to see people still playing it today, so if you are interested in the genre or just want to try something new, then I would say wait until 2021.

Will DDR5 be ECC?

DDR5 will not be ECC.

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