Over the past decade, the Pokemon franchise has become so popular that the global markets are flooded with countless Pokémon merchandise. From clothes to toys, the world seems to have no shortage of Pokémon merchandise. However, in Australia, the Pokemon fever has been running hot for much longer.

Pokemon is the most popular video game series of all time, it’s been so successful it’s spawned an entire subculture. Here in Australia, we love our Pokemon too. So, what Pokemon should we be seeing on our screens in the near future? Here are the most likely contenders for the Australian Pokemon League. (Some may say these are Combination Pokemon, but we don’t care)

As the hype for Pokemon Go has died down, the real fun of the game has begun. With the release of Go, Australia has had its first Pokemon Prime. This is a Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Go. Similar to the other regions, we have a few options as far as our first Pokemon. There are 151 Pokemon in Go, the most Pokémon in any Pokemon game to date. It is possible to get all 151 Pokemon from Go and use it in the new Pokemon games, but Australians can only catch 151 Pokemon from Go.. Read more about pokemon pokedex and let us know what you think.

With new Pokemon areas opening up every generation, a trip to Australia may be on the cards in the near future. Paul Robertson, who can be found on Twitter, has put together some fantastic artwork for the Australian Pokedex.

There are 151 Pokemon based on Australian specialties listed here.

1-29 in the Australian Pokedex

Australian Pokedex 1-29

We may presume Gumnutt, Kickfish, and Bludgie will be the three starting Pokemon to select from based on past Pokedex configurations. Which one would you choose if you were beginning your Pokemon journey in the Outback?

Gumnutt is called from the eucalyptus tree’s blossom bud. May Gibbs’ book series “Snugglepot and Cuddlepit” popularized gumnuts. The development of gumnutt into Whattle (Acacia Shrub) and subsequently Bankseed (Banksia Tree) exemplifies Australia’s native floral symbols.

The Kickfish is a play on the term “kickboard.” When young children are learning to swim, they will utilize a tiny foam flotation device at the pool or beach. Kickfish’s transformation into Boogill (Boogie Board) and then Surfinn (The Surf Board) is symbolic of many Australians’ journey into surf culture.

The Bludgie completes the listing as the Australian Pokedex’s fire Pokemon. A budgerigar (or ‘budgie’) is a tiny bird, whereas a ‘bludger’ is an Australian word for someone who is sluggish. These epic beginnings are completed by the development of the Bludgie into a Flamingalaa (The Galah) and finally into the Cockatwo (A Cockatoo).


30-57 in the Australian Pokedex

Aus Pokedex 30-57

58-86 in the Australian Pokedex

Aus Pokedex 58-86

87-111 in the Australian Pokedex

Aus Pokedex 87-111

I found the development of the Caramell, Fredo, and Berty amusing. The Caramello Koala, Fredo Frog, and Berty Beetle are three famous Australian confectionery treats. As a child, I used to find them all in a showbag at the Melbourne Show.

The nuttsacks hanging from the Stubbs (‘Stubbies’ is a word for short shorts) are hilarious in every sense.

112-130 in the Australian Pokedex

Aus Pokedex 112-130

We’re quite sure these ghosts enticing youngsters away are mentioned in the Australian Pokedex article for the Dinglow family.

131-151 in the Australian Pokedex

Aus Pokedex 131-151

We see some of the legendary offers of the Pokemon Down Under towards the conclusion of the Aussie Pokedex. Sydney, Melbourne, Surfer’s Paradise, and the Gold Coast, respectively, are represented by Sidnee, Melbonn, Paradyse, and Golcoast.

The Bunyeep, Yowee, and Rainboa are all Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime creatures. The Bunyip, Yowie, and Rainbow Serpent are all legendary Aboriginal creatures that appear in Aboriginal oral history.

What is your favorite Pokemon from Australia?

All of them are fantastic, and Paul Robertson deserves praise once again for his excellent work. We’ve got Pokemon in France, Pokemon in Hawaii, and now it’s time for Pokemon from Australia, thanks to Nintendo and Game Freak.

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