Gambling is a common hobby and popular across the globe. Yet, gambling establishments host different content depending on the country they are located. The same applies to online casino sites. Regulations dictate what type of content is available or prohibited online, and legitimate websites must adhere to these rules. So, even though the US and Canada are close to one another, the gambling laws are different. As a result, the gambling community is also different. Here we will explore the type of online casino experience USA players have compared to the one in Canada.

Legal Differences

In the US, online casino sites are illegal, safe from a few states where USA players can play real money casino games. Basically, states are allowed to regulate online gambling independently. Furthermore, USA players actually spend a lot of money gambling online. However, this is mainly sports betting and fantasy sports. In Canada, things are a bit different. Here you can find some of the best Canadian online casino sites that Canadian players usually enjoy. We have selected the list available on this platform mainly because these are sites that allow for fast payouts.

This means that Canadian casino players have more access to this entertainment, but it doesn’t mean that it’s legal. Basically, foreign operators can offer their content to Canadian players, but it’s still illegal to have a gambling business that is based in certain provinces. It’s also worth noting that certain steps were taken to make this hobby safer. You see, if this hobby is unregulated and there is no one who can hold the operator accountable, they are likely to scam some of the players.


In the US, each state has its own gambling commission. They regulate lottery, sports betting, and other forms of entertainment deemed as gambling. In fact, there are sweepstake casinos that offer the same game selection as a regular casino in the UK, for example. In most states, it is legal to bet on sports and even to play fantasy sports for real money. If you want to play on a legitimate online casino in the USA, then there are a few states where such a thing is possible:

● New Jersey

● Pennsylvania

● Delaware

● Michigan

● West Virginia

● Connecticut

It’s also possible to play poker online if you are in Nevada. In Canada, there are the Kahnawake gaming commission and iGaming Ontario. Using the iGaming Ontario website, Canadians can find safe platforms for internet gambling. They have a list of licensed foreign operators that comply with local regulatory requirements, and they also share profit.


When it comes to taxes, Canadians have a way better deal. Any winnings acquired through online gambling are exempt from tax. In the US, 24% or almost a quarter of your winnings is subject to tax. The operator is obligated to fill out the W-2G form and inform the authorities of your winnings. So, you can’t really dodge this. If you are not a US citizen and you won, then winnings won’t be subject to state tax.

Payment Methods

In order to bet on a sports match or to play an online game for real money, players need to fund their accounts. Moreover, they need means of withdrawing their winnings, which is why internet payment methods have an important role. Since US players rely on their domestic or local platforms, they have access to the top quality payment gateways or payment providers. Additionally, the transfers are between a citizen of the US and a US-based business, which makes processing time shorter.

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Canadians also have access to quality payment solutions that can provide international money transfers. However, clearing these transactions is more time-consuming. There are more parties that need to do their due diligence, and there are more fees. Luckily, a lot of operators allow users to pay using cryptocurrency. There is still a hold-up for account verification and payout approval, but the money transfer itself is instantaneous.

Casino Games

As far as game selection goes, the content is almost identical. A lot of online operators collaborate with the same casino game development companies. Microgaming, IGT, and NetEnt, are names that pop up in this industry frequently. Players also have access to live dealer games that are really popular nowadays. The only difference is exclusives that some bigger brands can afford. These are slots that are only available on websites that belong to a specific operator.

As far as sports betting goes, the US market is huge. In fact, Canadian domestic operators are prevented from offering quality sports betting options. It was only recently that they legalized bets on single events. Before, the Canadiens had to include at least three matches on their betting slip.


These were some of the most notable differences between online gambling markets in the USA and Canada. Although Canadians have more freedom when it comes to operators, the US offers a somewhat safer experience. Unfortunately, a lot of US citizens don’t even have access to real money online casino sites. Canadians have a big advantage when it comes to taxation of winnings since their payouts aren’t subject to tax. Also, both the US and Canada have some of the most amazing land-based casinos in the world. So if anyone wants to enjoy top-tier entertainment, they can’t go wrong with either of these two places.


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