Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo, recently raised $22 million for his new marketing startup, Engagio. Engagio is a platform for B2B marketing, focused on providing a full-stack approach to customer engagement and relationship building.

With this new platform, Engagio aims to revolutionise how marketers engage their audiences and empower them to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Let’s explore what makes Engagio stand out from the competition.

Overview of Engagio

When it comes to marketing, no one-size-fits-all strategy works for every organisation. That’s why at Engagio, we take a tailored approach. Our philosophy of engaging the right people with personalised messages is based on the principles of relationship marketing. We firmly believe in treating customers and prospects as individuals, so they feel cared for, understood and appreciated when they interact with your brand.

To make this possible, we put our people first – every member of our team brings unique skills and experiences which shape our processes and campaigns. From expert strategists to creative minds, our team has deep knowledge in several industries to ensure we deliver effective campaigns that drive meaningful results.

Engagio utilises cutting-edge technology alongside data-driven insights to create holistic customer profiles and develop custom strategies for you and your customers. Every campaign is planned around data analytics to ensure that the results are precisely what you need from them – from increasing product adoption or driving lead generation and nurturing them until conversion – all done through automation!

Co-founder of Marketo raises $22 million for Engagio

Jon Miller, co-founder of the popular marketing automation company Marketo, recently announced that his new venture Engagio has raised $22 million in Series A funding. This round was spearheaded by Norwest Venture Partners and included Formation 8, Storm Ventures, FundersClub,NextWorld Capital and several other investors. The investment aims to help Engagio build out its intelligent account-based marketing platform to simplify marketing for B2B companies.

Engagio aims to provide a holistic view of ABM (account-based marketing) investments and opportunities across multiple channels. This requires an integration of multiple technologies into one platform that is easy to use and highly accurate in terms of reporting on performance. Engagio seeks to provide an end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams’ communication needs. It will aim to provide dashboards that surface actionable intelligence insights quickly across demand gen activities such as webinars, email campaigns and account development initiatives.

Through this investment Engagio can build out its capabilities to reach more accounts with larger data sets and enable users to personalise their campaigns at scale using AI capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP). The goal is for each user’s individual interactions variables with prospects — including emails sent, webinar registrations received, website visits for particular products or solutions — will all work together within this technology stack so marketers can have a full view of their engagement efforts with any given customer base or list size.

Co-founder of Marketo raises $22 million for his new marketing startup, Engagio

Jon Miller, Co-founder of Marketo, recently raised $22 million for his new marketing start up, Engagio. Engagio is looking to become the forefront of marketing technology, by introducing a new and unique approach. Engagio focuses on personalization and customer engagement to build strong relationships and increase loyalty.

In this article, we’ll explore Engagio’s unique approach to marketing and the various strategies they employ to stand out from the competition.

Leveraging AI and machine learning to personalise customer experiences

Engagio leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to personalise customer experiences. By utilising data from email campaigns or website visits, the system can determine each customer’s unique interests, provide better segmentation and targeting of customers, and give insights into what types of content will likely resonate with them for future campaigns.

The Engagio AI model further helps marketers personalise the customer experience by delivering contextualised messaging across multiple channels such as emails, social media platforms, web push notifications, SMS or other digital touch points. Automated message triggers can be set up to inform customers at relevant moments throughout the customer journey such as when they are considering making a purchase decision or leave a page without taking action. This way customers will always receive messages tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Additionally, Engagio’s AI technology can be used for predictive analytics which informs marketers on what user actions might lead to positive outcomes – such as a purchase – in future interactions with each customer. This helps marketers tailor their campaigns promptly to ensure maximum returns on their marketing investments.

AI-powered marketing solutions such as Engagio’s enable companies to build an engaging relationship with their customers through smarter segmentation & personalisation of content delivered at relevant moments throughout the sales cycle; thereby improving customer retention rates and driving long-term success for businesses.

Combining data from multiple sources to create a unified view of the customer

At Engagio, we understand one of the biggest challenges marketers face today is having a unified view of their customer. With multiple channels to communicate with customers, it can be challenging to get a full picture of customer engagement. To combat this challenge, we built our platform combining data from multiple sources into one unified view leveraging our Data Library technology.

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Our Data Library technology allows us to source relational and customer data from disparate systems across the enterprise and combine those datasets into a single source with only two clicks. By bringing the various sources together in one place, marketers no longer need to manually pull segmented reports across channels. This saves them time on report analysis and helps them act quickly when needed changes arise in their marketing strategy or tactics.

Better yet, our Data Library takes this task off your plate so you can focus on designing and executing engaging experiences while benefiting from an ever-growing pool of knowledge: customer segmentation information delivered by a variety of sources that let you customise which data points are presented in your reports – such as user behaviours, A/B testing results, and analytics results – all in real time!

With our unique approach to collecting data across all sources, Engagio enables marketers to finally have access to unified customer information that they need to effectively engage their customers and increase loyalty.

Utilising a “people-based” approach to marketing

Utilising a “people-based” approach to marketing is one way that Engagio sets itself apart from other marketing companies. Rather than targeting individuals based on certain categories such as demographics or interests, Engagio uses personas to create meaningful one-on-one relationships with customers. This method helps to better align communication with customer preferences and needs while creating value through engagement.

The use of technology allows the company to identify the right contacts based on their digital actions and interactions across all channels, automatically record those interactions, and reshape their engagement into personalised experiences. This capability provides the data needed to develop a deeper understanding of their customers and make relevant predictions, allowing them to track success throughout the customer journey.

Engagio partners with some of the industry’s top sales and marketing technology providers, giving them access to many types of data including web analytics, CRM systems, intent data, mobile analytics and more — all in one place.Engagio also offers various services beyond message-based services so that marketers can see what content works better for their customer base for complete customization. All these tailor-made services align perfectly with customers’ interests and goals so that they feel appreciated rather than overlooked when communicating with Engagio’s team.

Engagio’s Platform

The engagement-based marketing platform created by Engagio is designed to help businesses deliver personalised and engaging customer experiences. With the help of Engagio’s platform, marketers can easily measure the impact of their campaigns and analyse customer behaviour to identify opportunities for improvement.

Engagio and Marketo co-founder Jon Miller have raised over $22 million to build this platform and help marketers succeed.

Let’s take a closer look at what the platform has to offer.

Engagio’s “Marketing Orchestration Engine”

Engagio’s “Marketing Orchestration Engine” is the cornerstone of Engagio’s platform. The marketing engine allows users to create, execute and optimise campaigns across multiple channels. In addition, it includes various features such as a CRM integration, segmentation, testing and analytics capabilities, website personalization and more.

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Engagio’s platform makes it easy to orchestrate conversations with customers at every stage of their journey on the fly, creating personalised experiences that effectively engage prospects and customers. In addition, it provides a “one-stop shop approach” for managing contacts, campaigns, leads and accounts in one central location.

The engine leverages the power of customer intelligence to track customer touchpoints across different channels and leverages advanced analytics such as attribution and optimization models to measure success. This helps marketers determine which tactics most successfully drive conversions or improve loyalty. In addition, Engagio offers automation capabilities that enable marketers to easily create case studies or nurture campaigns with customised content based on user behaviour or preferences.

With Engagio, marketers have access to intuitive dashboards that give insights into customer behaviour enabling them to expand targeting efforts by integrating data from other sources such as sales metrics and customer preferences. Additionally, utilising powerful segmentation tools in-built into the engine allows for further customization of messages which enhances overall campaign efficacy—ultimately helping organisations increase engagement levels with their target audience leaving them equipped for success!

Engagio’s “Engagement Score”

Engagio’s platform uses an algorithm based on the customer’s interactions with your company to create a unique “Engagement Score”. Your customers’ scores can become part of the larger data set in your MarTech stack, allowing you to understand each customer’s behaviour and purchase history, including their engagement with marketing campaigns or channels.

The Engagement Score is a weighted metric, based on various factors, that identifies leads and contacts that require the most attention and effort from your sales staff. This score considers how often a contact interacts with content or emails, how frequently they engage with their customer success manager (CSM), if they stay current on their product usage and more. Leveraging these different engagement signals helps you direct your team’s focus to those leads who best fit within your target market.

By evaluating customer behaviours across all channels, you’ll be more likely to predict potential customers’ willingness to purchase using less expensive methods like email campaigns and inbound calls instead of costly outbound calls or events. This will make your company more efficient in marketing its products or services and result in higher ROI for every dollar spent.

Engagio’s “Engagement Hub”

Engagio’s extensive Engagement Hub is designed to support advanced customer engagement. It provides a comprehensive set of targeted, personalised marketing and communication capabilities across the marketing mix – from acquisition, cross sale and loyalty to product lifecycle management. In addition, it enables marketers to orchestrate customer journeys across marketing channels and devices.

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The platform can be used out of the box, with zero setup required. It ensures customer retention is kept high, saving businesses time and money on finding new customers and reducing friction in customer experience. The Engagement Hub’s intuitive dashboard-based design makes it easy to create campaigns, set up rules, and monitor real-time performance analytics.

Engagio’s “Engagement Hub” includes a range of features such as:

  • Automated segmentation based on previous interactions.
  • A/B testing.
  • Single view of customer data.
  • Advanced campaign analysis & optimization.
  • Multi-channel campaign execution.
  • Communication management tools.
  • Powerful integrations with multiple systems such as CRM or web analytics products.
  • Agile publishing capabilities for social media & webcasts.
  • Embedded analytics and interactive dashboards.

All these features combine to give users an unparalleled experience when managing their campaigns and obtaining insights about customer behaviours & preferences.

Benefits of Engagio

Engagio is a marketing startup co-founded by Jon Miller, the former co-founder of Marketo. The startup has recently raised $22 million in funding to help its mission of providing the best in class marketing services.

In particular, Engagio’s approach to marketing is unique, as it is focused on driving customer engagement and improving customer relationships.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Engagio and its unique marketing approach.

Increased customer engagement

Engaging customers isn’t just about making them feel appreciated and welcome — it’s also about building relationships with them. When customers view your business positively and recognize that you are invested in their success, they are likely to remain loyal and purchase from you again. Engagio’s platform helps promote customer engagement by creating personalised experiences for each customer, giving them a sense of ownership over their relationship with you.

With Engagio, businesses can access customer data that allows them to better understand whom they relate to most and how frequently. This data also helps inform marketers about best strategies when engaging different customer groups. In addition, with optimised messaging based on a better understanding of users, businesses can introduce targeted content that more easily resonates with customers, enabling effective and profitable conversations instead of generic one-size-fits-all approaches with predictable results.

Engagio also provides contact management tools that enable the easy tracking of leads as they move through the sales funnel, enabling timely follow up and follow through on campaigns to create genuine engagement. In addition, real-time segmentation allows marketers to target specific groups with tailored messages and analytical insights gained from automated machine learning algorithms. These help identify high-value channels or audiences where campaigns will have the greatest impact and results.

Improved customer experience

Engagio provides a powerful solution to improve customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. The Engagio platform enables marketers to target customers based on their behaviour and user interests with personalised messages, offers and promotions tailored to their needs. This unique approach to marketing helps businesses create lasting relationships with their customers by providing relevant information, helpful advice and valuable incentives to drive sales, increase loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Engagio leverages powerful data analytics to better understand customer preferences and make automated decisions about how best to engage with them to maximise conversion and retention rates. This capability enables marketers to deliver timely communications that are highly relevant, increasing customer engagement levels and driving more business transactions.

At the same time, Engagio’s platform ensures that customers feel heard by keeping all conversations private and secure, allowing customers to give feedback without feeling vulnerable or at risk of being exposed publicly. In addition, Engagio’s ability to send exclusive offers tailored specifically for each customer motivates them to stay engaged while also building brand loyalty.

The Engagio platform is designed with your bottom line in mind — helping your business maintain a consistent quality service while reducing costs associated with manual operations such as print campaigns or third-party advertising agencies. In addition, by leveraging the power of automation and data analytics provided by Engagio, businesses can save time on research while freeing up resources needed for important strategic tasks such as brand building or product development.

Increased ROI

Engagio enables marketers to deliver data-driven, measurable ROI with its unique approach to reaching their prospects and customers. The platform allows marketers to target relevant audiences and measure their marketing efforts based on response, engagement, and conversion rates.

Additionally, the platform provides detailed insights into user behaviour on emails, websites, and landing pages that can help marketers refine their campaigns in real-time. Engagio also offers advanced analytics capabilities such as funnelling data across channels so that businesses can make better-informed decisions as they craft their strategies.

With Engagio’s powerful suite of analytics tools and features, companies can be sure they are maximising their return on investment with each launched campaign.

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