Auto racing is usually criticized for lacking significant innovations and stagnation, but the genre’s popularity still needs to be reduced. Yes, in recent years, the genre has not pleased loud releases. But no one prevents you from turning to the timeless classics because there are enough cool games with good graphics that will run even on a weak PC. So that you do not waste time looking for them, collect the top such races.


Fuel is distinguished by two uncharacteristic for the genre features: a huge open world and a post-apocalyptic setting. Players are thrown into giant locations with an area of 14 thousand square kilometers. In an alternate reality, because of humanity, there was a global ecological catastrophe, which led to radical climate change. Fuel was in total shortage, and you can earn it only by participating in extreme off-road competitions. Race tracks go through various areas with deserts, mountain peaks, and tropical forests. The races are influenced by unusual terrain and extreme weather phenomena, such as tornadoes or heavy rain.

Moreover, the participants can drive fairly along the designated route and take a shortcut through dangerous places. The open world does not limit the freedom of movement in any way. There is also a very wide fleet of vehicles. It consists of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, buggies, and trucks.

Moreover, explore a similarly expansive experience with a wide array of slot games at Slotamia in the spirit of variety. Like Fuel, which boasts a diverse vehicle fleet, Slotamia’s collection ranges from classic to cutting-edge video slots.


The main goal of Pure sounds quite simple: you need to master all the basics of ATV driving perfectly. The main marker for increasing the skill level is the execution of dizzying stunts. The more complicated the perfect somersault, the cooler the player, and the more points fall into the final piggy bank. Therefore, each pit or notch on the track is considered a potential springboard, helping to take off and perform a couple of twists. The game boasts several competitive modes, different races, a wide range of ATVs, and several characters with unique tricks. By the way, under the expert guidance of Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief in Slotamia, explore a similarly diverse and thrilling gaming experience. Just as Pure offers numerous ATV options and customization, Slotamia presents a wide array of slot games, each with its unique features and excitement.

Finally, you can build your dream car from scratch: about 65 thousand modifications and tuning options are available. At the same time, you can always take a break from the need to score points. Launch one of the many available tracks and ride at your pleasure to do this. The pleasant gameplay is complemented by no less pleasant graphics, which, even now, is still relevant.

FlatOut 2

FlatOut has an unusual genre of “destructive” gameplay. Rarely do you feel more pleasure from colliding with an enemy or an obstacle than from winning a race. The secret lies in the elaborate physics of damage, affecting the driving qualities, as well as in the huge number of objects on the track that can be destroyed.

The third part is usually forgotten as if it never existed. But the first two games gave fans many hours of unbridled fun. And it is FlatOut 2, thanks to its large-scale elaboration, that is still considered the pinnacle of the series’ development. The mechanics became more arcade-like, but the general spectacularity and many vehicles completely offset these shortcomings.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The plot in autosimas has always felt like a certain appendage, which served only to justify the races on the tracks and streets. However, in Most Wanted, the developers managed to reproduce in detail the spirit of illegal competitions and street racing, for which the city of Rockport was famous. The simple story in the spirit of “win the race, raise the rating, and overtake the local champion to get your car back” feels like a fascinating adventure that can drag on for many hours. It is complemented by an upbeat soundtrack, extensive tuning system, good picture, and skittish cops. Even after so many years, Most Wanted is considered to be one of the best NFS.  

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Another part of the Need for Speed franchise from the authors of the Burnout series. The main innovation of Hot Pursuit is that players can build a career as successful street racers and then as police officers to chase lawbreakers. This is where the most impressive sports cars appeared as police interceptors. The developers frolicked over gameplay and visuals. Tracks and surrounding landscapes look just gorgeous even today. The races occur on the expanses of forests with hot deserts and end on the coast by transitioning to the mountains. The combination of upbeat gameplay, a groovy soundtrack, and good graphics blows your mind even today.

Burnout Paradise

Speaking of Burnout, the series is known for spectacular collisions and high speeds. Crashing into someone here is even more interesting than pressing the pedal to the floor. The player has complete freedom of action, which is uncommon in the genre. Driving from point A to point B is a completely random scenario because the track has no limiters. The whole of Paradise City is open for exploration from the first minute.


For great fun, they have brought a huge fleet of cars, consisting of many modern and rare cars of different classes. Want to drive a van? You’re welcome. Prefer to feel the wind in your ears behind a motorcycle? And they are here too. The pleasing visuals will please the eyes even in late 2022.


The developers of Split/Second believed that any means are good for achieving victory. They released an unusual car simulator, which focuses on large-scale destruction, stylized as a TV show. Competitors must not just get to the finish line and survive because the track is full of dangerous traps and obstacles. It is worth only hesitating, as competitors will drop exploding barrels or collapse on the road construction crane. No race is without accidents and explosions; the game pushes you to an aggressive driving style. All those wow moments and destruction look incredibly cool and exciting even today.


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