Esports is rapidly gaining momentum, captivating the minds and hearts of millions of enthusiasts worldwide. The European region is not lagging behind, demonstrating impressive progress with each passing year. In 2024, the EMEA Masters, the flagship tournament of the region for League of Legends, returns with significant updates and bold innovations aimed at elevating the level of competition to unprecedented heights and delivering unforgettable experiences to players and fans alike.

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The Road to Excellence

Last year marked an important step with the emergence of two new regional leagues, ERL, expanding the representation of EMEA. Success stories of players who have progressed from ERL and EMEA Masters tournaments to LEC and made a significant impact in the recent LEC 2024 Winter Split finals highlight the pivotal role of Masters as a crucial step in the career growth of European esports athletes.

Spring Split: Continuous Intensity

The format of the 2024 Spring Split will be similar to last year’s three-stage approach involving 28 teams. However, due to calendar constraints, the number of simultaneous matches will increase while maintaining the overall number of games.

  • Group Stage: 16 teams divided into 4 groups of 4. Double round-robin tournament, matches to 1 win. The top 2 teams advance to the playoffs.
  • Play-in: 8 teams play series to 3 wins. 4 winners advance to the group stage.
  • Group Stage: 16 teams divided into 4 groups. Format – double round-robin tournament, matches to 1 win. The top 2 teams from each group advance to the playoffs.
  • Playoffs: 8 teams play series to 5 wins with elimination after the first loss.

The continuous intensity of the Spring Split will provide perfect warm-up before the grand summer final. Every game will be of immense significance, and any mistake could cost the team a chance to progress. To succeed, ironclad resilience, skill, and adaptability will be required.

Summer Split: Epic Scale

The EMEA Masters 2024 Summer Split has undergone radical changes, divided into 3 stages: Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) qualifiers, group stage, and playoffs. A record-breaking 37 teams will participate in this grand event, and only the most deserving will reach the final battle.

24 teams will compete for a spot in the group stage in the tough LCQ qualifiers. From each region, 1 to 3 top teams will qualify after fierce competitions. There will be no concessions – only flawless play will lead to success.

In the group stage, 16 teams will face off – 13 winners of the ERL Summer Finals will receive direct slots, and the remaining 3 will come from the LCQ. Teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4 and play in a GSL format, where 2 wins are required to advance to the playoffs. There will be no privileges here – only skill and tactics will decide.


Finally, the top 8 teams of the tournament will meet in the playoffs in a nerve-wracking double elimination format. Matches will be played in a format up to 3 wins, except for the decisive finals of the lower bracket and the grand final (up to 2 wins). This rigorous test will determine the true kings of EMEA Masters 2024.

Greatness on the Big Stage

The culmination of the Summer Split will be the grand final, which will take place on the main stage of the LEC roadshow in Munich. The two finalists of the EMEA Masters will compete in a tense showdown in front of thousands of spectators on the biggest stage of European League of Legends. This will not only emphasize the prestige of the tournament but also provide unforgettable emotions to fans, allowing them to enjoy the spectacle of the highest level live.

As esports in EMEA continues to grow rapidly, EMEA Masters remains a beacon of opportunities for talented players and the brightest demonstration of the development of the competitive League of Legends scene in Europe. With the start of the Spring Split approaching on April 15th, anticipation is only growing. EMEA Masters 2024 is not just a tournament but a grand celebration of talents, a triumph of competitive spirit, and proof of the greatness of European esports.


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