In this article, we will examine the new kratom NFT in the NFT2 Metaverse, how MetaShips are cross-chain upgradable, and how Bored Apes are integrating kratom NFTs into fashion. The kratom NFT will be the first of its kind, and we’ll discuss why it will be important for the future of blockchain technology.

Kratom NFT That Exists in the Open Sea Metaverse

The open sea metaverse is an alternate universe in which kratom white powder is legal and available for consumption. This virtual world is similar to that of Roblox and Farmville, which are popular video games. Second Life, which began in 2003, pioneered the idea of virtual reality and was the first virtual world to allow NFTs.

There are many virtual worlds out there, but NFTs are unique. The open ocean metaverse allows for kratom NFTs to be traded in the realm. The NFT2 Metaverse project has two primary income streams.

First, it will introduce a subscription for designers, which will charge a monthly fee to access the marketplace. Second Life will also have a marketplace for the NFTs, as well as transaction fees.

In the future, NFT2Metaverse will build a PaaS platform and buy land in three metaverses. Then, it will launch a marketplace and an embassy, as well as public test integration of the platform. The goal of NFT2Metaverse is to create a vibrant metaverse ecosystem by involving a global community of designers and developers.

MetaShips Are a Cross-chain Upgradable NFT Token

Each MetaShip has unique properties that can be upgraded by the owner to enhance its combat abilities and warship speed. The metaverse will allow users to purchase land in this new ecosystem by purchasing MetaShips, which are 0.1 $ETH each.

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This will allow them to access the future play-to-earn blockchain games and NFT rewards in these new metaverses. Each MetaShip collection is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and each one will have the unique traits of a specific warship.

MetaShips will also be cross-chain upgradable between blockchains, with upgrades based on the metametalang commands used to upgrade Layer 2 solutions like Polygon. Once purchased, MetaShips will be stamped on the Ethereum blockchain as proof of ownership and authenticity.

With the launch of the first MetaShips, the MetaMetaverse will be one step closer to becoming the premier digital collectibles marketplace.

In addition to being cross-chain upgradeable kratom NFT tokens, MetaShips are available in multiple colors. The “Common” category will consist of blue and gray MetaShips. The remaining 45% of the supply will be in the “Uncommon” category.

MetaShips will also be available in red, yellow, and green colors. In addition to this, Rare and Ultra Rare MetaShips will have the ability to travel between different parts of the metaverse.

Bored Apes are Integrating Kratom NFTs Into Fashion

Despite the volatility of the kratom market, NFTs are making waves in the fashion world. Although many critics predict an eventual collapse, a few people believe NFTs will be the next big thing in fashion.

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A recent story in Rolling Stone magazine highlighted one fashion brand that is integrating the herb into its fashion lines. The Bored Apes are one such company.

Fashion giant Glamour Dolls are launching a capsule collection for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Glamour Dolls is collaborating with the apes to launch a line of CBD-infused skin, body, and hair care products.

The line also has a body mousse and CBD-infused massage candles. And after an intense backlash from critics, Adidas and PrettyLittleThing canceled their collabs featuring Bored Ape NFTs.

While many people do not consider NFTs to be a valid form of difference between kratom and marijuana, many people have started incorporating them into their everyday lives, from cosmetics to skincare. The Bored Apes’ products have a 10,000-piece run and will drop in batches over the next four months.

Users who sign up for their mailing list will be able to purchase them first. Eventually, the brand’s DTC site will carry the items, but the products will be available to the public via the brand’s website. The products will be available on the brand’s website and online marketplace.


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