​The PAX Pokemon League is an expanded version of the Pokemon League, a popular social meetup group centered around the Pokemon franchise. One of the League’s many area-specific meetups is based around the Pokemon Red and Blue video games. Although these games have been out of print for years, they are still a favorite among Pokemon fans. In fact, one of the League’s meetups is specifically based around trading Pokedex cards, some of which are only available through game trading.

The PAX Pokemon League is looking for gym leaders! If you’re like most of us, you have your eyes on the new Pokémon Sun and Moon, and you’re already looking to stock up on Pokemon. You want to be a part of the PAX Pokemon League, which takes place over the course of two weeks and spans four cities. During that time, you and your friends will act as gym leaders for your chosen Pokémon Gym.

As part of its mission to promote the Pokemon Trading Card Game community, the PAX Pokemon League is seeking to establish teams of Pokemon TCG players that can compete with other teams in competitions leading to the ultimate

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Gym leaders are needed for the PAX Pokemon League.

Pokemon trainers, kids, and bug-catchers all play the weekend-long alternative reality game during PAX. Gym Leaders will be roaming the hallways of the convention center, ready to face off against brash new challengers (Probably upon making eye contact).

PAX Aus Team RocketTeam Rocket is a force to be reckoned with!

Trainers will earn the Gym Leader’s badge if they beat them in battle. You’ll be eligible to face the Elite Four and the Champion after collecting eight gym badges.

According to their ‘How to be a Gym Leader’ post:

“There must be a theme for a gym leader. We prefer monotype teams (in the spirit of the games), but we will accept more innovative, smart ideas! After you’ve fought with your opponent, your theme should be obvious. It’s worth noting that as a gym leader, you get to decide who gets your badge! Traditional battles are one method to test a challenger’s mettle, but there are other options… and just because they lose a fight doesn’t mean they haven’t shown their worth! The criteria are yours to set.”

Pax aus pokemon jennyOfficer Jenny and Nurse Joy

How to Become a Pokemon Gym Leader at PAX?

The PAX Pokemon League is now accepting applications for Australia Region Gym Leaders who want to wear the Green Scarf and take on challenges at PAX.

Attendees who want to apply for a position as a gym leader at PAX Aus have until May 22nd to submit their application via PAX AUSTRALIA 2015 Gym Leader Application!

The PAX Pokemon League offers another another option for folks to do at PAX for something a bit different than a tournament.

The deadline for applications is May 22nd.

pax aus pokemonTeam Rocket is up to their old tricks once again!

Trainers of Pokemon at PAX:

All that is needed is a copy of the most recent Pokemon game and the courage to approach Gym Leaders and challenge them to a fight.

Battle of the Pokemon!

Gym Leaders will be wearing bright green scarves and will be visible throughout PAX. Approach them, challenge them to a fight, and if they think you’re worthy, you’ll get their badge! There’s no need to register or anything; just locate a Gym Leader and start fighting!

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

Gym Leaders will be of various degrees of difficulty, allowing everyone to earn 8 badges throughout the weekend.

Those that win the league will gain everlasting fame as champions, be inducted into the Hall of Fame, gain respect from their peers, and be forced to sit through the game’s credits sequence.

There may also be some rewards…

What else should I be aware of?

The regulations have been revised for 2015 and can be seen at http://paxpokemonleague.net/rules/.

What would your theme be if you were the head of a Pokemon Gym?

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Anybody who is a fan of Pokemon should know about Pokemon tournaments. Basically, they’re like Pokémon ladders, but they happen in real life, and the top-ranked player will be crowned “Gym Leader.”. Read more about gen 8 rules and let us know what you think.

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