After a brief absence, the cult crossover fighting game MultiVersus is gearing up for a grand return. Developers from Player First Games have lifted the veil of secrecy, sharing exciting details about the upcoming release. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this moment, as MultiVersus became a phenomenon after its release in 2022. Its unique concept, bringing together iconic characters from different universes, attracted millions of players worldwide. However, over time, interest waned due to a lack of new content and support. Now, the studio is ready to revive MultiVersus, transforming it beyond recognition.

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A New Life Under the Banner of Unreal Engine 5

One of the key innovations will be the game’s transition to the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5. This bold move will significantly enhance the visual component, improve performance, and responsiveness of the combat system. Enhanced netcode will provide smooth multiplayer gameplay without freezes and lags, which often spoiled the enjoyment of the previous version. Thanks to the incredible capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, players can expect stunning special effects, detailed character models, and picturesque arena decorations.

Cinematic Locations and Fighters

One of MultiVersus’ main strengths has always been its recognizable locations, inspired by popular franchises. In the new version, we can expect even more extensive and atmospheric arenas inspired by Warner Bros’ iconic universes. From futuristic landscapes and whimsical planets to mysterious castles and urban streets – the diversity of environments will astonish even the wildest imagination. Developers have also reimagined the design of existing characters, giving them fresh animations, unique combos, and special abilities. Beloved heroes will acquire new facets that will make them even more recognizable and charismatic.


The roster is expected to be expanded with new colorful fighters from various Warner Bros franchises. Rumors are already swirling about possible candidates – from Hogwarts wizards to deadly participants of the Mortal Kombat. However, developers are keeping the intrigue for now.

Trials in PvE Mode

In addition to classic team battles in Player vs. Player format, players can expect an engaging PvE mode with cooperative adventures. By teaming up with allies, you’ll fight powerful bosses, each of which will require a thoughtful strategy and coordinated team actions. In addition to epic raid battles, players will be able to complete various tasks and quests, unlocking new rewards such as unique skins, tokens, and other valuable trophies.

Release Date: May 28, 2024

Player First Games studio has announced the exact release date of the updated MultiVersus – May 28, 2024. This day will mark the beginning of a new era for the cult crossover fighting game. From now on, the game will be continuously developed with regular content updates, including new fighters, arenas, modes, events, and cosmetic items. After a brief lull, the game’s community can once again rejoice in the upcoming surprises.

In the coming weeks, developers promise to share more detailed information about the upcoming release. Trailers, videos demonstrating new characters and features, and possibly closed test sessions, where selected players will have the opportunity to be the first to evaluate MultiVersus in its new form, await us.

Meanwhile, fans are already compiling “wish lists” of fighters they would like to see. Considering the rich set of Warner Bros’ iconic franchises, the potential list of additions is truly boundless. Fantastic creatures, comic superheroes, animated stars, and even real-life celebrities – all could become part of the updated MultiVersus roster.

New Leaks are Expected on the Eve of the Release

Rumors and speculations have been spreading even more actively online since players noticed an intriguing detail a few weeks ago. MultiVersus suddenly appeared in the Epic Games store for PC, although the project has not officially returned yet.


When attempting to launch the game, users encountered a 404 error, but the presence of the icon in the catalog became a kind of sensation in the community. Some linked this to preparation for an open beta version, while others speculated about a possible announcement of additional fighters for the existing roster. The most insightful players saw this as a prelude to the fighting game’s grand return in a completely updated form in a few months.

MultiVersus’ appearance in Epic Games was also fueled by another event that occurred shortly before. During a grand collaboration with the famous McDonald’s restaurant chain, new official renders and concept art of fighters with modern, more stylish designs were presented online. Bright and detailed images starkly differed from the old models used in the original MultiVersus.

All these movements clearly indicate that developers are preparing something grandiose. Most likely, in the coming weeks, they will start sharing more information about the upcoming innovations, fueling fans’ interest on the eve of the long-awaited release on May 28. It seems that the cosmic MultiVersus roster is about to enter the battle on an entirely new, unprecedented level of quality!


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