One of the most memorable side-quests in the side-case game The Sinking City is Side Case, a quest that takes place in the Black Forest. Players need to find the location of a German village rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a beast, which is said to be haunting the forest. The players needs to find the buried treasure and slay the beast. This new guide is the result of my personal research in the Black Forest, including my own video recording of the ghost of the beast, which can be found in my YouTube page.

When the Sinking City DLC came out, I was one of the many who immediately went out and finished the DLC. I bought the guide to help me find all the collectibles, but I never read it. I was a little bummed because I didn’t think I would be able to find all the collectibles without having it, but it was pretty easy to find them all and then it was time to move on and play the main game.

** Please Note: This is a non-profit, fan-made guide. The Intellectual Property rights of the Sinking City series (Saying Goodbye to the City) belong to its creator, Chisai, and the Side Case Quest series belongs to its creator, Jellyfish.- This guide is not affiliated with Chisai nor Jellyfish. This is a fan-made guide. This is a non-profit, fan-made guide.

Rest In Peace is an optional side case in The Sinking City that involves solving a murder. It necessitates the search for missing corpses, since some of them seem to have vanished from the Cemetery. 


The client and initial point of evidence may be located in the Reed Heights district’s Cemetery. You won’t be able to miss the customer since he’ll be the only one there alive. You may then begin your inquiry after speaking with him.


A Book Page and a Knife may be found at the area (in the pictures above).

A note placed on the grave and an open coffin may be seen in the (above picture). While you’re here, you should read some of the Graves, since some of them are very funny.

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A dead corpse may be seen here (in the picture above) (after examining the body be warned as monsters will appear). Use your Mind’s Eye to guide you to the next location; there will be blood on the floor along the way. 

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This is the last section of the cemetery to see (image above). A badly dug coffin and some scrapes on a wooden board may be found here. Now is the time to fully investigate the region!

Onto the next destination!

Make your way to Oakmont City Hall and enter the proper search parameters.

EVIDENCE: Plundered GravE * 19th Century * Citizen Records * Citizens

(Warning this area is in an infested zone) Head upstairs to see the poor dead couple on the bed. Here you will find a Suicide Note, Bottles on the table and of course examine the dead couple. 100% Explored!

Go to the Oakmont University Library and type in the proper search terms.

EVIDENCE: A Book Page * Restricted Section * European * 17th-19th Century

This is the last place to find the much needed evidence, it can only be accessed by boat.  Head upstairs and watch out for the gunman of which there should be two of them. At the end of the area you should be the following pieces of evidence; Coffin with a Skeleton inside, Greasy Letter and finally bodies under white sheets. 100% explored!

You can now return to the client to end the case and get your much earned rewards!





In the past week, I was able to finally get back into the “Sinking City” quest. While the quest is full of major frustrations, I still have yet to complete the game. I’ve recently noticed a pattern to the game’s challenges, which if I can figure out, will make solving the game’s puzzles much easier.. Read more about sinking city dlc missions and let us know what you think.

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