Want to know what the Surge 2 is about? You’re not alone. The Surge 2 is a title that has generated quite a bit of hype as it’s one of the most anticipated sequels of the year. People have been anticipating its release for a long time, and they’re certainly not disappointed. The Surge 2 has a short story mode that is set in a college setting, and it’s an action-packed sequel that will have you playing through and enjoying it like a fun side quest.

In this guide, I will explain how to get the Side Quest log to 100% completion, with the help of all 6 Seeker Plumes.

“The Surge 2 : A Simple Favor (Side Quest) Guide” is a guide for ” The Surge 2 : A Simple Favor  (Side Quest)  ” video game. You can download quickly the guide at the bottom of the page. If you want to download the guide in a different format or format that is not available on the link above you can also download it from the bottom of this site.

A Simple Favor is a side mission in which you must settle a debt between Molly Fox, a shopkeeper, and Finn, a debt collector. Molly, who is in the first safe zone you meet, obtains it (or the Octopus Building). She’ll bring up Finn and the fact that she owes him 2k Scrap.


After chatting with Molly and learning about Finn the Debt Collector, you may now explore Port Nixon in the hopes of tracking him down. Now, the way I used ended up being a shortcut that you can get to after passing through the section with the electric robots that can shock you and a series of stairs, which leads to the door seen above. Again, this is a shortcut that will need additional exploration to uncover; however, there are many ways to get to the place we need to visit, so this shortcut is not required in any manner. 

You must get to Paper Street, which is a back alley area, in any case. You will eventually find it if you investigate carefully enough. You’ll need to walk up the steps and kind of slither over the ledge of the next building after you’ve finally located the illusive Paper Street. You’ll then come across a road that goes up, where you’ll come across a guy, but don’t worry, he won’t attack you just yet. Finn the Debt Collector is his name. You will now have two options: battle and kill Finn or pay the debt. Given the importance of Tech Scrap in this game, we personally decided to kill the man, but it is entirely up to you. In any case, choose your decision and then return to Molly to complete the mission.





Since The Surge 2 is an open world video game, there are many possibilities to get the side quest items in the game. So, I’ve researched and covered the possible ways to get the items for this guide.. Read more about the surge 2 quests and let us know what you think.

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