The Surging is a side quest in the Surge 2 Game. Here you get to play a small series of missions that you get to select yourself.

This is a guide to Private Practice Mode in The Surge 2: A Surge of Light. This guide contains hidden items and optional areas.

Welcome to Side Quest! You’re not a hero, you’re just a person. You don’t have a superpower, you just have regular human abilities. You’re not in the military, you’re just a civilian. You’re not a CEO, you’re just a regular person. You can’t save the world, you can’t do anything worthwhile. But you can still do something worthwhile. You can still be a hero. You can help out your friends. You can look after your family. You can be the person that people turn to in a crisis. You can be the person that people look up to and admire. You can be the person that people want to emulate.

You must discover and locate a damaged Drone as part of the Private Practice side task. Doctor Vladimir in the beginning area may provide you with the task.

The Doctor is well concealed, but if you explore carefully and thoroughly enough, you will or should come upon him.


Okay, after speaking with him, you’ll learn about the Drone that was shot down, and if you paid attention to the button prompts that appeared from time to time, you’ll have witnessed the Drone be shot down as well.

But where could this Drone be hiding? Well, it isn’t too far away, but you will have to overcome a few formidable opponents to get there. The initial group of evildoers will be stationed around all of the STOP signs, and I’ll only be able to get this to work after I’ve dealt with them all. I’m quite sure it’s because you need to get these signs down before you can go to the Drone, so deal with them. 

If after dealing with them you end up passing through the once guarded gate an Alarm will trigger and thus more foes will turn up, not good, this also includes one tough Robot too which has a ton of armour and can do some serious damage.  However, another way to go about this and the method I personally took is to head left from where the Doctor is hiding. 

Continue uphill from here; there will be some enemies to face, but going this route also allows you to avoid the problematic Robot, who, in my view, is much more difficult than anything else in the region. 

Your objective is to reach the Blue Elevator/Lift that was hidden behind the newly guarded barrier and ride it all the way to the top.  

You will need to take yet another Blue Lift to go to the region below, where you will discover the damaged Crate and Drone. Once you have this, you may return to the Doctor and complete the mission. Congratulations, you are now able to utilize his Health Station for FREE!!!





Sure, you could just go out and buy the first Surge. But we’re fans of choice, and this guide is for all the players who want to go beyond the main story and rack up some extra XP.  If you’ve played through the game already, you’ll have access to some of the best powers in the game, which means there are plenty of ways to level up.  Let’s take a look at the best ways to do that!. Read more about the surge 2 quests and let us know what you think.

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