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Welcome To Borderlands 2’s Final Story Mission!

The God’s Talon

the talon of god

Now that the location of Handsome Jack has been disclosed, it’s time to track down the wicked tyrant and free Lilith from his hands. You’ll be traveling to Hero’s Pass, and you’ll need Claptrap’s assistance to get there. But, before you go, you may speak with a handful of Sanctuary’s inhabitants for some parting words of wisdom and some blue rarity items. Moxxi, Marcus, Sir Hammerlock, Scooter, Zed, and Tannis may be spoken to in any order.

Find Claptrap after you’ve spoken your goodbyes. As usual, the tiny robot is eager to assist. He travels to Eridium Blight to prepare for Hero’s Pass. Locate the Fast Travel station and go there. Claptrap may be seen near the Hero’s Pass entrance. He’ll open it for you, but you’ll have to keep an eye on him as he tries. Claptrap’s optimism gets the best of him once again, and he manages to make the situation much more difficult for you by continuing to try to open the door. As Claptrap tries to open the door, you’ll have to fight with increasingly challenging rounds of loaders and defenses (and fails miserably).

the talon of god


Claptrap will eventually unlock the door, allowing you to enter Hero’s Pass. As you climb the stairs, you’ll come across various merchants that can help you restock on ammunition and health. It’ll be a difficult battle to get through this lava-filled region. Almost every kind of Hyperion opponent will be there to protect the region, so you’ll need to be ready. But don’t worry; you won’t be fighting this battle alone. You’ll find yourself approaching a bridge covered by a force field after making your initial assault against Hyperion troops. A huge Hyperion barge arrives with additional soldiers, but luckily for you, Brick and Mordecai will arrive as reinforcements.

Mordecai will remove the force barrier that is obstructing the bridge, allowing you and Brick to attack the Hyperion troops. As he crushes Hyperion thugs with his fists, Brick’s sheer power will undoubtedly make the experience simpler. You’ll reach another bridge that’s teeming with foes. A force field protects another gate on the other side of the bridge. You and Brick must keep the loaders and troops at bay until Mordecai can lower the force field and open a passage.

Fight your way through the route when it opens up. Unfortunately, the barge on which Brick and Mordecai are traveling has been shot down, leaving you to battle your way through alone.

the talon of god


You must make one last push, which is, of course, the most difficult. You’ll go up against some of Hyperion’s strongest loaders and troops, as well as a super badass loader. To deal with him, make sure you have some high-damage corrosive weaponry. A badass constructor will be the last opponent you’ll face. Use the rails and crates as protection from the constructor’s missiles, and pop up whenever you get a chance to fire. Loot the goods that the constructor drops, as well as the gun chest nearby, as it falls. Now go to the Warrior’s Vault. It’s past time to put a stop to this.

You’ll find an elevator after winding your way through the tight route. It should be taken down. Jack will keep taunting you, but you must act fast before the key is fully charged. Before entering the arena for the final fight, make a pit stop at the merchants. It’ll be a long and arduous battle.

the talon of god


Boss: I’m a hottie. Jack

Approach Lilith, who is charging the Vault Key in the arena’s middle. Jack comes out of nowhere. Before he cleanses this world, he intends to exact vengeance for Angel’s death. A spate of holograms of Jack will be released. Widdle them down until you discover the real Jack. They’re simple to kill. Use your most powerful weapon to wreak havoc on him. Use your unique talent to deal with him as well. When his shield is exhausted, he’ll cease creating holograms and instead summon loaders to protect him. He’ll also employ the services of a surveyor to defend himself from your assaults. Shot the surveyor, causing him to lose his shield and take some serious damage. He’ll succumb to his injuries and surrender, but with Vault Key fully charged, he turns the battle over to the Warrior.

the talon of god


The Warrior is the boss.

The Warrior is a colossal figure. Really, really huge. He has the ability to breathe fire, propel you into the air by slamming its tail into the ground, and even increase the lava level. When the Warrior breathes fire, take shelter. In such scenario, it’s the only way to really defend oneself. Take Lilith’s advise and head for high ground in the arena’s center as the lava levels rise.

Finally, stay away from the tail at all costs. You’ll be thrown straight into the lava if you’re not cautious. Between all of this, fire as many rounds as possible using your finest weaponry. To inflict critical damage, aim at his chest. If you lose your footing, there are rakks flying about the stage that you may fire down to get back on your feet. You’ll have to wait a while, but you’ll finally slay the warrior.

Is This God’s Talon?

With the Warrior vanquished, Jack is left with no choice except to release Lilith. Brick and Mordecai both seem to have survived the battle, since they catch up with you not long thereafter. Jack, who is badly injured, embarks on a pitiful tirade about how he was meant to be the hero. At this moment, you have complete control over how you murder Jack. With a shot from any pistol, you can cut his ridiculous speech short. The shotgun has proven to be the most effective. You may also give it to Lilith, who is just as deserving of vengeance as you are.

In any case, rejoice in the knowledge that you will finally be burying this tyrant. Best of luck, vault seeker! You rescued Pandora, but she’s still in a lot of danger. For the time being, enjoy the prizes and heaps of treasure that have been dropped. You’ve worked hard for it.


4 eridium is the amount of money.

23670 hours of experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the talon of God the last mission?

The talon of God is the last mission in the game.

What level is Talon of God?

Talon of God is a song that has a difficulty level of 3.

What happened to Handsome Jacks face?

Handsome Jack was killed by the Vault Hunters.

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