The Core V31 is a mid-tower PC case with a tempered glass side panel and a sleek, futuristic design.

The thermaltake core v21 is a PC gaming case. It has a tempered glass side panel, and it supports up to 5 120mm fans.



The Thermaltake Core V31 is a small mid-tower case with a lot of upgrading potential. Its modularity allows the user to tailor the construction to their own requirements. It can not only accommodate a large number of storage devices, but it can also accommodate a broad range of CPU coolers and radiators for appropriate cooling. A honeycomb mesh panel at the front allows for excellent ventilation, and up to three 140mm exhaust fans may be installed at the top.


There are 2x 5.25′′ ODD bays at the top and 3x 3.5′′/2.5′′ drive bays at the bottom, both of which can be relocated from top to bottom or fully removed for bespoke water cooling or adding fans to the bottom. Two additional 2.5′′ drive bays are included at the rear of the chassis, allowing you to add more SSDs. This is the ideal blend of compatibility and cooling.

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Thermaltake Core V31 Specs


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