The Level 20 VT is a high-end gaming PC that features the latest in Thermaltake’s chassis design and cooling technology.

The thermaltake level 20 vt build is a budget-friendly gaming computer that offers an attractive price point.



The Thermaltake Level 20 VT brings a slew of new features to the table that no other micro-atx tower has managed to match up to this point. The case has a fantastic modular design that can accommodate a large number of components at once. It not only supports a large number of hard drives, but also a large number of AIO coolers. The drawback is that it does not have enough ventilation. However, you may certainly add up to two 240mm radiators or one 280mm radiator at the top.


It comes with a pre-installed 200mm fan at the front that can be changed with any 200mm RGB fan to make it appear sick through the tempered glass front panel, and the rest of the components can also be viewed via the tempered glass side panels on all sides. This case can easily handle custom liquid cooling, and it will look stunning if you utilize RGB lights and components in it. For just $100, you can have all of these benefits.

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Thermaltake Level 20 VT Specs


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The thermaltake level 20 vt vs v21 is a highly popular PC gaming mouse. It has been praised for its performance and design, but many people have complained about the software that comes with it.

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