Thermaltake is revamping its Core P5 for better cooling. The new version of the motherboard will feature a redesigned layout with improved ventilation and more efficient power delivery.

The core p5 tempered glass edition is a case that has been revamped. It now comes with front and top panels with tempered glass, which will help to dissipate heat better.

Following community feedback, Thermaltake may have revamped the original Core P5 and the new model Core P5 Tempered Glass T1 edition removes the side and top windows for better cooling, leaving it with a single, large front glass panel and opening up more space for cooling, and it is indeed a nice upgrade over the main Core P5 model.


There have been numerous concerns about the cooling of an open frame chassis, and the same was true with the original Core P5. The new Core P5 Tempered Glass T1 does not have a box panel on the sides or top, allowing for greater airflow.

Apart from the improved cooling capabilities, the new Core P5 TG T1 also features a number of enhancements over its predecessor, including three mounting options: wall mount, vertical stand, and horizontal stand, as well as modular components and an optional vertical GPU bracket and riser cable. The case is very well-equipped, with three 2.5′′/3.5′′ drive mounts in the front and three in the rear. The case is designed to offer a bespoke water cooling option, but owing to its open frame design, air cooling alternatives may also be explored.

Thermaltake has not provided a pricing for this case at this time, however if you want to learn more about it, go to this website. Also, don’t forget to have a look at our top picks for mid-tower cases.


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The thermaltake core p3 is a new revision of the Thermaltake Core P5. It has been revamped for better cooling and it now comes with a windowed side panel.

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