This motherboard has a 20 phase VRM and an LGA 1700 socket to support the latest Intel Core i7-6950X processor. It is one of the most powerful motherboards on the market today.

The lga 1200 motherboards is a motherboard that features 20 phase VRM and an LGA 1700 socket. This motherboard is perfect for those who want to build a powerful gaming PC.

A tweet from La Frite David recently received a lot of attention on the internet. He labeled an image of a motherboard in the early stages of development as Z690 in his tweet. Z690

30 July 2021 — La Frite David (@davideneco25320)

The tweet’s reference picture depicts an early eATX motherboard without a heatsink or CPU mounting bracket. However, there is no information on the manufacturer’s origin. However, it seems that the featured motherboard is the newest Intel Z690 with the LGA 1700 socket, which is compatible with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs.

We can plainly see the absence of heatsinks, CPU mounting sockets, IO ports, and other components in the image. But it’s the CPU socket that’s intriguing. It is no longer square as it formerly was. We’ve also heard that the Alder Lake CPU’s design has changed, and that it is no longer square.

Alder Lake desktop CPUs will come in a 37.545.0mm box with the newest ‘V0′ socket, also known as the LGA 1700. The new connector will also alter the 78x78mm grid mounting location. This may be a terrible omen for all those CPU cooling manufacturers.

This design modification will have an impact on two important facts. The first is that all CPU coolers will need to have their mounting choices checked. Second, owing to the change in CPU socket design, all CPU cooler manufacturers will be required to provide mounting brackets for the LGA 1700 with their products.

In terms of VRM, the Z690 will offer 20+3 VRMs, and the MSRP will be very expensive due to the fact that it will be a high-end model. A dual 8-pin connection and at least three M.2 slots are included in the standard design. However, we can only see a PCIe x16 slot in the image, and no information regarding their generation is accessible.

When it comes to availability, the Z690’s release date is unknown. However, they should be available by the fourth quarter of 2021. We’re also expecting Intel’s Alder Lake series to be released around the end of October.


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