It’s one of the most popular RPGs of all time, and the sequel, Trails of Cold Steel II, is one of the most anticipated titles of 2016. The original was released as a series of three mini-games, but this one is a full-length game with a storyline, characters, dungeons and bosses. In this guide, we’ll show you where to fish in each area.

This guide will cover ALL locations of the fish in the game. As you go through the game you will find many “item” and “quest” tips, but this guide contains ALL the fish locations, including those that can only be obtained through side quests. All information is in a spreadsheet and can be found in the original thread.

Here is the complete (TOCS2) Trails Of Cold Steel II : All Fish Locations (The Reel Deal) Guide for you. This site contains almost all (TOCS2) Trails Of Cold Steel II : All Fish Locations (The Reel Deal) Guide for you. This site contains almost all [TOCS2] Trails Of Cold Steel II : All Fish Locations (The Reel Deal) Guide. This site contains almost all [TOCS2] Trails Of Cold Steel II : All Fish Locations (The Reel Deal) Guide.

We’ve included a map that shows where all 24 different types of fish may be found. You get the Trophy Achievement if you get all 24. Deal on the Reel

The game will automatically introduce fishing throughout the narrative to get you started. Following that, you may talk with Annabelle, who can offer you various things such as fishing rods. If you can’t catch a fish, you may be able to catch one with a better rod. When you’ve caught enough of the simpler fish, you’ll be able to upgrade your rods, and each catch will earn you points that you may spend with Annabelle. The available fish and their beginning places are shown below.


FISH: Kasagin D LOCATION: Ymir Valley 1 RARITY: D

FISH: SwordTail D LOCATION: Lunaria Nature Park 2 RARITY: D

  • 1626572170_572_TOCS2-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-II-All-Fish-Locations

FISH: Fighter RARITY: D LOCATION: East Trista Highway 1

  • 1626572171_439_TOCS2-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-II-All-Fish-Locations

FISH: Gray Crab D LOCATION: East Celdic Highway 1 RARITY: D

  • 1626572171_374_TOCS2-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-II-All-Fish-Locations

FISH: Crayfish D LOCATION: East Celdic Highway 3 RARITY: D

  • 1626572172_319_TOCS2-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-II-All-Fish-Locations

FISH: Warrior RARITY: C LOCATION: Ebel Highway 1

  • 1626572173_872_TOCS2-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-II-All-Fish-Locations

FISH: Trout RARITY: C LOCATION: Ebel Highway 3

  • 1626572174_871_TOCS2-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-II-All-Fish-Locations

FISH: Anor Carp RARITY: D LOCATION: South Kreuzen Highway

  • 1626572174_113_TOCS2-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-II-All-Fish-Locations

LOCATION: Nord Highlands – North FISH: Rockeater

LOCATION: Nord Highlands – North East FISH: Carp

LOCATION: Legram FISH: Gluttonous Bass

FISH: Salamander LOCATION: South Kreuzen Highway

FISH: Rainbow Trout LOCATION: Twin Dragons Bridge – Celdic Side

FISH: Arowana LOCATION: Twin Dragons Bridge – Garrelia Side

FISH: Salmon LOCATION: Spina Byroad

FISH: Eel LOCATION: Sachsen Mountain 2

FISH: Gladiator LOCATION: Nortia Highway 3

FISH: Queen Crab LOCATION: Aqua Shrine

Pale Salamander is a kind of fish. Aurochs Canyon is a location in the Aurochs Canyon National Park. 1

FISH: Catfish North Kreuzen Highway 1 is located in North Kreuzen, Germany.

FISH: Gold Salmon LOCATION: North Kreuzen Highway 2

FISH: Invisible Crayfish LOCATION: Trista – Pond

FISH: Noble Carp LOCATION: Trista River

FISH: Arch Tyrant LOCATION: Ymir Canyon 1 NOTE: This one is only available once you have caught all of the fish above. Then speak to Annabelle at Ymir Canyon





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