Trails Of Cold Steel III is a Japanese RPG game created by Falcom for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita platforms. The game has been adapted into an anime series by J.C. Staff. The game takes place in the Erebonian Empire with a story that revolves around the protagonist and his team members.

This is the third and final guide of the Trails Of Cold Steel III : All Side Quests (Chapter 3) Guide. This set of side quests will be a little harder compared to the last one, and there will be a party involved. This set will be harder, mostly because some of the monsters are stronger and because one of the monsters in this set is very powerful. (I will not tell you which one it is.)

Before going further: please take note that this guide is exclusively for the 3rd Chapter of the game. I will not be going over every single Side Quest in the game; rather, I will provide you with a list of Side Quests to help you get out of trouble and enhance your overall performance in the game.

Trails Of Cold Steel 3 features a plethora of extra Side Quests for you to explore and hopefully finish, much like the previous Trails of Cold Steel titles.

Some of which are missable and have a set time limit in order to complete them too. Below is a guide on how to complete all of the Chapter 3 Side Quests and where to find each one. 

1) QUEST NAME: Tip of the Spear QUEST GIVER: Jessica DATE: 6/10 – Saturday LOCATION: Training Ground – Campus GUIDE:

Despite the fact that you’ll be pitting Jessica against Rean in a one-on-one battle, this one is really very simple. The simplest and most straightforward way to win is to use Earth Pulse to keep yourself healed, Piercing Blitz to reduce Rean’s defense, and then keep pounding him with Cold Nail (this should freeze Rean and make him miss a turn). You should be OK if you keep doing things in this sequence!


2) QUEST NAME: A Very Special Lesson QUEST GIVER: Rosine DATE: 6/11 Sunday LOCATION: Chapel – Leeves GUIDE:

You’ve been assigned to be a substitute teacher for the day, and you’ll need to enlist the help of your sister Elise from the Branch Campus Dorm. After further conversation, you’ll be prompted to respond to questions. Use the following responses:

1) Market Place 2) The Breeze 3) Skiing and snowboarding 4) Respond in whatever way you choose (You gain nothing from this one)


3) QUEST NAME: Follow Your Dream Job QUEST GIVER: Franky DATE: 6/11 – Sunday LOCATION: Bridge – Leeves GUIDE:


4) QUEST NAME: Precious Gift for Precious People QUEST GIVER: Tita DATE: 6/11 – Sunday LOCATION: Barney’s Tavern & Inn (Leeves) GUIDE:

It seems that Tita is in a bit of a predicament as she wants to send gifts to her friends but is unsure on what exactly to get. Your first port of call is Nyo Imports.  Here speak to Old Man Rod and select the option ‘Choose Gift’ and the one you want is ‘Eastern Tea’. Your next task is to head for Carnegie Books & Games where you will want to do the same thing but this time select the ‘Scenery of Erebonia’. Now your last port of call is Lapin Boutique and this time before heading straight to the checkout if you look around you should seem some familiar faces (Elise), talk to these in order to unlock the correct option at the checkout.  The last gift you will want to buy is a ‘Stylish Knit Hat’, after purchasing this one you should now be able to end the quest.


5) QUEST NAME: Way of the Tea Ceremony QUEST GIVER: Kairi DATE: 6/11 – Sunday LOCATION: Clubhouse (Thors Branch Campus) GUIDE:

Kairi is sad, and she is considering quitting the Tea Ceremony Club. He joined the club with the hopes of becoming more masculine, but he doesn’t believe it’s working out. To pass this quiz, provide the answers to the following questions.

1) Consume everything 2) For grace, bow your head. 3) Using your fingers, wipe the cup.


6) QUEST NAME: Yacht-a Yacht-a QUEST GIVER: Eston DATE: 6/17 – Saturday LOCATION: Harbor District – Ordis GUIDE:

Eston will be hidden in his little port office, and he will ask you to check and collect money from all of the local yacht/boat owners (these will all be marked on the map with a green marker) As a result, examine and chat with all of the little green spots on the map in order to collect the required payments. Once you’ve done conversing with the last one, another boat will emerge, which is clearly very large. While you speak with this owner, you will see that something is amiss since he is only paying for a semi-large boat when his boat should be classified as large. You must now talk with the surrounding Sailors BEFORE reporting back to Eston in order to get the greatest amount of prizes.


7) QUEST NAME: Love me Jaded QUEST GIVER: Strauss Orbal Factory DATE: 6/17 – Saturday LOCATION: North Street – Ordis GUIDE:

After you’ve talked with the customer, you’ll need to locate a particular shell. The shell may be discovered on the Auros Coastal Road on the real beach; after you’ve picked it up, you can report back to the client; however, you’ll need to keep looking for additional shells to receive the maximum number of prizes. After collecting the first shell, wander about and pick up all of the sparkling items until you witness a scenario when Ash discovers a shell. Once Ash has found his shell, you may report back and the mission will be completed.


8) QUEST NAME: Gasping for Flair QUEST GIVER: Gaspar DATE: 6/17 – Saturday LOCATION: Hermit Bar & Inn – Raquel GUIDE:

It turns out that Gaspar has misplaced a valuable and priceless gem. Your first stop should be to the adjacent Train Station, where the crew will discover that Gaspar was attempting to show off and seem “cool” with the gem, but it isn’t here. The squad will want to go to the Theatre at this point. You may return to Gaspar after examining the Theatre, but in order to maximize your benefits, you should return to McEnroe’s Pawn Shop. After conversing with McEnroe, the game will immediately transport you to the criminal who is in possession of the gem, allowing you to complete the mission.


9) QUEST NAME: Night Rider QUEST GIVER: Cathy DATE: 6/17 (Saturday / Night) LOCATION: Ikaros Mart – Raquel GUIDE:

This mission is only accessible at night and requires four party members, so continue with the narrative until then. You should then be able to locate Cathy within Ikaros Mart. Cathy’s brother, the manager of the Mart, has gone missing, and it’s possible that something terrible has happened to him, therefore we need to help locate him. I recommend that you take advantage of the fact that you are now free to explore West Languedoc Canyon Road. The location of the missing brother is indicated on the map with a red marker. However, before you can rescue him, you must defeat an Abyss Worm, which isn’t very difficult; just use your Orders to boost your assault and spam S-Craft until it breaks, then finish it off. Otherwise, keep putting it off.


10) QUEST NAME: Gustaf’s Gunpowder QUEST GIVER: Gustaf DATE: 6/17 – Saturday LOCATION: Lamare – Field Camp GUIDE:

Gustaf will need at least two distinct things to create the gunpowder for this one; he will need a:

* Sulfur: Rock Patio * Saltpeter: West Lamare Highway 1

To get them, you may need to continue the narrative to access the locations where they are located. Thankfully, the map will show you where the item is with a green marker once you arrive. 


11) QUEST NAME: Mystery of the Old Map QUEST GIVER: Aleister DATE: 6-18 Sunday LOCATION: Auros Coastal Road – Lamare GUIDE:

Aleister may be found hidden among the rocks at the Fishing Spot. He seems to have a Treasure Map and is looking for someone to dig out the treasure for him, therefore you’ll have to go around looking for various Treasure Chests and Maps. IN THIS EXACT ORDER, VISIT THE FOLLOWING AREAS

1) Under the bridge is the Juno Naval Fortress (Treasure Map) 2) Behind the Tree (Travel Log / Faded Crystal) at Lamare Field Camp


12) QUEST NAME: A Keepsake Lost QUEST GIVER: Charlotte DATE: 6/18 – Festival Night LOCATION: Habor District – Ordis GUIDE:

When I spoke with Charlotte, I discovered that she had misplaced a precious necklace. This pendant may be discovered easily by going to the Fountain in the Ordis – Business District. The mission will finish once you locate it and listen to additional conversation.






Chapter 3. Now that you have the hang of the game, you can start trying to complete the all side quests of the game.. Read more about trails of cold steel 3 the cryptid keeper and let us know what you think.

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