We’re proud to present to you Trails of Cold Steel IV, the fourth installment of SEGA’s beloved tactical action RPG series! This year, the S.S.F. military has sent a team to a foreign kingdom to investigate the disappearance of the Divine Army, a revolutionary organization that defends the country from its enemies. This chance encounter will yield surprising results.

The Trails of Cold Steel IV is the latest in the series of games developed and published by Nihon Falcom for the Playstation Vita and PSP. The story takes place in the Kingdom of Erebonia in the fictional world of Estia. This story is the fourth in the series of game sequels to the Trails in the Sky trilogy.

Hello readers, and welcome back to another installment of our TOCS4: Chronicle Of Battle guide. In this guide, we are going to be playing through the first of the three Trails Of Cold Steel IV missions. If you want to see the previous two, you can read the guide here: https://www.g15tools.com/tocs4-trcsoc-ii-bst-ii-guide/ . If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send me a private message. I will be hard at work researching this guide for the upcoming TOCS: OCCS4, and I will be working on a separate guide for that game soon.

Blade Fang is one of the numerous battles you’ll come across in Trails of Cold Steel IV (TOCS4).

Scanning the opponent will provide you a full list of their powers and weaknesses, as well as adding them to your Battle Notebook. All of this adds to the accomplishment of the Chronicle Of Battle trophy.

  • Blade Fang is an enemy of Blade Fang.
  • CHAPTER: ACT / CHAPTER 1: The Class VII Trails
  • EAST CROSSBELL HIGHWAY is the location.
  • LEVEL: 76
  • HP: 39801
  • EXP: 672
  • ITEMS: Shield Potion, U-Material
  • INFO: The tiniest of the little creatures, having four strong limbs. With its strong mouth and legs, it slaughters other living creatures.
  • 1626572020_366_TOCS4-Trails-Of-Cold-Steel-IV-4-%E2%80%93-Blade-Fang





Trails In Cold Steel 4: Blade Fang is the newest installment in the Trails of Cold Steel series, and the fourth game in the series. The game will feature the character of Chrisbelliss, who will be returning to the world of Erebonia along with his companions.. Read more about trails of cold steel 4 build guide and let us know what you think.

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