This is a guide on how to use Cedric’s Forces and Aebelstus’s Animus to reduce your enemy’s HP within 40 turns. The explanation will be split into 3 parts: Introduction / Section 1: What is Cedric’s Forces? How to use it. Introduction / Section 2: How to use Aebelstus’s Animus: Introduction / Section 3: How to use the Aebelstus’s Prismatic Lancer to reduce the enemy’s HP within 40 turns.

Now, while the combat system is the same as the previous game, the actual gameplay has changed. This time, you’re not only running around with your team of characters and fighting enemies, but also taking part in more strategic battles. You’re no longer just trying to kill all the enemies, but instead you have to take advantage of your current battlefield situation and attack the enemies in the areas that are the most advantageous to you, while also taking down the enemies that are in the most disadvantageous positions.

In the Trails of Cold Steel IV, Cedric’s Forces (Bonus AP – Reduce HP Within 40 Turns) Guide TOCS4 Tips and Tips Guide, you will find a good guide on how to reduce the HP of your character. This is a very useful ability. It is very useful because if you’re using the “Bonus AP – Reduce HP Within 40 Turns” ability to reduce your HP, then you can get the “Bonus AP – Reduce HP Within 40 Turns” ability again at the beginning of your next turn.

Some opponents, as in previous Trails Of Cold Steel games, have the potential to reward you with extra added AP.

Though collecting the real AP is optional, if you want to achieve the best possible score for each chapter, you should attempt to acquire as many AP as possible. As you go through the chapter, AP accumulates, and the amount you collect contributes toward the final score you get at the conclusion of each chapter.

Completing side missions and, of course, confronting specific boss battles are common ways to get AP.

Cedric’s Forces is one such boss (Crown Prince Cedric, Shirley The Ogre, Ada and Fritz)


  • Cedric’s Forces TASK (Crown Prince Cedric, Shirley The Ogre, Ada and Fritz)
  • Osgiliath Basin is the location.
  • Act One – The Class VII Trails
  • DATE: Thursday, August 10th
  • REQUIREMENT: Within 40 turns, reduce the enemy’s HP to a specific number!


  • This one may be a little tight and tough at times. The reason for this is because there are a lot of enemies here, and if you want to get the ‘Scanning all foes’ trophy accomplishment, you’ll need to complete this as well, which will add to your 40-turn limit.

So, before you even begin this fight, make sure you are prepared. This means you should start by ensuring you have at least 3 BP and enough CP to complete your S-Crafts.

Then, as soon as the fight starts, begin scanning your opponents (if need be). Then use your S-Craft skills to trigger the Crazy Hunt Order, which should quickly kill the lesser enemies while doing significant damage to the remaining two. The remainder of the battle should then be a walk in the park.





Trails of Cold Steel IV, the fourth instalment of the series, is a turn-based tactical RPG developed by Falcom and released on February 27, 2017. It runs on the Falcom Engine, which is an in-house developed game engine.. Read more about trails of cold steel 4 accessories list and let us know what you think.

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