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One of the main story-related side quests in Trails of Cold Steel IV is “Wings of Hope” (WOH). This quest is unlocked after completing the main story-related Side Quest “Erebonia”. This quest is a follow up to the main story and allows for additional character interaction. “Wings of Hope” (WOH) is available for the second time, and it features the Rean Est-An as main character. “Wings of Hope” (WOH) is unlocked for the first time after starting a new game by a new save file.

So, that’s the show. And about this “Side Quest” thing… yeah, the official concept of this game is that it’s similar to the Japanese release of the game, “Trails of Cold Steel”, so you’ll also find some familiar characters in this one. However, for the sake of the story, the Side Quest will be a very different experience, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

The Erebonia 101 side quest is one of the numerous side missions available in Trails of Cold Steel IV.

Act/Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII – contains the mission.

It entails attempting to instruct a group of children.

  • Erebonia 101 is the name of the quest.
  • ACT/CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Class VII’s Trails
  • DATE: Sunday, August 13th
  • LOCATION: Eyrn Village Herbalist’s Home
  • TERM: —
  • CLIENT: Auler, the Witch
  • REWARDS: +2AP (bonus), Recuria Balm x3, 3500 Mira, Increased Thors Unity Rating
  • To get started on this side quest, go to the Herbalist’s Home and talk with Witch Auler.
  • Auler will then propose that educating a group of children may be able to assist with a disturbed mind, and we will be charged with instructing these children.
  • The game will now prompt you to choose which character you want to join you; choose whomever you like. However, the last question will be different for each individual based on who you choose.
  • Here’s a list of the right responses and which one is accurate for each of the companions you may choose from….


  • Q) What is the most popular new sport these days?
  • Tennis (A)
  • Q) What is the name of Mishy’s sister?
  • Mishette (A)
  • Why is the Heimdallr Summer Festival held in July rather than June?
  • A) To commemorate the Lions’ War.
  • ========================================
  • KURT
  • Q) What is the main industry in Parm?
  • Spinning (A)
  • ========================================
  • Q) What is the name of the Bakery & Cafe in Leeves?
  • Recette (a)
  • =========================================
  • Q) What other names does Ordis go by?
  • The Port City (A)
  • ===========================================
  • ASH
  • Q) What is the name of Raquel’s casino?
  • Alisha (A)
  • The side quest will finish after you’ve answered all of the various questions.
  • For your efforts, you will get +2 AP (assuming you answered all of the questions correctly), Recuria Balm x3, 3500 Mira, and Thors Unity Rating Increased.


Auler requested assistance with the lesson she teaches the local youngsters to educate them about the outside world.

All we have to do now is tell the youngsters a little bit about ourselves.


Erebonia is a small country that is located in the South-West part of the continent. It is the birthplace of the Creator of the Erebonian Empire. It is one of the several countries that the protagonist of the game is able to visit and to get his/her side stories in.. Read more about trails of cold steel 4 true ending and let us know what you think.


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