Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Regulus Zamiel (Cryptid Boss – Leanan’s Kiss Lost Arts) Guide

This is a guide for the (TOCS4) Trails of Cold Steel IV 4 – Regulus Zamiel (Cryptid Boss – Leanan’s Kiss Lost Arts) side quest. The side quest in this series can be found in the (TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4. When you are ready to start the quest, make sure to follow the guide and complete the quest as intended. This is an important quest for players who like to play the game on normal difficulty level.

The game “Tocs4” is a tocs4 is a series of  games made by Gust Corp. The game is one of the best RPG games out on the market that you will have a hard time finding a game that is more fun or better than this one. The game has a great story and game mechanics so that you can enjoy the game. The game is all about the story and fighting monsters and bosses in the game.

The Cryptid are optional bosses that appear in the game from Chapter Act 2 onwards. They are very strong, but they may also be quite helpful.

When you beat them, they will drop a unique Lost Art that you may use throughout the orbment; nevertheless, they have the potential to devour your whole EP. Each Lost Art, on the other hand, has its unique elemental power that may be both lethal to enemies and helpful to you. Remember that they can only be utilized once each fight and can only be assigned to three of the seven elemental slots.

Regulus Zamiel, who drops the Leanan’s Kiss Lost Art, is the target of this page. Throughout the game, there are a total of 5 Cryptid bosses to find and defeat.


  • Regulus Zamiel, CRYPTID BOSS
  • 299403 (HP)
  • DROPS: Leanan’s Kiss, Brave Seed (Lost Art)
  • DETAILS: An ancient power infused Magic Knight. With its sword, overwhelming skills, or just under hooves, it dispatches enemies.
  • Regulus Zamiel isn’t terrible, but it’s also not the weakest of the Cryptid, so you’ll have to be cautious.
  • Rean, Jusis, Musse, and Altina were the members of my party during this battle.
  • I essentially utilized Altina as a support healer, spamming her Artium Heal ability, which can heal your whole party while also restoring CP.
  • Jusis is required only for his Platinum Shield ability, which renders characters immune to the majority of Zamiel’s assaults. Simply ensure that your group remains as close together as possible.
  • Rean, on the other hand, was my primary attacker owing to his Demon Unchained ability, which increases his strength (L) by a significant amount. As a result, once he reached 200CP, I used Noble Ark followed by Demon Unchained to do the greatest amount of damage.
  • Finally, Musse liked throwing water at Zamiel since he is vulnerable to water-based assaults. So, whenever feasible, utilize Arts Celebration and cast water assaults. She may also assist Altina in healing the party.
  • Regulus Zamiel has a lot of HP to deal with, so the battle may take a long time, although he mostly utilizes melee attacks.
  • Seventh Calibur is the most deadly attack to be aware of, since it affects your whole party and may immediately kill everyone if you are not cautious.
  • Otherwise, it’s a straightforward fight; just keep your CP and Platinum Shield up because even Seventh Calibur won’t be able to break through.





Regulus Zamiel is the final Boss in Trails Of Cold Steel IV, the 4th game in the series. He’s located in the last area of the game, and is a Cryptid Boss. The fight will be a little different from the others.. Read more about magic knight regulus-zamiel and let us know what you think.

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