Trine 4 is an action-adventure video game developed by Frozenbyte, with a soundtrack by excellent sound designers Michael Kvam, Bjorn Kjellman and Nicklas Nygren and released on June 30, 2018. The game is set in a fantasy realm where a brave knight (the player) must traverse through a variety of locations and defeat the evil Prince Abiut with the help of his magical trine (a three-in-one magical item).

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a challenging adventure game that is set in a medieval fantasy world. It features many different puzzle-solving elements that require you to use the platforms and objects in the game to move, jump, and shoot. Some of the puzzles are quite challenging, and the difficulty can escalate quickly as you progress through the game. In this Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Boss Guide, we are going to show you how to complete the game without any trouble and how to beat every boss.

The Nightmare Prince, also known as the Cursed Knight, is the final boss in Trine 4 . He is a (mockingly) huge creature that absorbs the spells of the heroes and uses them against them. The guide will describe the strategies we used to defeat the Cursed Knight and the Giant Nightmare Wolf, and how to beat them.

There are several mind-bending puzzles in Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. The game’s boss battles, on the other hand, leave some players perplexed. Fortunately, if you know what to look for, they’re not too tough to beat.

Here’s a short rundown of how to take down both the Cursed Knight and Nightmare Wolf bosses.

The Cursed Knight: How to Defeat It


If you wish to beat the cursed knight, you’ll need to master the boss’s three distinct stages. Fortunately, they are not difficult to exploit.

Phase One

During the initial part of the battle, there are two main assaults to be aware of. The knight’s fast assault consists of a series of quick dagger slashes. A sweeping swipe with his sword is the knight’s heavy strike.

The range of the knight’s sword slash is greater than that of his dagger strike. As a result, if the monster starts wielding his sword, you’ll want to maintain your distance.

Eventually, you’ll want to jump over the knight whenever possible. The knight will then rush you, causing some environmental damage in the process. This will turn out to be a huge blunder on the boss’s behalf.

A beam of light will fall on the monster when the knight smashes down a nearby wall. This will shock the knight, giving you the opportunity to punish him with quick blows. The beam of light will fade once you have dealt some damage. The fight’s second phase will begin as a result of this.

Phase Two

When phase two starts, you’ll be faced with two additional attacks to contend with. The knight will hurl deadly balls at you in volleys. Alternatively, the knight will send forth a shockwave.

By jumping into the air first, the knight will telegraph the shockwave. Simply jump over the shockwave after it has been released. The toxic volleys must be repelled backwards by using your shield to deflect them.

Aim your shield at an angle to enable the volleys to be deflected upwards and hit the ceiling. A part of the ceiling will be destroyed, enabling another ray of light to enter the chamber. Next, approach the light beam and use your shield to reflect the light.

The knight will be stunned when the light hits him. Charge ahead to inflict more severe harm. The last phase will begin when the light has faded.

To see these strategies in action, watch the video above.

The third phase

There will be no fresh assaults in the last phase. It will, however, be a little more difficult than the previous stages.

Defend yourself from the knight’s assaults until he starts throwing deadly balls at you. Then make your way to the boss’s left side and use your shield to deflect the balls. Angle your shield such that the balls reflect upward, hitting the ceiling roots in the top right corner.

A big stone will fall on the far side of a wooden board on the right side of the stage as a result of this. Then, jump onto the plank’s uncovered section. This will cause the big stone to rise, revealing the last ray of light.

Return to the light beam and reflect it with your shield once again. Finish the monster with a couple last strikes once it stuns the knight.

How to Defeat the Giant Wolf of Nightmares


This battle is a lot easier than the cursed knight’s. It is, however, more time consuming.

The boss has two distinct health bars, as you can see. The top bar depicts the boss’s current state of health. The boss’s stun meter, on the other hand, is represented by the bottom bar. You must first exhaust the wolf’s stun meter before you may harm it.

You just need to hit the monster three times to empty the boss’s stun meter. You may use a conjure cube to crush the wolf or hit it with Pontius’ sword. It is, however, far easier to just shoot the wolf with an arrow.

The wolf’s stun meter will rapidly replenish after it has been stunned. As a result, you’ll need to act quickly.

Stomping on the wolf’s skull as Pontius is the only method to really harm it. The wolf’s stun meter will replenish after a single stomp on its head, and you’ll be back to square one. To finish off the wolf, you must hit it six times in this manner.

On the offensive, the wolf will start by assaulting you with its paws. Large marks will emerge on the ground to indicate the exact location of each paw’s strike.

Wolfs will appear at random, but with a few rapid strokes from Pontius’ sword, they may be destroyed. Pontius will begin conjuring spirits after punishing the wolf with a few devastating smashes.

These spirits will attack you with homing missiles. They’ll start throwing homing bombs instead after hitting the wolf a couple more times.

To see these strategies in action, watch the video above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the giant nightmare Wolf Trine 4?

You must use the power of your mind to defeat it.

How do you beat the nightmare prince?

The nightmare prince is a boss in the game. You have to use your sword to hit his shield and then attack him when hes vulnerable.

How do you beat Sir Cronus?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.
Q: What is the best way to beat Sir Cronus?
The best way to beat Sir Cronus is by using your head and not getting hit by his attacks.


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