Turok is a dinosaur-themed first person shooter video game series created by Acclaim Entertainment. The games are set in a prehistoric world, where players control one of several different creatures and fight enemies with weapons such as bows, spears, and swords.

Turok games coming to Xbox One finally is the news that has been out for a while. We will finally be able to play this game on our favorite console.

The two Turok Games, Dinosaur Hunter and Seeds of Evil, will be available on Xbox One on March 2nd, according to Nightdive Studios. So, there are just a few days left before you can play the ancient Nintendo game from the late 1990s.

In 2015 and 2017, both of these titles were remastered and released on PC. It was now up to Nightdive Studios to make these titles available on Xbox One as well. When it comes to remastering ancient games that the original publishers don’t care about, Nightdive is fantastic. When players want them, though, Nightdive Studios tries to bring them back to life.



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From what you can see in the above video, the remastered edition of Dinosaur Hunter isn’t a particularly high-definition game, but it nearly looks like the original to ensure that you experience the game as you did in the late 1990s. There are a few tweaks, and they all work nicely with the game.

The game on PC costs approximately $20 for each, which may seem excessive at first but is justified when you consider the work put in by Nigthdive Studios.


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The turok ps4 review is a review of the Turok games coming to Xbox One finally.

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