The developers of Warframe announced at TennoCon 2018 that they are planning to launch a new mode of gameplay called “Venus”, and it will be a free, open world experience. Venus is said to be the equivalent of the original “Archwing” mode in Warframe, and will be similar to “The Grineer Wars”, an experience that was originally exclusive to Archwing. In short, Venus will be a big, open world space to explore and fight in, with a variety of objectives to complete in each mission.

Warframe Devs Tease Open World Content in Venus | With the recent announcement of a new update for Warframe called “Orokin Derelicts”, the community has been wondering exactly what content will be in this update. Well, Digital Extremes has been teasing it live on social media, and we have the details.

Last week, Digital Extremes revealed a new post on Warframe’s subreddit that hinted at the absence of an open world mode, something which many Warframe fans have been pining for. The post was quickly removed, however, and the developers have since confirmed that it was a misinterpretation of a previous tease, and that Warframe’s open world content is still coming in the very near future.

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Update 22.0, dubbed “The Plains of Eidolon,” was released on October 12, 2017, marking the Warframe team’s first effort at open-world content. The Plains of Eidolon, which were located on Earth, gave the game a new lease on life, as eager Tenno ran and gunned during the day, fished and mined in the afternoon, and hunted down old monstrous creatures known as Eidolon at night.

Digital Extremes is moving forward with work for Venus’ yet-to-be-named open world area, with the aim of creating one open-world map for each planet in the star chart. “The Orokin attempted to terraform Venus, but never really got to complete before they fell, and the Corpus sort of discovered the old Orokin Tech and jury patched it to get it functioning again,” says Art Director Geoff Crookes. The plan was for these massive golden spheres, known as orokin, to be sent into orbit, freeze, and create glaciers on top, with the weight of those glaciers falling back down to the Earth and exploding. The water you see down there is really a coolant, not water. Those towers known as “weeping posts” suck it in, and they serve as “refrigeration (for the globe)”.

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