Watch Dogs – Legion : How To Get The (Lion – Mask) Guide

You came for real hacking tips, and you stayed for the “How To” guides. If you want to get the best out of Watch Dogs – Legion , then continue to read this article, as it will show you how to activate the Lion Mask hidden achievement. This achievement requires you to get the Lion Mask from the missions in Watch Dogs – Legion . If you manage to get the Lion Mask, you will be able to unlock the achievement, as well as the “Aura” and “Stealth” achievements. In case you haven’t completed the game, then don’t worry, as this guide will show you how to get the Lion Mask in Watch Dogs – Legion .

So you’ve beaten Watch Dogs, but you can’t get the last mask. Do you know how to get it? Do you want the mask? Is there an easy way to get this mask? Do you want it? Do you know how to get it? This guide will help you get the (Lion Mask), and other collectibles and goodies.

Many different collectibles can be found in Watch Dogs – Legion, one of which is the various masks that can be found.

This tutorial will teach you how to locate the Lion Mask and where to look for it.

Let’s get started!

  • To begin your search for this particular mask, please go to City Of Westminster – Somerset House.
  • There should be a camera in the distance near the Somerset House entrance that you may hijack; do so.
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  • We should be able to see the whole Somerset House area now, which is a beautiful view!
  • Now we’ll flip the camera around to see if there’s a security panel that we can deactivate.
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  • Return to your playable character, and the Somerset House location should now be safe to enter.
  • To the left, descend the stairwell.
  • Then, at the foot of the steps, walk to the right into the first doorway.
  • There’s a good possibility you’ll get caught here since present’s a guard stationed at the door. If he’s there, use the Arm Trap if you don’t want to risk it.
  • However, the prize you seek will be sitting on a wooden table to the right of this entryway.


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Here is a guide to help you get the (Lion – Mask) in Watch Dogs – Legion – An unofficial guide to the game.. Read more about watch dogs legion masks list and let us know what you think.

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