If you are confined to fighting to games like Super Smash Ultimate, Smite, or any other game with characters from different tier lists, you will notice a number of Tier Lists S tier, A tier, C tier, and F tier. The rule of thumb would be that A and B tier lists characters will be most potent due to the Alphabetical order. Generally, we have seen S tier list characters to be most powerful and rare characters, following A tier list characters to be the second-best in the game.

Tier lists are made for the players to easily identify without comparing the characters’ stats with other characters of the game. Hence players choose characters with ease instead of comparing tens of characters with each other. Understandingly, every tier list has multiple characters in which users can choose a character that best suits their gameplay.

How Do Tier Lists Work

Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference apart from tier lists which character you want to play. It may be due to personal liking, emotional attachment, and better character tactics. The preferred playstyle of the character adds to all the reasons behind the selection of character. However, many players want the best. In order to do so, they approach professional streams to get the idea of professional players and what not to gain knowledge of their favorite character.

Subsequently, tier lists ultimately give you a less hectic job choosing character wisely. Characters are differentiated into different Tier Lists on the basis of their powers, rarity, health, and all the stats that builds up the character. However, players often prefer characters from the lower-tier list. It may be because the desired character is better than the opponent character, or it may be due to personal preference.

S Tier Characters

Following the knowledge about Tier Lists, we will talk about S tier characters. In Japanese culture, the word S refers to the premium quality from S category cars to S category seats in cinema or stadiums. Since the word S is so ingrained in the Japanese culture, it is pretty hard to figure out the reason. While on the other hand, we usually see A as the premium or superior thing compared to the B or C class.

Similarly, in some context, S stands for Supreme or Superior are the most premium characters in the game. From health, power, resistance, rarity, cost, upgrade, etc., are top-notch. They cost the most premium price compared to other Tier lists characters and share power better than the other tier lists characters. Moreover, the S tier character’s rarity is always Legendry.

A Tier Characters

According to TopTierList – a dedicated website to Tier List. They claim, If we go down the line from the S tier, we see A tier characters to be the second-best characters in the game after S tier characters. These characters may have legendary class Characters but often have other characters of different upper-class rarity.

Ultimately, tier Characters are most commonly used by the players due to significant powers, and they are almost easily available once you move into higher levels of the game. Understandingly, S-tier characters do not always have the upper hand on A-tier characters. All the characters have a different set of powers and stats, which result in gaining an advantage over the opponent’s weak points. A tier character’s cost varies from character to character depending upon their level of rarity and power and stats they possess.

B Tier Characters

After A tier characters, B tier characters are the third-best characters in the game. There are no legendary characters in this tier. However, they have destructive powers compared to C and F tier characters. They are less expensive compared to S and A tier characters.

Moreover, it can be assumed that players disregard B tier characters mainly due to their higher price than F and C tier characters. Still, their powers may be equal or slightly greater than F and C tier characters. To conclude B tier characters are not always valuable to money though it is always personal preference.

C Tier Characters

C tier characters are primarily rare or common characters that are easy to find or buy. They are generally pretty easy to play with a bit of practice. However, these characters are also necessary depending on the different scenarios of the game. C tier characters are preferred due to their lower cost than B tier characters. Ultimately, it relies on the balance of the roster or deck you want to maintain.

Furthermore, C-tier characters are often to be found without any cost. To clarify, C-tier characters are most likely to be found in chests, quests, etc., then buying them. Ultimately, it depends on the game you are playing. With that said, characters from the C tier can significantly affect opponents and are not considered under-power characters.

F Tier Characters

F-tier characters are common characters that are often free, depending on the game you are playing. These characters are generally unlocked by the game itself so that you have characters to play to kick off the game.

While these characters are straightforward to play and pretty straightforward with less power and tactics involved in their game, they can cost less to upgrade. Depending on the situation, F-tier characters can also result in causing significant change.


Apart from characters from different tier lists, one should not always aim towards having characters from S or A tier lists. There are a majority of games that include tons of characters. However, they are balanced in one way or another. If you are playing a team and your team members only contain characters from the S tier list may not win compared to a team with characters from different tier lists.

Understandingly, diverse nature brings more efficiency in any matter, and in the case of gaming, characters from other tier lists bring an eclectic blend that balances the team roster. Likewise, it is never the best option to go for a tier list, but rather one should focus on characters that best suit their play style in order to be lethal and effective.


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