In 2016, Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch, a game that quickly took the gaming world by storm and has, nowadays become, one of the most popular games in the world. A multiplayer, first-person shooter game, often described as a hero shooter, Overwatch features a vast roster of colorful, vibrant, and just plain cool characters. Among the 32 playable heroes, a few rise to the top. So the question is, who are the most popular heroes from the Overwatch franchise?


Tracer is the poster child of the Overwatch franchise and the first hero that was unveiled when the game was announced. She is dressed in orange leggings and wears a pilot jacket. Armed with two wrist pistols, Tracer is one of the more popular damage heroes in the game. Though she doesn’t see as much play as some of the other heroes, she is still the most popular character from the franchise and the one who is most easily recognizable, even by people who’ve never played the game.

Wrecking Ball

When it comes to the world of eSports, which has been on the rise recently, Wrecking Ball is the most popular hero of Tier 1 (the highest tier of professional gaming). On online betting sites that allow for eSports bets, the players known for mining Wrecking Ball are always highly regarded. The great thing about these sites is that oftentimes they feature online casinos, like the ones that can be found on It has been shown that online casinos are a lot more popular with gamers, as they are already used to the principle of gaming.

Wrecking Ball is one of Overwatch’s most unique heroes. A hamster who has been given genetic therapy, Hammond created his spherical tank, named Wrecking Ball, which he now uses to bulldoze across the arena and mow enemies down with his countless weapons.

D. Va

In 2021, the statistics showed that the most popular character among casual gamers tended to be the Tank hero, D. Va. D. Va is actually a 19-year-old from Korea called Hana Song. She pilots her pink mech-suit, protecting her allies and mowing down enemies with fusion cannons. It might not come as much of a surprise that D. Va is one of the most popular Overwatch heroes, as she is described as not just a mech pilot but also a professional gamer. A lot of players might sympathize and identify with her and find themselves wishing they had a mech of their own.


Zenyatta is an omnic (a sentient robot) monk whose design and character draw heavily from Tibetan Buddhism. He travels the world of Overwatch, hoping to mend the broken relationship between his race and the humans. As such, Zenyatta is a support hero, and when it comes to playtime, he is the most popular support hero in the entire roster, with the only one coming close is Lucio. His abilities are represented by different orbs, however, the hero thrives when paired up with players who he can support.  


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