What motherboard do I have? 7 easy ways to know

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If you’re wondering what motherboard you have, there are seven easy ways to know. The methods range from looking for a sticker on your computer case to checking the model number in BIOS.

The how to check motherboard model windows 7 is a question that many people ask. There are ways to know if you have an Intel, AMD, or even a VIA motherboard.

Most people don’t care what motherboard they have since the majority of their performance is determined by components like as the CPU, RAM, and graphics card. While this is true to some extent, many modern computers rely on their motherboards to boost the performance of other components.


There are a few of methods to figure out what motherboard you have in your system by looking up the model number. While you may not be able to identify your motherboard in certain instances, such as if you use a pre-built PC with a custom board, there is still a good possibility that you may get information about it, or at least the motherboard chipset, using the techniques below.

Method No. 1: System Data

Checking System Information is one of the simplest methods to learn about your motherboard model and manufacturer.

Enter System Information into the Windows Search Bar. A window will appear, and you may verify your motherboard model number under System Summary, as seen below.

System info motherboard model

DXDIAG is the second method.

You can quickly learn about your motherboard model and manufacturer by using the DirectX Window.

Simply enter DXDIAG into the Windows Search box and press Enter to bring up the DirectX window, which will display all of your system information, including the motherboard manufacturer and model number.

DirectX Motherboard model

Method #3: Use the CMD prompt

It’s also simple to use the CMD prompt, but you’ll need to create a command to learn about your motherboard. This is still a valid and rather quick technique.

In the Windows Search box, type CMD and press Enter. Then type the following command (without the two inverted commas) and press Enter:

“Manufacturer, obtain product, wmic baseboard”

CMD motherboard model

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CPU-Z is the fourth method.

You can quickly learn about your PC components with the CPU-Z program. Each component, including the motherboard, has its own tab.

CPU-Z motherboard model

You may examine all of the advanced information about your motherboard, as well as the model number, from the mainboard tab.

BIOS (method #5)

You can check the information on your motherboard via BIOS by default. Go into the BIOS and click Delete(in most instances) and then go to the System tab to restart your computer till it appears on the screen.

 Bios motherboard model

Because each manufacturer’s interface is different, you’ll have to look for the System tab on your own.

Website of the manufacturer (method #6)

If you have a pre-built PC with a custom motherboard, you can look out the model number on the manufacturer’s website’s product page. While some manufacturers, like as Dell, do not publish their motherboard information on the website, there are others that do at least identify the motherboard chipset.

 Manufacture website motherboard info

Method #7: Take your chassis apart.

The last option is to open up your computer case and inspect the motherboard. In the center of most motherboards, you’ll find the manufacturer’s name and model number. If you have a manufacturer’s bespoke motherboard, you won’t be able to tell what model it is just by looking at it.

 Gigabyte H410M S2H


The how to check motherboard specifications is a question that comes up often. There are 7 easy ways to know what motherboard you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out my motherboard type?

You can find out your motherboard type by looking at the system information. On windows, you can click on start and type in msinfo32 to open up the System Information window.

What motherboard do I have Windows 7?

You have a motherboard from the Intel D865GBF.

How do I find my HP motherboard model?

To find your HP motherboard model, go to the following website and enter your computers model number.

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