If you’re getting ready to buy a new computer, there are several factors that will help you decide when it’s time for an upgrade.

The how to know when to upgrade your gaming pc is a question that many people ask. There are many factors that go into deciding when it’s time to upgrade, such as the age of your PC, how much power you need for your games, and how long you’ve had it for.

During my time in the computer industry, I’ve met a lot of people who still use an Intel 1st Generation Dual Core CPU and appear to be happy with it. However, when it comes to gamers, things change dramatically, and to be honest, if you are a gamer who enjoys playing freshly released AAA games, you won’t be able to operate a PC for the rest of your life and will be compelled to replace it at regular intervals.


However, how will you know whether you need to replace any of your current system components? It may be anything from a system overheating to sluggish performance, a decrease in FPS, hiccups in online gaming sessions, or a general performance decline. To quickly identify the primary problem and discover a solution, one must have a keen eye for monitoring the system’s performance.

When your CPU gets slowed down, it’s called throttling.

CPU thermal throttling

If you’re using a PC with a stock cooler and you’re experiencing CPU throttling when playing games that need a lot of processing power, such as CS:GO or PUBG, you may need to upgrade your cooler. What occurs in this situation is that you may notice your CPU throttling or temperature rising even under normal load, or when you are playing games that are very CPU demanding, or when you are working on a rendering job, and it will certainly keep the CPU on run. As a consequence, it’s only logical that the standard cooler won’t be able to keep up in certain circumstances, resulting in CPU throttling and odd temperature spikes.

When Chrome uses up all of your RAM


The majority of Windows 10 users are well aware that having little RAM makes life difficult. If you have 8 gigabytes of RAM, opening 7-8 tabs in your browser will use 90% of the available memory, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to multitask. So, how will you know when it’s time to see whether your RAM has to be updated since it’s bottlenecking? It’s also not difficult to see this problem. If you are having lengthy loading times for any program, frequent crashes, a non-responsive screen, or even difficulty multitasking, the RAM is to blame, and it is time to update or add more hardware.

When your CPU is unable to cope with the demands of your graphics card

GPU bottlenecking

If you want to upgrade your GPU, make sure you have a suitable processor. Otherwise, the graphics card may choke, resulting in erratic frame rates. If the difference between the CPU and GPU is too large, and you don’t have a CPU that can handle the newest generation GPUs, you won’t be able to play the latest games. Furthermore, before upgrading your GPU, you should verify your system’s power supply capacity and ensure that your current PSU has enough power connections to power your new GPU. If you don’t have them, you’ll need to buy a new power supply unit that includes the GPU and CPU.

When your operating system and games take too long to load

slow loading

If you have all of the newest technology in your system but are still utilizing outdated SATA storage devices, you should consider updating them to m.2 if your motherboard supports it; otherwise, you should get an SSD at the very least. Upgrade your SATA storage devices to either nVME or SSD for higher transfer speeds, quicker reaction times, and increased reliability over older storage devices.

A more powerful CPU is required.

Better CPU

Last but not least, if you are utilizing an older CPU and a newer version of that CPU is available on the market, and you can afford to update, it is in your best interest to do so. By doing so, you can ensure that your system is always up to date and that you can virtually do whatever you want. Furthermore, having the most recent CPU offers you a performance edge over others in competitive gaming situations. Not only that, but the system’s general performance improves as well. However, be sure the new CPU you’re getting will fit in your old motherboard; otherwise, you’ll need to replace your motherboard with one that has a suitable socket for the newest CPU.

When your motherboard fails to meet your expectations

h410 chipset motherboard

Most motherboards do not need an upgrade since they are sufficient for day-to-day usage. However, if you want certain advanced features that your present motherboard cannot handle, it is time to search for a motherboard that will meet all of your requirements for a few years. Overclocking is one of the most common reasons for a PC user to update his motherboard. Unlocked chipset motherboards, such as the B550, X570, or Z490, will certainly serve you much better, not only in overclocking but also in upgrading other components of your system, such as additional storage devices, multi-GPU setup, more chassis fans, troubleshooting, and more RAM.


In the preceding sections, we’ve highlighted several noteworthy aspects that are very helpful if you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading your current gear. It will also assist you in identifying specific problems that you may encounter when using your PC for an extended length of time, as well as assisting you in resolving them without relying on others.


The reasons to upgrade your PC is a question that many people have. There are many reasons to upgrade your PC. Some of the most common reasons include better performance, better graphics, and more storage space. Reference: reasons to upgrade pc.

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