Where to Find All Furrowfield Shrine Locations and How to Solve Every Mini Medal Puzzle in Dragon Quest Builders 2 |

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This is your guide to finding all furrowfield shrine locations, and solving all mini medal puzzles in Dragon Quest Builders 2. I have used this guide to find all the furrowfield locations, as well as collect all the mini medals, and used it to solve 96% of the mini medal puzzles.

Dragon Quest Builders 2, the latest entry in the series, lets you explore the world of Dragon Quest in a new way: on your own. Build a village of your own design, and then customize it by adding new features to the town. As you progress, you’ll get access to more tools and materials to help you with your building.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a game that has had a ton of hype since its debut on the Nintendo Switch. But with a game this big, a lot of players don’t have the time or patience to find all the secrets and locations that are hidden throughout the game.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is chock-full of entertaining, brain-teasing puzzles just waiting to be solved. Finding these shrine puzzles, on the other hand, may be more difficult than completing the riddles themselves.

Look no further for a comprehensive guide on where to locate all 10 shrine puzzles and how to solve them in order to get all of the game’s highly sought mini medals. Here’s a comprehensive guide to every shrine site and solution to the mini medal challenge.

Shrines and Mini Medals: What You Should Know

Jason Hidalgo is the photographer behind this image.

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, mini medals are a one-of-a-kind currency. New crafting tools, various pieces of equipment, and even cosmetic things for your character may all be unlocked.

You must solve a sequence of shrine puzzles in order to earn tiny medals. There are ten shrines spread throughout the Furrowfield landscape. Within the image given above, each shrine site may be seen. It’s worth noting that each shrine is identified with a red number.

You must wait until you have advanced far enough in the narrative to return to the Isle of Awakening in order to utilize the mini medals. Players may then talk with the Hairy Hermit at any time to trade in some of their tiny medals for fantastic prizes.

For comprehensive walkthroughs on where to locate and how to solve each problem, see the information below.

Location #1 of the Shrine/Puzzle


Make your way south of Furrowfield Farm to the first shrine. The shrine may be found in the above-mentioned site.

First, interact with the shrine and read the description of the shrine. You’ll discover that this is the most straightforward of the shrines to solve. Simply slide the stack of blocks to the top of the right-hand column, aligning it with the left-hand column. Once the problem has been solved, a notice will display. After you’ve finished the puzzle, go back to the shrine and interact with it one last time to get your mini medal.

If you’re still having trouble, watch the video below for a tutorial.


Location #2 of the Shrine/Puzzle


To find the second shrine, go east of Furrowfield Farm. When you start stumbling upon more and more brownstown, you’ll know you’re in the correct spot. When you get there, you’ll see an empty pool right in front of the shrine.

To solve the problem, just remove the solitary brick that is preventing water from flowing into the pool. Then, to get your medal, interact with the shrine.

A solution to the problem may be found below.


Location #3 of the Shrine/Puzzle


You’ll want to go northeast of Furrowfield Farm this time around. After a little distance, you will come upon a walkway lined by brownstone. There will be a body of water nearby, so you’ll know you’ve arrived at the correct spot.

There are several steps to your right. The next shrine may be found by taking the steps down.

There is an empty area just in front of the shrine. Simply place a block to close the gap, and the problem will be finished. To get your prize, interact with the shrine.

A walkthrough of the puzzle may be seen in the video below.


Location #4 of the Shrine/Puzzle


Furrowfield Farm is located a short distance northeast of this monument. Make a beeline for the chalk pyramids. When you spot the Ogre nearby, you’ll know you’re getting close.

Because the puzzle is tucked away amid some waterside trees, it may not be seen from afar. Climb up the adjacent wall and remove the two bricks above the shrine that are preventing water from pouring downhill after you’ve arrived at the shrine. This will bring the mystery to a close.

After that, don’t forget to take your small medal from the shrine. Visit the video below for a walkthrough of the puzzle.


Location #5 of the Shrine/Puzzle


You’ll need to go northwest of the third shrine to locate this puzzle. Within the while chalky mountains, you’ll come upon a cave.

The object of this problem is to direct the flow of water from your right into the pool on your left. To do this, you will need to clear certain obstructions and boost the water flow.

Raise the height from where the water flows by first erecting a few blocks higher; this will enable the water to flow into the pool. It will take some trial and error to get the water flowing correctly. Of course, if you have a Bottomless Pot, you can avoid this problem.

Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the puzzle.


Location #6 of the Shrine/Puzzle


Head south from Furrowfield Farm, then turn left at the main shrine to find a tunnel. The tunnel will lead you to the warp zone The Banks of the Bog.

You’ll want to make your way through the huge hole along the chalky mountains from there. You’ll discover your next shrine on the opposite side.

You’ll need to make the pool on the left match the pool on the right in order to complete this problem. You’ll see that the pools create a slime monster silhouette when you zoom out on your map.

Dig up two sand blocks from the silhouette’s mouth, which is in the left pool, using your hammer. Then, using the bricks that were strangely put nearby, plug the two holes.

A walkthrough of the puzzle may be seen in the video below.


Location # 7 of the Shrine/Puzzle


Return to the other side of the chalky mountain and start going north. The next shrine is just a short distance away.

Once again, you’ll need to connect a trickle of water to a pool. First, clear the water obstruction so that it may flow freely. You will then see that the water flow is insufficient to reach the pool.

To strengthen the stream, you’ll need to increase the height from where the water flows from here. If you have the item, you may also just add water from your Bottomless Pot.

A solution to the problem may be found below.


Location #8 of the Shrine/Puzzle


You’ll want to travel southeast of Furrowfield in order to locate this shrine. When you’re west of the damaged church orb portal, you’ll know you’re close.

A tiny piece of land along the adjacent mountain range surrounds the shrine, which is bordered by lovely blue flora. To finish the problem, just gather the blue plants and put them in the vacant grass areas.

After that, make sure you get your medal at the shrine. Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the puzzle.


Location #9 of the Shrine/Puzzle


This puzzle is located near the ninth shrine, south of the tomato-loving orc. You’ll find the shrine if you climb to the summit of the white, powdery mountain. Fill the holes at the top of the block pile near the shrine with the sand blocks supplied nearby to solve the puzzle.

A walkthrough of the problem may be found further down.


Location #10 of the Shrine/Puzzle


You must go southwest to the seashore to complete the last puzzle. When you come across a huge crab, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the correct location.

Make your way up the adjacent mountain, jump off the west side, and glide to the tiny island with the big chalk mountain close. It’s time to repeat the procedure after you’ve arrived on the island.

Make your way to the top of the neighboring peak and then jump from the west side. Glide to the next island nearby, which is the same island where you’ll get the Deitree’s Coraline flower seeds.

The last shrine is located on the island’s mountain’s northern face. Remove the blockage in the shrine pool’s water flow, then fill the stream with water from your Bottomless Pot. This will bring the mystery to a close.

A tour of the last shrine may be seen around 11:45 in the video below.


This is the second of three Dragon Quest Builders 2 mini-golfing guides that we are publishing in the coming months, along with a guide to the entire game, and a guide to every single shrine in the game. Today we will be discussing the Furrowfield shrine puzzles, as well as all of the mini-puzzles, and how to solve them.. Read more about dragon quest builders 2 mini medals rewards and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mini medals are in dqb2?

There are a total of 7 mini medals.

What are mini medals for in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Mini medals are used to unlock special features in the game. They can be obtained by completing certain tasks, such as defeating a boss or finding hidden items.

How many islands are there in Dragon Quest Builder 2?

There are currently seven islands in the game.

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