Located in the northeast corner of the Murkwater Basin, the five barnacled pots on Crescent Isle are a great place to find loot. The treasure chests are all set in a row, and the easiest way to find them is by just heading in the general direction of the pots, as they are all set in a row along the northern edge of the island. However, there is a trick to getting all five in one go.

If you’ve played Sea of Thieves in the past, you may have heard of the five “barnacled” pots, that are located on the island of Crescent Isle. In some games, they are required for progression, and in others, they are simply ornamental. In Sea of Thieves, the Barnacled Pots are necessary to unlock the treasure map for the Black Pearl (TM), and are quite tricky to find.

The 5 Barnacle pots are located in a different place on each different game playthrough (see the top of this page for help), however, for the best chance of finding one of them, you should use the spoiler below.

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This time, we’re going to tell you where you can locate Crescent Isle’s five barnacled pots.

The solution to this Crescent Isle puzzle is one of the simplest, and with a specific location hint, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding those five barnacled pots.

Your riddle in Sea of Thieves may vary somewhat from ours in terms of phrasing, but the five barnacled pots will always be in the same place. See the illustration below.

Here’s the puzzle we were given:

A sight to see on Crescent Isle, marvels of an unwritten story.

Walk to five barnacled pots on the East shore, then work hard for 9 paces West-by-South West, and your well-deserved reward will be revealed under the dirt.

We begin our orientation at the tiny pier on Crescent Isle’s East shore, and then sprint across the beach to the other side to locate the five barnacled pots.


On the shore, there are additional groupings of barnacled pots, but only one set of five.

Finding the treasure, as is usual, summoned several skeletons to battle. Hardened pirates like you, on the other hand, have no fear, and they are quickly dealt with.

This week, we’re going to show you how to find the five barnacled pots on Crescent Isle in Sea of Thieves. And there’s a good chance you’ll find all five. You’ll also likely find a lot of other treasures, but I want to focus on the five.. Read more about sea of thieves crescent isle sky view cavern and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the treasure on Crescent Isle?

The treasure is on the island, but you cant reach it yet.

How do I get the Crescent Isle quest?

You can find the quest in the Quests section of your Quest Board.

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