Traditional board games have always been popular. There is nothing like sitting around the table with your family and friends and competing for first place. Then video games arrived, and these have been steadily increasing in popularity for the past 40 years or so. These days, many people prefer online gaming to board games. But why is that?


There are only so many board games that can fit into your cupboard space and this leaves you playing the same ones over and over again. Eventually, you will get bored and want something new. The beauty of playing online games is that everything you need is stored on a standard-sized computer or even on a tablet or iPhone. Online games do not take up a lot of space and you can play an infinite number of them without needing any more room.


There is nothing like being able to escape to the casinos of Atlantic City or Monte Carlo after a gruelling day at work.  Online gaming gives you the chance to do this. While you play, you can escape into another world where your boss isn’t having a go at you, your car starts the first time, and it never rains. Board games pale in comparison for many because although they are great entertainment, you still feel as if you are playing them in your own dining room rather than anywhere exotic.

There Are No Missing Parts

There is nothing more frustrating than getting out your favourite board game and realising that you have parts missing. If you are lucky, you can take parts, such as the dice, from another board game or play without one piece. However, if the part is imperative to the game, you have no choice but to buy a new one, or sometimes even a whole new game. This can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention expensive. An online game stores all of its parts online so there is no danger of finding pieces missing when you want to play which makes them more popular.

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You Can Choose Who You Play With

Online games can be played by people from all over the world at the same time. It gives you the chance to meet new people and learn about unfamiliar cultures that you would not come across in your everyday life.  This can be exciting in itself. You can also play with people with different abilities. One minute you might find yourself winning easily against a beginner and the next day you might find yourself outsmarted by an advanced player. You may not even know who you are playing until you log on.

A board game is a fantastic way to bond with your friends and family but there is never really a chance to play with anyone new. Eventually, you will learn the strategy of the people you play against which does nothing to add variety to the game. This can become boring after a while, and it becomes yet another Christmas Day ritual that you have to get through in the practise of being nice to the relatives you only see once a year.

You Can Play on Your Own

The trouble with playing board games is that you need people to play with. You can’t play on your own on a wet weekend unless you invite people over and that might not be practical. On the other hand, you can play online games at any time of the day or night and instantly find people to play with. Even if it is the middle of the night where you are, it is the middle of the day in another part of the world so there are plenty of people playing. This means that you never need to feel lonely.

If you do feel like playing on your own and not being sociable then that’s alright too.  You can find a solitary game or play against the computer if you prefer to.

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Travel scrabble has been around for years and that has been followed by other board games that have been made more practical, so it is possible to play them on the move. However, they are still quite bulky, and it is easier to lose parts when you are not at home.

Online gaming can be done from the comfort of your own tablet or iPhone which means that you can play games anywhere using a device that is small and slim that you are carrying around with you anyway. This makes online gaming a lot easier and more accessible than board games which makes it more popular.

Setting Up and Putting Away

The process of setting up an online game is easy. Turn on your computer, find the game you want, and start playing. To put it away, simply click the X at the top of the screen and shut your computer down. It is difficult to think of something simpler than that.

Setting up a board game is a lot more complicated. You may have to build the game, place cards or accessories in certain places and then make sure you haven’t lost anything you need to play the game. Putting away is the same in reverse because everything has to go back into the box without any pieces going missing.  This can be time-consuming, and it puts a lot of people off playing board games regularly.

The Chance to Win Money

Sure, you can win fake money in Monopoly, and you could end up owning hotels all over the city but it’s not the same as gambling with real money.  Sites such as are popular because they review the top casino sites in South Africa so you know which ones are worth playing and which casinos pay out the most money.

Traditional board games will always be a popular form of entertainment, but they can’t compare to the excitement and exhilaration of online gaming. No wonder many people prefer online gaming to playing board games.


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