Hevo Data’s recent $30M round of funding is an exciting development in the cloud data pipeline space. This funding will help Hevo Data scale its services and develop new features to help customers easily migrate and manage data in the cloud.

It is a major sign that the cloud-based data pipeline industry is on an upward trend and Hevo Data is leading the charge.

Hevo Data closes $30M round to provide data pipelines in the cloud

Hevo Data is a San Francisco-based startup that provides a cloud-native data pipeline solution. Founded in 2019, it helps customers extract, transform, and load (ETL) their data from any source to any destination within minutes. Hevo Data recently announced a $30 million round of funding led by Sequoia India. This investment brings the total funding of the company to date to $43 million, and underscores the demand for cloud-native analytics solutions in the modern data pipelines space.

Hevo Data provides an innovative platform which enables customers to quickly set up an end-to-end ETL solution with minimal effort. This allows customers to unlock valuable customer insights faster than ever by capitalising on their data’s potential more quickly. Hevo has also introduced Machine Learning AutoML capabilities that detect anomalies in streaming and structured datasets while providing actionable insights through Smart Suggestion Engines and other powerful tools such as Streamlining Audit Logs with Anomaly Detection. Hevo Data also offers enterprise-grade self configured data warehouses for storing large volumes of datasets for future use.

What is the importance of the $30M round?

The world of data pipelines just received a major boost of energy and confidence as Hevo Data completed its $30M Series A round. Hevo Data, a cloud-native platform for data pipeline management, has experienced rapid growth in its user base due to its high visibility and control over your data pipelines. In addition, the company recently released its proprietary core technology stack and AI-powered capabilities to intelligently detect schema changes, eliminating manual intervention.

This new influx of funding will provide the means for Hevo Data to accelerate product development that is already underway and open up new opportunities and directions. Executives have identified areas such as automation and enhancements to their existing platform as an area of focus moving forwards. Expanding into global markets is also on the agenda, giving customers access to wider features while experiencing first class support services. This milestone also brings global recognition to an Indian start-up that has made some stellar advances in this space over a very short period, despite challenging market conditions this year.

Few entrants have managed such an underserved market with so much success. Completing their Series A round will allow them greater flexibility and resources when it comes to taking on their competitors in the lengthy race ahead., demonstrating a resilience and firepower that rivals will be hard pressed to find elsewhere in this sector.

Hevo Data’s Offerings

Hevo Data, a cloud data pipeline platform, recently raised $30M in a financing round. This financing round marks a significant milestone for the company, positioning it as a cloud data pipeline leader.

By leveraging Hevo Data’s offerings, companies can streamline the delivery and management of their data pipelines, allowing them to focus their resources on more value-generating activities.

Let’s dive into what Hevo Data’s services can offer.

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Automation of data pipelines

Hevo Data’s automated data pipelines allow users to quickly and easily move data from various sources into the Hevo platform. This helps to eliminate the need for manual coding, thus saving development time and cost. In addition, customers benefit from reduced integration costs and enhanced data integrity by utilising pre-built connectors.

Hevo Data’s automation of data pipelines allows customers to ingest and transform different schema types and enrich their data with custom logic, sorting capability, join key generation and lineage tracking features. In addition, users can personalise their solution by creating custom transformations with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Moreover, Hevo Data provides pipelines with embedded functionality like failure alerting & recovery, smart retry logic & self healing mechanism within their platform that automate the pipeline flow management process so customers don’t need to manually restore every broken flow instance. With Hevo Data’s recently secured $30M in funding for additional investments in its cloud offering, these benefits help customers reap more value out of their data through automation capabilities that help enterprises deploy faster & compliant solutions in shorter windows of time while accessing & leveraging the power of AI powered advanced analytics tools.

Data security

Hevo Data’s impressive $30M Series B round of funding is driven by the need for organisations to manage large amounts of data efficiently and securely. As businesses increasingly use the cloud to power their data pipelines, Hevo Data offers a unique solution that provides unparalleled data security.

Hevo Data’s platform uses an advanced encryption system that safeguards pipelines from unauthorised access, ensuring all information remains secure. This helps companies prevent data breaches and avoids costly litigation caused by lost or stolen information. Additionally, it allows businesses to scale their systems quickly and seamlessly to meet the demands of today’s environment while maintaining more secure connections with third parties.

Hevo Data also employs a proprietary artificial intelligence engine that enables users to monitor their pipelines in real-time. This is particularly useful as organisations attempt to manage ever-increasing complexities in their digital infrastructures such as IoT devices, application logs, and user interactions. In addition, the AI engine allows customers to continuously track any changes in their environment for immediate action — providing an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

The confidence provided by Hevo Data’s protection protocols enables organisations across industries to leverage digital technology with greater security and trust – without worrying about potential risks caused by fraud or breaches – thereby increasing efficiency throughout the organisation.

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Real-time data replication

At Hevo Data, software enables real-time streaming and batch data replication from any source to any destination for companies with in-house analytics teams. This is achieved through a wide range of connectors that bridge the gap between disparate datasets and data sources, allowing companies to set up rich, meaningful pipelines in a smooth and automated way. The platform also includes smart caching capabilities to reduce latency issues in cloud workloads, helping customers increase performance and reliability.

Hevo’s replicated datasets can then be used as the base layer for advanced workflows like data ingestion, enrichment, scrubbing; real-time alerts; machine learning inference; or modern BI tools. Aside from having the advantage of going through their connectors before replicating records into your target database or data lake, Hevo offers a thin layer of added security (encryption at rest/in transit), keeping your insights safe during shifts between shifts between destinations. On top of that, Hevo simplifies the orchestration over complex pipelines with APIs (Automatic Provisioning & Workflow Pipelines) that allow developers to have full control over their distributed designs without taking away from customer experience.

Benefits of Hevo Data’s Offerings

Hevo Data’s $30M Series B funding round has enabled them to create a platform to provide a unified data pipeline to companies in the cloud. This not only offers cost savings to companies but also provides an intelligent solution to manage their data pipelines in the cloud.

With this new offering, companies can build data pipelines that are reliable, secure and scalable. But, first, look at some of the benefits of Hevo Data’s offerings.


Hevo Data, a cloud-based data pipeline platform, recently raised $30 million in venture funding. This is great news for businesses that process large volumes of data because Hevo Data provides a cost-efficient solution for managing and automating their data pipelines.

The company’s flagship product is a multi-tenant SaaS product which enables users to quickly create pipelines to ingest and transform data from various sources like databases, SaaS applications, APIs & flat files. The offering also features a cloud-agnostic architecture that allows customers to configure & deploy pipelines on multiple public clouds & select the best cloud infrastructure per their need. In addition, being cost-efficient is part of the Hevo offering due to its automated scalability allowing businesses to process varying volumes of data cost-effectively.

Further, Hevo Data offers value added services like real-time customer support, proactive monitoring through its back end services and enterprise plans which enable customers to control their spending by scaling usage up or down depending on usage needs. With this new round of funding, one can expect additional competitive features such as revised SLAs and improved service integrations that would benefit enterprise companies looking for efficient ways to manage large amounts of data without compromising speed or reliability.

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Hevo Data’s offerings offer immense time-efficacy in data pipeline management. With Hevo Data, businesses and enterprises can benefit from an accelerated data flow process. Hevo’s intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface enables users to easily construct, configure and manage real-time pipelines. With minimal coding effort and real time observability on all the pipelines without any headaches of complex manual coding processes, users can now rapidly clear any backlogs or latency in the pipeline process.

Hevo’s enterprise-grade levels of security and scalability provide orders of magnitude improvements over traditional data transportation methods like ETL (Extract Transform Load) for cloud migration tasks, thereby reducing engineering cycles by 50%. The user is further assured of end to end delivery, quality SaaS services for managing highly scalable workloads for enterprise use cases such as complex event processing (CEP), AI ML models etc . All these advantages make the Hevo Data a one-stop solution for building efficient data pipelines.

Improved data accuracy

Hevo Data’s offers a suite of data infrastructure and data migration solutions that enable businesses to migrate and synchronise their datasets across multiple cloud platforms, databases, and applications with improved accuracy.

The company’s technology helps organisations quickly access accurate, reliable insights from their data that can be used for more efficient decision-making.

With Hevo Data’s proprietary technology, organisations can easily integrate disparate systems such as Salesforce, Google Ads, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Snowflake, Redshift and many more – all in real-time. This allows for rapid updates to prevent decision lags due to stale data and better optimise analytics experiments and models based on real-time results.

The $30M round of funding is a huge step forward for Hevo Data that provides businesses with improved accuracy and the ability to quickly act on new insights without the roadblock of traditional pipelines. Furthermore, it allows businesses to reduce the time spent moving data between multiple systems which translates into greater cost savings than traditional ETL or ELT solutions. This helps organisations improve their bottom line by reducing operational costs while gaining access to valuable insights faster.

Impact of the $30M Round

Hevo Data’s recent $30M round, led by Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Ventures, will help expand its ability to provide a trust and secure data pipeline-as-a-service platform for businesses looking to move big data to the cloud.

We will discuss how this round of funding will impact data pipelines in the cloud.

Increased adoption of cloud data pipelines

Hevo Data recently closed a $30M Series A funding round, a major milestone for cloud data pipelines in the cloud. This significant funding round has many implications for the data pipeline industry, the most important being increased adoption of cloud data pipelines by businesses.

Cloud-based data pipelines enable organisations to quickly and securely extract, transform and load massive volumes of data into various data sources or analytics tools. As such, it greatly accelerates the process of decision-making through real-time insights on business operations. This funding round clarifies that data pipelines are an essential part of modern business operations and paves the way for more companies to leverage these technologies to optimise their operations and better serve their customers.

Furthermore, this investment will allow Hevo Data to continue innovating and expand its capabilities further which will benefit customers in two key ways: firstly, they will be able to access more robust solutions with cutting-edge technology that simplifies the management, storage and delivery of digital assets; secondly, customers benefit from cost savings as Hevo Data can reduce its operating costs via economies of scale from this increased influx.

Overall, investors are rightly placing faith in Hevo Data’s future potential in providing cloud businesses with secure digital asset management solutions through its automated pipeline platform — a development sure to benefit many organisations worldwide looking for innovative solutions that ensure smoother operations and simplified scalability for their businesses in today’s digital world.

Increased focus on data security

Hevo Data’s $30 million round of venture capital funding is an important milestone in the data industry and indicates increased focus on security and compliance for data pipelines in the cloud. With powerful analytics tools, simple integrations, and enterprise-level security, Hevo makes data streaming easier and more secure while facilitating business growth with reliable data pipelines in the cloud.

The injection of cash from this round will allow Hevo to expand its customer base, scale its operations, and keep up with advancements in the cloud technology space. With almost endless regulations and policies for protecting customer data (e.g., GDPR), organisations must stay ahead of changing technical landscape and trends. Moreover, accessing the latest technologies offers users better security solutions that protect their sensitive customer information.

By investing heavily into a team which carefully implements requisite security checkpoints on every step of their process, Hevo enables customers to quickly build sophisticated data pipelines while discovering anomalies, securing their data from malicious access or tampering, validating whether incoming records match user expectations all along the way; thereby fulfilling compliance requirements as laid down by various industry regulators such as PCI DSS, HIPAA etc., all without any additional effort from customers’ side. All these features provide excellent control over governance parameters giving companies an advantage over competitors who are struggling but failing to meet government standards for safety and privacy for handling customer information in the 21st century cloud era.

Increased access to real-time data

Hevo Data’s recent $30M Series A round is a major milestone for cloud data pipelines and increased access to real-time data. This funding allows Hevo to keep going and remain at the forefront of this sector. This capital will accelerate product development, expand strategic partnerships, and grow the team.

Hevo Data enables customers to gain easy access to real-time data streaming solutions that enable quick insights into their digital ecosystems — all while remaining secure and compliant with industry standards. Using industry-banking security protocols such as end-to-end encryption and Client authentication, Hevo provides a secure connection between applications and databases. Furthermore, customers can pull in more than 90+ different sources like transactional systems (Salesforce, SugarCRM), database solutions (Oracle, MongoDB), log files (AWS S3/ CloudFront), webhooks (Zapier), marketing systems (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) and many more popular services with only a few clicks of a button.

The additional funding from this round is key for expanding Hevo’s enterprise solutions. With the additional resources attributed from this fundraising effort, this will usher in more value for consumers by providing reliable access to their data sources that are reliable, secure, fast and accurate at scale through Hevo’s suite of products — allowing customers to make quicker decisions around analytics operations without compromising on quality or accuracy.


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