A few days ago, I wrote a post about the [[We Are Fire]] patch for WOFF on our game forums . I want to update you on what’s been happening since then.  In the short time since I last updated you, I’ve been trying to finish up the remaining stages of my WOFF guide.  I’m also hard at work on a new guide for the Gravity Rush 2 game.  Unfortunately, I still don’t have that guide finished with the first chapter written and edited.  I also don’t have a new CSGO guide written for our game forums.  So, you’ll have to bear with me on those for now

Murkrift is a job skill that is unlocked after you clear World Of Final Fantasy’s open world missions. Murkrift allows you to see the locations of special items, such as treasure chests and cait sith wings. These locations are shown on the world map, and in the game’s world. Here is a full list of all 100 locations.

I have spent a lot of time searching and scouring the internet for the locations of the best treasure chests in WOFF. I know there are a lot of walkthroughs and guides around, but I was never able to find the complete location of all the treasure chests in this game. All I found was the location of the chests, but never the exact location of the chest itself. That is why I decided to write this guide, so that every WOFF player will be able to find the locations of all the treasure chests in this game.

(WOFF) World of Final Fantasy offers a variety of trophies and accomplishments, one of which being All in a Day’s Murk.

Murk demands the gamer to defeat every every murkrift Mirage in a single day. These are typically concealed and may include some scary and strong enemies, so keep an eye out!

A step-by-step method to finding each of them may be found below.



Saronia Docks (Refer to Saronia Docks Puzzle) 0:00 – 2:30 Valley Seven (2:30–9:50) Mako Reactor 0 16:41 – 41:00 : Train Graveyard 9:50 – 16:41 : Mako Reactor 0 16:41 – 41:00 : Mako Reactor 0 16:41 – 41:00 : Mako Reactor Phantom Sands (41:01–47:53) Wellspring Woods (47:53–49:23) Icicle Ridge 51:10 – : Sunken Temple 49:23 – 50:08 : Pyreglow Forest 50:08 – 51:10 : Icicle Ridge 51:10 – : Sunken Temple 



Part 2/2 of All Murkrift Locations

Contains the majority of the Murkrifts in the Overworld. 





World of Final Fantasy is a mobile game that was released in December of 2017 for iOS and Android. It’s a spin-off from the popular role-playing game series Final Fantasy (FF) and was developed by Square Enix. In World of Final Fantasy, you play as a summoner, buying, collecting, and raising monsters in order to achieve the ultimate goal of saving the world from an unstoppable evil.. Read more about saronia docks murkrift and let us know what you think.

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