Wolfenstein youngblood is a game that is based on the Wolfenstein franchise. It is an FPS game and you will take control of BJ Blazkowicz, a member of the Resistance, as he goes on an adventure while being hunted by the Nazis.  The game is a bit different from the original Wolfenstein games.  It is a newer game and the development of this game is not related to MachineGames.  The game has its own story and takes place in a different universe than the other Wolfenstein games.  This is a Wolfenstein game based on a new game engine.

No collection of strategy guides ever written — not even the one for Wolfenstein: Youngblood — has gotten quite the amount of attention as the one for the recently released video game. It’s been the subject of not one, but two articles about the guide’s creation, and the authors of the guide’s themselves have even gotten into an argument over the best set-up for the guide.

Bewerbungstexte für den Job: Wir suchen Verfasser für einen Blogbeitrag über das Potenzial der Wolfenstein Youngblood – Collectible Locations. Entweder als Autor oder als Autoren zusammen mit einem Kollegen. Wir wollen einen Blogbeitrag darüber schreiben, was gibt es alles zu tun und wie man die Collectible Locations findet. Natürlich sollte der Beitrag auch wirklich etwas zum Thema Wolfenstein Youngblood geben, und nicht nur erzählen, was man hat o. Read more about wolfenstein youngblood review and let us know what you think.

There are several different treasures to discover and acquire in Wolfenstein Youngblood, including Readables, Concept Art, 3D Glasses, and more! If you gather them all, you’ll get a variety of trophies and accomplishments, including 3-D, Audiophile, Librarian, and Hacker.

There are a number of them to locate, and they’re all strewn around the game. However, you must decode it at a Floppy Terminal in order for the Floppy Disks to count.

The locations of each collectable discovered in Chapter 1 – Der Nachtfalter are listed below.


This one is discovered after the massive shootout and after you’ve learned the best ways to take down armoured troops. There are numerous arcade cabinets and two chambers with levers, one of which contains the Tape.

This one is essential for the plot to develop, so don’t skip it.





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