I was a die hard WOW fan (back in vanilla WoW), but I’ve been playing Warlords of Draenor for over a year now, and I can honestly say that I don’t love it. I’ve tried out every class, and I’ve found most of the classes to be really lacking. Today I’m going to talk about the best classes in the game, which are the ones I’ve always dreamed of, and still wish were available in WoD. Students often prefer to pay for essay online. This way, they have way more time for their hobbies.

WoW has come a long way since its launch in 2004. While not perfect, the game is still the most popular MMO to date, with millions of subscribers and millions of dollars worth of merchandise. While the base game has been tweaked and buffed over the years, a lot of new features have been added as well, including the world of Azeroth, the Burning Crusade, and the Wrath of the Lich King. While these updates have been great for the game, more and more players seem to be moving on to the current expansion, Classic WoW. Current WoW Classic Tier List – Best Classes in Classic Vanilla WoW |

With WoW Classic, Blizzard is bringing back the classic world of Warcraft, but in a way that has everyone talking. There’s been a lot of buzz around the upcoming “Classic WoW” game, and we decided it was time for a new tier list, one that comes with the latest World of Warcraft: Classic patch. This tier list shows the best classes in WoW Classic as of 6.2.5. Is Resto Druid a strong contender once again? Will the nerf to Hunter and Mage classes hurt the game? Find out on the latest tier list!

World of Warcraft Classic transports us to a fascinating period in WoW’s history, when not all classes were created equal. For starters, respecing is extremely costly, and most classes only have one spec, thus a Protection Warrior would have full defensive gear, which would be useless for an Arms Warrior.

This list is divided between classes to avoid (with specifications), the greatest classes to play, and the most enjoyable (which isn’t the same as best). Because leveling a character takes so long, keep in mind that it’s more important to focus on what you like playing than which one is the absolute greatest. This list also considers future updates and plans based on the vanilla WoW experience as a whole, rather than simply at launch.

Avoid Class Specializations

These classes are extremely terrible, and you should only play them if you have enough money to respec out of the joke builds. In vanilla World of Warcraft, Druids and Hunters are odd since Druids have very little usefulness outside of healing in dungeons and raids. Hunters are a pure DPS class that appears and disappears in certain patches, but are difficult to get group invitations for and need ammunition to fire their bow, which may be inconvenient.

  • Paladin of Retribution
  • Druid of Balance
  • Master Hunter of Beasts
  • Paladin of Defense
  • Warrior of Defense (except for raiding)
  • Druid Feral (except for leveling)
  • Shaman of Enhancement
  • Rogue Assassin (except for PvP)
  • Rogue in Combat (just is bad in general)

The Best Classes for Playing

These courses will earn you almost immediate invitations to groups or are just a lot of fun to play. Prot Warriors are on our list because they’re the only tank in the game, which means treasure will be easy to get by. Tanks were often granted free protection gear in WoW Vanilla raiding, allowing them to spend their DKP or other raid money on DPS gear. Respecs were expensive, and tanking isn’t the most enjoyable task.

The only healers are Holy Priests, Holy Paladins, Restoration Shamans, and Restoration Druids. Priests and Paladins are the finest, in my opinion. If you choose to play one of those four classes, be aware that you will almost certainly be a healer in dungeons and raids.

  • Sacred Priest (instant invites to groups)
  • Warlock of Affliction (great damage)
  • Frost Mage or First? (great damage)
  • Sacred Paladin (instant invites to groups, good defense in PvP)
  • Druid of the Restoration (instant invites to groups)
  • Shaman of Restoration (instant invites to groups, good in PvP)
  • Warrior of Defense (instant invites, the only viable tank, not the most fun to play)

The Most Wanted

S is the lowest tier (Instant Group Invites)

  • Warriors
  • Healers are those who can help others (Shamans, Druids, Priests and Paladins)

A tier (Highly in Demand)

  • Mages are magical beings that have the ability to (for polymorph and DPS)
  • Warlock is a kind of warlock (affliction for DPS and a variety of crowd control, like fear)

B tier (Will Get Invited)

  • tyrants (Great DPS, but high competition due to the number of them)
  • Hunters are those who are interested in hunting (Mediocre DPS)

Tier F (Sits all day in Ironforge / Org)

  • Unusual Constructions (Feral Druids, Balance Druids, Ret Paladins, Elemental Shamans, Disc Priests)

The most enjoyable game to play

In my view, the following games are the most enjoyable to play, in order of enjoyment:


When leveling, rogues have no downtime. They level quickly. In PvP, they do a lot of damage. In most patches, they’re powerful. They’re fantastic on the battlefield, but if you want to raid, you’ll have to compete with a lot of other rogues since they’re so much fun to play.


Priests have decent damage when leveling and have fear, which makes PvP server survival much simpler, plus the ability to self heal offers them a lot of options. You can spec holy and level up via dungeons thanks to the quick group invitations, which makes leveling a breeze. They are very useful and are often in great demand.


Mages are a lot of fun. In dungeons, polymorph is almost a necessity. They do a lot of damage and, because to mana protection, they may survive for a long time. The only drawback is that you must be aware of which standard to use throughout each patch. It’s extremely common to spec into both fire and ice, but back in vanilla WoW, PoM Pyroblast was a crazy thing.

Mages also create food and water, making your life easier.


A warrior’s goal is tanking, yet they’re still a highly strong DPS in PvE and in high demand. When anger is used instead of mana, there isn’t much downtown. Warriors are a class that you must want to play, but if you do, they’re a lot of fun.


Warlocks do a lot of damage, affliction is a strong spell, and the pet just makes your life easier by decreasing downtime. They start off relatively weak, lacking their entire arsenal of abilities, but by being a huge behemoth, they escape the level 40 doldrums. They have an easy time getting dungeon invitations, particularly for health stones.

Warlocks are above warriors and equivalent to mages in my opinion, although warriors have greater “groupability” than warlocks.

Shamans and Paladins

They’re healers, but they can also level up quite well. Both receive greater armor than priests, making them more powerful in PvP but lacking in crowd control. They hit like weak noodles in their healing spec. When I was playing a holy paladin in vanilla, I yearned for the days when I could wield a nice weapon and saw huge damage statistics.


Hunters needed ammunition and were very difficult to play. They’re good in PvP in certain circumstances, and you may want one to drag opponents, but they’re nothing special. Their pet spec is largely worthless in vanilla, and it wasn’t until The Frozen Throne that they truly started to flourish, when ammunition restrictions were removed and their abilities began to make more sense.


Druids are just difficult to play in vanilla. To be honest, it’s because there isn’t any flying. There isn’t any, none, or nil flying. So, imagine being able to fly about and collect information. Consider that flying was not available until Outland at max level. So there’s no bird shape. Both balance and wildness were lacking in strength.

The World of Warcraft Classic is coming back! WoW Classic will launch on August 27, 2018. If you’re nostalgic for the days when WoW was in its heyday, this website aims to detail the best classes to play in classic WoW.. Read more about best wow classic class 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the best class in vanilla WoW?

The best class in vanilla World of Warcraft was the Warlock.

What is the best class to level in classic WoW?

The best class to level in classic WoW is the mage.

What was the best DPS class in vanilla WoW?

The best DPS class in vanilla World of Warcraft was the rogue.

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