Every time I play XCOM 2, I have to turn off the game’s Ironman Mode which makes the game a lot more challenging. Here’s my strategy for how to beat the game without turning play through Ironman Mode.

A couple of months ago the game XCOM 2 was released, and I got my hands on the Limited Edition of the game. I was very excited to get there hands on this game because of the X-COM story is one of my favorites of all time. With this game being a sequel to the original X-COM game, I knew it was going to be a fantastic game. So when the release day came, I was very excited, and I went straight to my computer, and started playing.

Two-point-five hours ago, I pushed the launch button on my PC for XCOM 2. I registered for the game on Steam just three days ago and it’s been the main factor in my gaming schedule for two weeks. However, this is a personal game with a personal story. The Ironman mode changes everything.

As we fight back against the alien threat, join Dan (and XCOM).

As Dan (and you!) go to the streets, construct a hellicarrier, and more, keep an eye on them. Because we’re playing Ironman mode, you can mostly sit back and watch me make tactical choices that have long-term consequences. That implies there will be no take-backsies.

Do you want to put your character in the pool? Use this Google Form to submit your character:


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Additional resistance groups emerge in order to remove the alien menace on Earth in XCOM® 2: War of the Chosen, which offers a lot of new material to the battle against ADVENT. As a result, a new foe known as the “Chosen” arises with just one aim in mind: to retake the Commander. This expansion adds new Hero classes to combat the “Chosen,” as well as new adversaries, objectives, and locations, as well as more strategic gameplay complexity.

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Details about XCOM 2: War of the Chosen:

The Warlock is a powerful character. The Assailant The Pursuer The Reapers are a group of people that live in a The Skirmishers are a group of people that participate in skirmish The Knights Templar

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