In this article, we will introduce to you the 18 most common saltwater fish in the game, and how to obtain a perfect score with them.

The above achievement is a trophy in “YO YO! YO YO!” (or “Yakuza Zero”) called “Saltwater Fish”. This is the tenth YO-YO! YO YO! trophy guide.

Yakuza Zero: Kiwami (PS4) is a much anticipated game, and I’m not talking about the PS4 remake. It’s the first time Yakuza has been released in English, and it came out in just six days. The top down style of fighting mixed with some quick-time events, combined with the inclusion of a Japanese voice cast, make it the most faithful game to the series, and there’s a ton of content to keep you playing.

To get 100 percent completion and the magnificent Perfectionist trophy accomplishment, you must collect all 18 Saltwater Fish.

These saltwater fish may be difficult to capture since there is no clear guidance on how to catch them, and some of them are only found in certain locations.

However, I’ve included a tutorial that should assist you in doing this job!


Total number of fish: 18

1) Bream de mer (Caught. Right) 2) Filet Mignon (Caught. Right) Flounder 3) (Caught Right) 4) Porcupine Fish is a kind of fish that is found in the ocean (Caught. Right) 5) The Great White Shark (Caught. Right) 6) The marlin (Caught. Right) Octopus (nine) (Caught. Right) 8) Eel Conger (Caught. Right. Needed Bait) 9) Sea urchins (Caught. Right. Needed Bait) 10) The Goby (Caught. Left) Squid (#11) (Caught. Left) Spider Crab (12) (Caught. Left) Whitebait (#13) (Caught. Left) Coelacanth (14th) (Caught. Left) Scorpionfish (15) (Caught. Left. Used Bait) 16) Fugu (caught and released. Bait used) 17) Tuna (Caught. Left. Used Bait. Night) Tiger Prawns (nineteenth) (Caught. Left. Used Bait)

Right refers to the pier’s right side. Left refers to the pier’s left side.

It’s all about the sizes and forms of the various fishes when it comes to fishing in this area.





Yakuza Zer0 is a unique game with a unique trophy collection. It can be very easy to miss some of the requirements, especially if you have limited time or patience to obtain “Perfectionist” trophies. I will be updating this guide with more items as they are discovered so you can easily find everything you need.. Read more about yakuza 0 can t catch eel and let us know what you think.

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