Yakuza ZerO is a character from the Yakuza series released for PlayStation 3 and 4. With his unique style of play, he may not be as well known as other Yakuza characters, but he is a solid character that can be used in a variety of ways. In this video, I have compiled all of his Heat moves / actions / finishers into one compilation video.

This video compilation of Yakuza (series) Heat Actions / Actions / Finishers has over 50 seconds of Yakuza ZerO’s Heat Actions / Actions / Finishers. Some of these are not mentioned in the game by name. If you have watched the Yakuza (series) series, you would know that Yakuza ZerO, the main character, can perform Heat Actions / Actions / Finishers (Yakuza ZerO moves) without the use of Heat Gauge. Yakuza Zero (Yakuza Zero) uses Heat Gauge for Heat Actions / Actions / Finishers (Yakuza ZerO moves) only for two-three specific moves.

Here is a compilations of heat moves, combos, and actions that are found in ALL Yakuza ZerO games. This is all heat moves and combos that happen in ALL Yakuza games regardless if it is a default ‘heat’ condition or not.

(Y0) Yakuza Zero is the first game in the Yakuza series in terms of narrative sequence, and the tenth in terms of total number of games published before it, including spin-offs.

(Y0) Yakuza Zero is the first game in which players may take on the role of Majima, a fan favorite (at least story wise). This game is perhaps the finest (or at least our favorite) in the Yakuza franchise. Incorporating a fantastic narrative, characters, and one of the greatest video game soundtracks ever produced into one incredible game!

Below is a video of all of the different Heat Moves/Actions and Finishers for both Majima and Kiryu (They both shared heat moves and thus I decided to use Majima for all of the different moves, because why not? He is pure sexy ha! <3)

(Thanks to Selphie1999), who was able to put together a video of all of the various (Y0) Yakuza Zero Heat Moves / Actions.

Please go elsewhere if you’re looking for instructions on how to execute or unlock them.






I’m pretty sure they don’t teach you how to do every one of the moves in the Yakuza series in high school, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. For those of you that are as crazy about Yakuza as I am, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. For those of you that don’t know what a Heat move is, it’s just a fighting move that you’ll need to master to get the highest score on Easy mode.. Read more about yakuza 0 heat actions list and let us know what you think.

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