We took the time to map out all the locations of all the property that you can purchase in the game Yakuza 0 . We then came up with an easy to use investment guide that covers all the property you can buy, with the prices of these properties and how much money you need to have to invest in order to buy them.

This guide allows you to find real estate investment property locations in the game Yakuza ZerO , which is a Sega published game for PlayStation 3. The game allows you to buy real estate, and then put it up for sale in order to make a profit, and that’s the premise for this guide: to show you where in the game world you can find properties for sale.

We are doing everything we can to make a guide to help you get all the trophies in all the real estate investment property locations of “Yakuza ZerO”, “We Built This City” (WBTIC).

Within (Y0) Yakuza Zero, there are many trophies and accomplishments, one of them being We Built This City.

We Built This City challenges players to locate and purchase all of the many Real Estate Properties, each of which costs a significant amount of money. However, it also unlocks more of the Real Estate Royale storyline, as well as the trophy accomplishment We Built This City.

Below is a list of locations where these Real Estate Properties may be located. For money grinding, I would suggest fighting the Mr Shakedown people that wander about; they can be difficult, but it’s worth it!




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