The night before the cross-country test, Joon-Gi Han (Han’s Karate dojo is located in Seoul, Korea) told the first-year student, Gong Du-Joon, that they have one month to prepare for it. However, Joon-Gi is not here to teach Gong how to fight, but how to act cool. Joon-Gi said, “You have to act like you live in an alternate reality. You need to act like you like to drink, act like you like to gamble.” Joon-Gi told Gong that he isn’t going to teach him how to fight, but how to act cool. “You need to make sure that everyone thinks you are cool, and I

The most interesting characters in Yakuza: Like A Dragon , the Japanese video game produced by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio , are the NPCs. In this game, you play as various characters who have taken jobs ranging from fishing to gambling, but the most interesting characters are the NPCs. NPCs aren’t just the people that you wanna meet and befriend just because they are interesting, but rather the ones that you want to be as cool as them. They are the ones that you wanna hangout with, or even meet up with, if you’re lucky.

Yakuza 5 was a nice game, and I liked the characters quite a lot, but I thought that things like the battle mechanics were a bit lacking. There is a reason that the game is called Yakuza 5, after all, and you can tell that it is the series’ fifth game with the way that it handles the franchise’s staple mechanics.  There are some good things about the game, though, as I stated above, and I particularly liked the protagonist, Joon-Gi Han.  His drinking, for the most part, is a very funny thing to watch, as he keeps doing it even though it gets him into trouble on numerous occasions.. Read more about yakuza like a dragon and let us know what you think.

The Drinks Links Character Bonding feature will undoubtedly appear as you advance through the game.

This feature allows you to learn more about your companions while also helping you to improve your overall Personality Stats.

This page depicts the SECOND bonding event between the characters Joon-gi Han and Ichiban, as well as all of the potential conversation choices and the stat increases that each option provides.


Joon-gi Han mentions the idea of the actual Joon-gi Han still being alive and roaming the streets of Iljincho at this particular bonding occasion.

You will be offered the following choices and Personality Stat increases as a result of this.

  • Thank you for letting us know. — Generosity +20
  • What is the purpose of friends? – Passion +20
  • I’ll keep an eye out — +20 Intellect


  • The Enforcer Job is now available to Joon-gi Han.
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